You can find books on the histories of some specific countries on the Geography/Cultures page because culture is inextricably mixed with history.

Mapping History  History lessons through maps

Some Ancient History Maps

World History for us all  readings and activities

World History lesson plans and power point presentations

World History pictures and readings from prehistoric through the world wars and communism

World History for kids prehistoric through French Revolution, readings, games, quotes

Ancient History Website — lots of different cultures

History Links  I need to go through these and put them up separately but until then here are a few major history periods with some great links

Global Studies I  high school course with online power point lessons, worksheets and more  (no reading)

Bridging World History  26 chronolgical units, online  U

World History and Geography  Student’s Friend

MIT classes for high schoolers

You’ll find on this page many links to paper-soldier battles. They are from Junior General where you can find help on printing, putting them on bases, and lots of other things. These are really designed for 6th grade and up.

Editable timeline page for world history

Timeline pages ancient to modern history  dynamic2moms

Weapons — here’s a blog with links and pictures for a study of weapons from the blow dart to the pistol

Travel through history in search of artifacts L/M not high quality

Ancient History  (Pre-Christian History)

(Beacon Light of History 14 volumes of world history, U, scroll down)

(see The Story of Mankind on the “Ambleside” page, year 4, history–Chapters 1-25)

(see On the Shores of the Great Sea on the “Books to Read” page)

Learn about the collapse of four ancient civilizations  U  online interactive

Lapbook pieces and notebooking pages Creation-Egypt-Mesopotamia-China-Phoenicia-Assyria-Babylon-Greek-Rome (dynamic2moms)

Tour this ancient cave  see the history painted on the walls

  • Babylon

Online Activities M/U  (timewarp)

  • China

See China on the “Geography/Cultures” page)


Ancient China Simplified Parker, book

Chinese History in Song

Unit from Jimmie on Squidoo

Timeline InfoPrintables (pictures for your timeline)

Timeline of Inventions (One inventions is paper–here’s a how to make paper–craft)

The Story of China’s History (3 pages)  Get the big picture

Info on Ancient China (download)

Info on Ancient China (website)  DynastyConfuciusThe LegalistsThe Great WallThe MongolsGenghis KhanThe Silk Road

Great Wall

Great Wall on Enchanted Learning (don’t need to be a member)

Great Wall — See it!  (make sure and scroll down)

Great Wall Notebooking Page

Great Wall mini-book blank,  picture on the outside can be colored

There is also a great wall mini-book that requires no writing in the China Lapbook under Geography/Cultures.


Ancient China Lapbook

Lantern craft   Ellen McHenry

China Clipart (free for non-profit use)

Coloring Pages/Pictures

China Wordsearch1   China Wordsearch 2

Chinese Pagoda for making a shape book

Terracotta Warriors mini book  Here’s an ARTICLE for your child to read about these figures.

Confucius Minibook Here’s some basic info on Confucius, here’s some more info for older students.

Silk Road Minibook Here’s some info on the silk road.

From worm to silk


China 621 Online Activities M/U  (timewarp)

Ghengis Kahn 1170 M/U  (timewarp)

  • Egypt

(see The Cat of Bubastes by Henty on the “Books to Read” page)

Ancient Egypt salt dough craft

Ancient Egypt U  Rawlinson, book

The Treasury of Ancient Egypt  U  Weigall, book

See Egypt on the “Geography/Cultures” page

Interactive Learning Website L

Interactive Learning Website L/M  cartoon graphics, but I still find it gross to watch the mummification process animated

Learning Website M  (also, scroll to the bottom for games and activities)

Learn about Egyptian Society through artifacts website

Interactive Learning Website U  (BBC)

Story about the calendar and water clock + timeline

Hieroglyphics Translation (pdf)


Ancient Egypt Map printable

King Tut video

Go inside a pyramid for a tour PBS

To Do

Battle between Egyptians and the Hittites 1300 BC  paper soldiers and step by step description of the battle

Timeline to fill in (dates with small pictures included and then a box to write in for each date)

