AP Course in US Government  (might need to combine with flash presentations and tests from these lessons)


Forms of Government 10 minute video

About the Presidents Online Info and Pictures   (see American History among the years for more on specific presidents)

White House Online Info and Pictures

White House Tour   See everything in photographs current — Get more history

American Presidency  virtual field trip, grades 9-12  (Younger students can use this; they just may not take in all the info.)

Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids L-M-U

Learn about our current Cabinet

Bush/Gore  Electoral College/Popular Vote

  • Branches of Government

Schoolhouse Rock video 3 minutes 

Three Branches of Government Online Game  I think this could be for all ages. Once you get past the first part you’ll see this is really about what powers the constitution grants each branch of government. You can click on the Constitution to learn what it says about restrictions of power.

Thomas — legislative branch  U  (can watch video of what’s happening on the floor right now)

Learn More about the House of Representatives Pages for all levels of learners

Learn More about Senators minimal

  • CIA

CIA.gov page  K-5th —  6-12th

  • Documents

List of America’s Core Values and Beliefs U

Charters of Freedom U   The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights

100 Milestone Documents Read the list, see the documents, read them, learn about them — resources, Teacher Sourcebook Volume 1, Volume 2

Our Independence and the Constitution short audio story for children

The Declaration of Independence

Video — Hear the Declaration of Independence U  Video 15 minutes, narrated by Morgan Freedman

Notebooking page

Declaration Read/copy mini-book, notebooking pages, worksheet/quiz also links


(see The Federalist Papers on the “Robinson” page, level 10 — The majority of these were written by Alexander Hamilton. They are articles that were published explaining the Constitution and advocating its ratification.)

Constitutional Congress 1787 L/M  Charlie Brown cartoon 15 minutes

Constitution 101  10 40-minute lectures

Constitution Day Study — reading excerpts, pictures, links, poems

One-Page Study Guide for the Federalist Papers U  (this is a Word document)

The Anti-Federalist Papers a main author of these is Patrick Henry.    Read Online —    Audio Book (You have to click on the different numbers as you go through the chronology to read the different letters.)  And here are many of Patrick Henry’s speeches

A Heritage Guide to the Constitution

U  Read the Constitution and Search the Constitution (There’s a link to print out the Constitution. It’s really interesting how you can search by court case, especially for anyone interested in law)

M/U  A Roadmap to the United States Constitution You could use this as the base for your study. There is also a copy of the Constitution here along with notes about what different sections mean. And the history of our laws (from the Romans, etc.)  LOTS of information if you want to go deep.

Learn About the Constitution Elementary students — links to click through to learn all about the Constitution. I think this would compliment the lapbook in the next link nicely.

Constitution Unit Joy Christian School  Lapbook and notebooking pages and info and links and Constitution BOARD GAME!

Overview of the Constitution for Kids   K – 3rd 4th – 7th 8th – 12th

Inside the Constitution — (Scholastic)  Preamble, The Articles, Bill of Rights, short articles

Constitution Online Game — where does it belong?  (scholastic)

Five “Treasure Hunts” Print out each hung (20 questions) and use the treasure hunt website (constitutionfacts.com) to find the answers.

Constitution Notebooking Page

Test Your Constitution Knowledge Online Quizzes

Preamble  School House Rocks L/M  video

Preamble Online Game — It asks American history questions along with Constitution questions.

Bill of Rights Power Point Presentations  Need power point to open: more in depth info on several of the first ten ammendments;  Online listing the first ten amendments (if you don’t have power point, look on the General Resources page for a link to download a free power point viewer)

Bill of Rights Game Two levels: elementary and secondary

Mock Election M/U  run for office, online activity — this is really about the Bill of Rights (mostly the first amendment), you have to answer questions on freedom of speech, religion, etc.  on the campaign trail

  • FBI

Take a field trip to the FBI L/M

  • Laws

How a bill becomes law video (school house rock)

How a bill is introduced and becomes a Law — interactive website — watch your idea become law

How a Bill Becomes Law (for reading)

How to actually go about getting an idea to become a bill Power Point

Analyzing a Bill  you can see it before you download

  • Political Science

(See On That Day Began Lies on the “Robinson” page, level 8)

(see The Prince on the “Robinson” page, level 11)

  • Propaganda

Paul Revere’s Engraving of the Boston Massacre

  • Supreme Court

Younger:  Supreme Court to read, “Show What You Know” fill in the blank

Older:  Learn about the supreme court Supreme Court FactsLandmark Cases

Supreme Court Quiz

  • American Symbols

American Flag lapbook

Coloring Pages

  • Taxes

(See Not Yours to Give on the “Robinson” page, level 7 — story about Davy Crockett and how government doesn’t have the  right to take our money and give it away to charities)

(see The Law on the “Robinson” page, level 7, says that the greatest threat to liberty is government and legalized plunder…hmmm)



Secret Millionaires Club  L/M  investment learning and fun

BizKids M/U  Learn about investing, saving, business plans, credit, etc.  There are also activities and videos.

Economics Crash Course videos 3 hours and 20 minutes of materials in short segments

Project based Economics textbook  online or download, 9 chapters, probably U

Basic Economics pdf  excerpt from a book of the same title

Economics in One Lesson  Hazlitt   U  200 page book, but “the lesson” is found in chapter 1

Create a Budget for the government  online interactive

Run a Lemonade Stand can you make a profit?

Use a virtual online bank to learn about savings

Stocks and Shares online video