Timeline activity, BC practice

25 Notebooking Pages

Lapbook —  for the younger set, comes with answers, websites, activity ideas  (practical pages)

Lapbook M  (our homeschooling expedition) No picture of this one, but people say it is fabulous

Lapbook (homeschool share) Lots of recipes to go with it!  Information included

Clip art free for non-profit use

Coloring Pages/Pictures



Build a pyramid out of paper

Play pyramid builder  BBC

Play Mummy Maker  BBC

Build a death mask out of paper

Online Activities M/U (timewarp)

Write your name in hieroglyphics

Send an email in hieroglyphics — or type your name and print it out

  • Greece

(see The Story of the Greeks on the “Ambleside” page, year 6)

(see The Illiad and Tales of Troy on the “Ambleside” page, year 6;  Iliad lapbook on Books–supplemental materials page)

Ancient Greece Unit and Lapbook


Ancient Greek History in Song  Listen/Watch Video Read Lyrics

History and Geography of Ancient Greece M/U  Board game to teach (or review) — they say grades 2-10 and that everyone can play together

Ancient Greece for Kids —  M  Website, divided nicely into categories, come find what you are interested in learning about (many aspects of daily life, articles on many city-states, myths, maps…)

Interactive Learning — L/M  Website, info in little bites. You’ll need to read it to younger students. Fun facts, photograph galleries and interactive learning activities. THIS LOOKS GREAT!

Heroes of Troy M  Interactive website (BBC)

Olympics 404BC M/U Online activities  (timewarp)

Adventures in Ancient Greece L  interactive website

Greek Mythology  games and activities


Ancient Greece Lapbook (homeschoolshare)

Ancient Greece Lapbook  Dynamic2moms  (info on site)

Digging Up Greece  Ellen McHenry

Battles between the Greeks and the Persians Battle — Athens — 490BC Battle — Spartans — 480 BC Battle — Greek Navy — 480BC Battle — Invade Persia — 334 BC paper soldiers and step by step battle descriptions

Alexander the Great and Philip II of Macedon want control of Greece 338BC paper soldiers and step by step battle description

Ancient Greek Clip Art (free for non-profit use)  LOTS!

(see dynamic2moms printables at the link at the top of the page)

Coloring Pages/Pictures

  • India

Indus Valley — interactive website L/M  (BBC)

Part of the above site… archaeology game, trader game, write a newspaper

Info, Think Quest  M

Life in the Indus Valley story  M, read to L

India 720 AD M/U  Online activities  (timewarp)

  • Mayas

Coloring Pages/Pictures

Mayan Adventure  lots of photos, info

Mayan Kids  L

The Maya info  M

Notebooking pages  M  from dynamic2moms   human sacrifice   classes   map   general

Online Activities M/U  (Timewarp)  This isn’t ancient Mayans.

  • Mesopotamia

(see dynamic2moms printables at the link at the top of the page)

Clip art

Video L/M

Mr. Donn

Gegraphy Challenge (also story to read) L/M

Astronomy Challenge  (also story to read)  M

Time Warp M

General Info

Science and Invention

Hammurabi’s Code quiz

  • Romans

(See Our Island Story on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history — chapters 1-6)

(See The Story of the Romans on the “Ambleside” page, year 6)

(See Selected Orations of Cicero on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

(See Julius Caesar by Shakespeare on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

(See Caesar’s Gallic War by Caesar on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

Punic Wars — Battles of Hannibal and the Romans  — Trebbia 218 BCCannae 216 BCZama 202 BC paper soldiers and step by step battle details

Trouble for the Romans — more battles — civil war 48 BCAdrianople 378 ADAttila and the Huns 451 AD paper soldiers and step by step battle details

Coloring Pages

Ancient Rome Unit and Lapbook (homeschoolshare)

Interactive Learning Website L/M  (BBC)

The Romans  M  website with tons of info, photos, video, quizzes and games

Build an aqueduct  online interactive

Transition BC – AD, Early Church

(See Tor, a Boy from Jerusalem on the “Books to Read” page — same author as the “Titus” book below)

(See Titus, Comrade of the Cross on the “Books to Read” page — recommended ages 10+)

(see The Story of Mankind, “Ambleside” page, year 4, history–Chapters 26-29)

(see Trial to Triumph on the Ambleside page, year 1, history)

(see Saints and Heroes, Vol 1 on the Ambleside page, year 7, Bible)

(see Saints and Heroes, Vol. 2 on the Ambleside page, year 8, Bible)

(see Our Island Story on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history–chapters 7-11)

Bible Lapbook This fits under ancient history as well, but it also serves as a good transition from BC to AD :)  You might want to also do the activity below.

Build a model of a menorah — out of paper

Glass Blowing This starts in Ancient Egypt, travels to Rome, spends time in the Middle ages and ends up in the 21st century.

Gladiators M/U  Online Activities  (timewarp)

The Macabees L/M  Discovery activity booklet  (I have seen the video to go with this on youtube.)

(The fall of the Roman Empire fits in here, but I have it under Roman above)

Middle Ages  5th through 14th Centuries, 400AD-1400AD

(see Our Island Story on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history–chapters 12-50)

(see The Story of Mankind on the “Ambleside” page, year 4, history–Chapters 30-39)

(see The Birth of Britain on the Ambleside page, year 7, history)

(see The Life of King Alfred on the “Ambleside” page, year 7, reign started in 871 and included defending England against Vikings)

(See Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc on the “Ambleside” page, year 7, 1420)

(see Robin Hood on the “Ambleside” page, year 2, literature, and on the “Books” page for unit study and lapbook materials–tons of great stuff to use!)

(see The Song of Roland on the “Robinson” page, level 8 — poem about a battle in France in 778)

(see A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court on the “Books to Read” page)

(see In Freedom’s Cause on the “Ambleside” page, year 7, medieval Scotland–William Wallace)

(see Don Quixote on the “Robinson” page, level 9–not historical fiction but a humorous story about the period)

(see Ivanhoe on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

(see Legends of Charlemagne on the Ambleside page, year 7, free reading)

(see The Age of Chivalry on the Ambleside page, year 7, literature)

(see The Wonder Clock on the Ambelside page, year 1, literature but to be read aloud to the child)

Medieval Japan Lapbook (dynamic2moms)  Info for the lapbook is on the page too.

Kings, Queens and Castles web-based unit

Historic Maps of Europe

Middle Ages Coloring Pages and Pictures for Use in your notebooks and projects–there are many pages of pictures, look at the subcategory links at the top for castles, living in the middle ages…

Medieval Picture Cards — life in medieval times, worksheets as well

Anglo-Saxon Interactive Website L/M  (BBC)

Middle Ages Interactive  M

Middle Ages   website — tons of information by category

Medieval Times jeopardy

1001 Inventions, how the dark ages affected modern times, 13 minute video

The Tower of London Take a tour and learn it’s history (beginning 1066)

(See William Malmesbury’s Account of the Battle of Hastings on the “Ambleside” page, year 7, history–battle below)

(see The Black Arrow on the Ambleside page, year 7, free reading — War of the Roses, battle below)

(see The White Company on the Ambleside page, year 7, free reading — Hundred Years War, battle below)

  • Battles (mostly from Junior General — paper soldiers reenact historic battles)

Battle of Hastings 1066 AD  Normans conquer England

The Crusades: The battle of Hattin 1187 AD

The Mongols: The battle of Liegnitz 1241 AD

The Baron’s War: The siege of Kenilworth Castle 1266 AD  (game not mini battle)

Hundreds Years War: The battle of Agincourt 1415 AD  (Henry the 5th)

War of the Roses: The Battle of Towton 1461 AD  (Edward the IV becomes king)

War if the Roses — minibook

Medieval Scotland 1338 M/U  Online activities (timewarp)

  • Black Plague

List of links

  • Castles

Build Your Own — craft

Design and then build your own — kids, you choose from the options to design it and then you can print it out and “build” it

Castle Siege — reenact with paper soldiers

Build a Castle online  L/M

  • Crusades

(see History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea on the “Ambleside” page, year 7, history)

(see A Boy Knight: A Tale of the Crusades listed below under knights)

(see Talisman on the Ambleside page, year 7, free reading)

The Crusades Cox, book

Stories from the Crusades Kelman, book

Crusades  L/M   website  (Mr. Donn)

Crusades  M   from the Middle Ages website

Fling the Teacher

  • Heraldry

Heraldry Mini Books:  Set 1,  Set 2, Set 3 (from JFeliciano)

Heraldry Notebooking Pages: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 (from JFeliciano)

  • Jesters

Medieval Jesters lapbook pieces

  • Knights

(see The Boy Knight: A Tale of the Crusades on the “Robinson” page)

(see The Story of King Author and His Knights by Pyle on the “Ambleside” page)

Knights and Castles Lapbook/unit (links on there to several homeschool share pages with knights lapbooks)

  • Tapestry View tapestries, learn their history and design your own
  • Magna Carta

Read it and a modern rendering of it — on the “Ambleside” page, year 7

  • Vikings

(see Viking Tales) on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history

(see Stories of the Vikings on the “Books to Read” page)

Viking Lapbook  L/M  dynamic2moms, lapbook and info  (I can’t find any of there things anymore, but I know they are there.)

Unit and Lapbook (Although these are associated with specific books, we have done several lapbooks like this without using the books. We just find the info elsewhere.)

Interactive Learning Website L (both are BBC) Interactive Learning Website 7-9 year olds

Viking Lessons  info to read, questions to answer, activities to do

Coloring Pages

Viking Voyages GAME M  Ellen Mchenry

Vikings Clip Art (free for non-profit use)

Build a Viking Ship Craft

Online Activities M/U (timewarp)

Renaissance  15th through 17th Centuries, 1400AD-1700AD

(see Our Island Story on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history–chapters 51-88)

(see The Story of Mankind on the “Ambleside” page, year 4, history–chapters 40-51)

(see The New World on the Ambleside page, year 8, history)

(see By Pike and Dyke by Henty about the rise of the Dutch Republic 1570s)

(see St. Bartholomew’s Eve by Henty about the French Huguenots late 1600s)

(see The Prince and the Pauper on the “Robinson” page, level 6, 1547 England)

(see King Henry V and Hamlet on the “Robinson” page, level 11)

(see Martin Luther’s Defense before the Diet of Worms 1521)

(see A Man of All Seasons on the Ambleside page, year 8 biography–a play about Thomas More)

Renaissance Lapbook (dynamic2moms)

Renaissance Thinkquest

Online Interactive   U

Colonial Africa M/U  Online activities (timewarp)

Easter Island 1765 M/U Online activities  (timewarp)

Leonardo Da Vinci 1503 M/U  online activities (timewarp)

Leonardo Da Vinci website

Leonardo Da Vinci  L/M  Discovery activity booklet

History and Origin of Nursery Rhymes

  • Aztecs

Webquest for 7th grade

True/False card game which can be added to a lapbook  Dynamic2Moms

notebooking page conquistador/Cortez

Aztecs and Conquistadors  1521  Game U  — Mini battle

Don Juan and the Turkish navy 1571  Mini Battle


Henry VIII L  Interactive website  BBC

Samuel Pepys L  (Writer)  Interactive website BBC

Mary Queen of Scots M  life in Scotland during her reign  (BBC)

Mary Queen of Scots U  Interactive website  (BBC)

  • Explorers

Explorers Lapbook (there are more explorers on the American History page)

  • Ottomans

Ottoman Empire 1540 Online Activities  (timewarp)

  • Tudors

(see The Tudors and the Stuarts on the “Books to Read” page)

Interactive Learning Site

Lapbook (from practical pages)

Speech made by Queen Elizabeth the eve of the Spanish Armada attacked 1588 (turn OFF your volume)

The Battle that followed the speech — England’s navy and the Spanish Armanda — 1588 — mini battle


Samurai Japan 1600 mini battle

Samurai 1618  Online Activities M/U  (timewarp)

Thirty Years War 1631 — Sweden and the Imperials  mini battle

English CivilWar 1644 — mini battle, 1645 –mini battle

Modern Era  18th Century-20th Century, 1700AD-2000AD

(see Our Island Story on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history–chapters 89-114)

(see The Story of Mankind on the “Ambleside” page, year 4, history–chapters 52-64)

(see The Age of Revolution on the Ambleside page, year 9, history)

(see The Great Democracies on the Ambleside page, year 10, history)

(see A Tale of Two Cities on the “Books to Read” page, study guide is also available, French Revolution, 1778-1789)

(see Les Miserables on the Books to Read” page, French Revolution, 1778-1789)

(see Oliver Twist on the “Ambleside” page, year 5 — 1797)

The Eve of the French Revolution Lowell, book

Pirates M/U  Online Activities (timewarp)

Peter the Great and the Swedes — 1708 mini battle1709 mini battle

Peter the Great M/U  Online activities (timewarp)

Seven Years War — Prussia and Austria — 1757 — mini battle

Clothing from 1750 coloring page

Discovery of the Hot Air Balloon–France–1782 15 minute radio show, Adventures in Research

The First Parachute–France–1797 15 minute radio show, Adventures in Research


Clothing from 1820 coloring page

Elizabeth Fry L  Interactive website  (improved prison conditions) BBC

Isambard Brunel L Interactive website (engineer) BBC

Edward Jenner L  Interactive website (doctor)  BBC

Mary Seacole L  Interactive website (nurse) BBC

Robert Stephenson L  Interactive website (railway engineer) BBC

Florence Nightingale L Interactive website (nurse)  BBC

Florence Nightingale L/M  Discovery activity booklet

The Slave Trade in Britain U  Website  (BBC)  1770-1807

A summary article on the history of the slave trade in England

Watch Amazing Grace (the story of Wilberforce)  The 2006 motion picture


Napole0n 1815 M/U Online activities (timewarp)

(see David Copperfield on the Ambleside page, year 7, free reading)

  • Victorian England  (Reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901)

Children in Victorian Britain (1800s)  Interactive website  (BBC)

Build a Victorian Village 8 different paper models to create barns, villas, cottages, blacksmith’s shop…there are also links for learning about each


The Hang Glider–Germany–1895  15 minute radio show, Adventures in Research

Greatest Inventors and Inventions  links, activities, timelines, and more


(see Two Years Before the Mast and Fifty Years in the Royal Navy on the “Robinson” page, level 11)

(see With the Allies to Pekin by Henty on the “Books to Read” page about Beijing in 1900)

FactMonster M  History year by year with quizzes

Eyewitness to History just putting the link here until I get around to breaking into specific parts. Find all sorts of events from the 20th century.

South Pole Expedition 1911 M/U  online activities (time warp)

Eyewitness Account of the Titanic

The Titanic U  (BBC)  Interactive website

The Titanic video

The Sinking of the Titanic and Other Great Sea Disasters book

The Panama Canal short audio stories for children

  • WWI

(See Rilla of Ingleside on the “Ambleside” page, year 5)


A School History of the Great War book

The Little Book of War M  book

Kings, Queens and Pawns  An American Woman on the Front book

An Online Picture Book of the war  L/M  (printable version is the minibook below)

History on the Web WWI M/U  (work your way down the links)

WWI U  Interactive website–First-hand accounts, timelines, war games, poetry (BBC)

WWI  in-depth from BBC U

Map animation of the start of the war

Causes of the First World War Interactive Lesson M

Animated map of the Battle of Sommes

More animated maps  scroll down

WWI Postcards

WWI airplanes photos


WWI Coloring Pages and Pictures  Airplane

Ferdinand’s Assassination chronological order worksheet

Main Events Minibook + vocab worksheets

Notebooking pages of Key People

Blank Notebooking pages with WWI title

A few notebooking type pages plus informational worksheets, wordsearches and crosswords on the causes of the war, European alliances, theaters of war, battle of somme, trench warfare, weapons, end of the war and the treaty of Versailles.

Clothing from 1920 coloring page

  • WWII  (more resources are on the American History page including Pearl Harbor lapbook)

(See book guides on the the Books–supplemental materials page for Diary of Anne Frank, Number the Stars, Milkweed)


with links

with info


Short lessons to read on the events of WWI and WWII  M  Mr. Dowling

A picture book of WWII  L/M  online or printable

Extensive links to information on the war written for students U  (a UK site)


WWII information, choose topics from linked menu  L/M  short paragraphs with pictures

WWII a British site, well laid out for an introduction to the war M

Other pages on the same site above:  The Blitz, The Battle of Britain, Blackout, D-Day and V-E Day, evacuation, War Posters There are many other links down the left-hand side.

The Bomber and the Bombed  M/U  4 min. animation video  (They don’t show any bodies but talk about digging them out.)

Animation videos on WWII  M/U  like the one above, Dunkirk, evacuees, “The Secret Army”– spies, resistance’; D-Day

Winston Churchill speeches

Battle of the Bulge  U

WWII Science and Technology Website  Send a coded message, tech quiz, atomic bomb timeline, lesson plans

Rationing slide show

Information website (UK) for elementary school students

Explore and Learn about children during the war–Interactive Website (BBC)  Try the time capsule game.  L/M


Radio Archives speeches, first-hand accounts, air raid siren

Anne FrankDiary Excerpts — Audio  ABC’s version

Holocaust Quizzes  M/U  Excellent — uses primary sources to read and answer questions about

Short video clips from Holocaust

The Roma Holocaust U  Research paper (read online)

Teacher Resources for the Holocaust


Map  The World at War Great visual for the events of the war–and a reminder there was a lot more going on than Hitler and the Jews

Map Activity — Map the axis and allies — Print out blank map from History page to use with these directions

Interactive map  Click on the number on the map. Then, if there is a link on the top right, click on that and information will come up in the bottom portion.

Maps, maps and more maps for specific things during the war

Map of Europe online, interactive, can show or hide names

Animated map of the Northern African campaign

Animated map of the D-Day landings

Animated map of the battle of Dunkirk  (fall of France)

Animated map of Italian campaign


Notebooking pages and minibooks  practical pages

Appeasement Worksheet (great first step towards an essay and/or speech)

The Atomic Bomb Worksheet

Background/Causes of the War

Coloring Pages and Pictures

Interpreting political cartoons, propaganda and photographs of the war M   worksheets, really good

The Kite in WWII Start with the first link on the left (Popular Science) to find out what this site is all about–how they used kites to help shoot down enemy planes.

WWII clip art

Clothing from 1950 coloring page

  • The Cold War

The Cold War U  From the Korean War in 1950 to the fall of the Soviet Empire in 1991  (BBC)

Korean War

Printable on the situation in Korea after WWII

Printable on the events of the war

Power point presentation of timelines and maps

(Elvis Presley see American history for a timeline activity relating British and American history to the life of Elvis)

(see Technology and the Wilsons on the American history page for a timeline activity  on the development of technology in the home)

21st Century

China WebQuest U  What should America’s foreign policy be toward China?

2011 events map and calendar and blank to use for other years

Current Events U: World Magazine (Christian), CLA News (International), The Washington Times High School, CNN Student News also has quiz on weekly events

Current Events M/U: Student News Daily, Weekly cartoon w/ questions, world news brief

Current Events M: FactMonster — has summaries of the most important news from each month categorized.

Current Events L/M: Scholastic News, Learn the News (news written by kids, has worksheets for different ages that goes with it)

Classroom Deliberations  U  This is for high schoolers, but could be used with middle schoolers if they have an interest in politics and current events. They have issues with articles and news clips/videos and then different worksheets with questions to answer or to use to take notes as you watch. Well done!

The Why Files — the science behind current events in the news

Science News for Kids


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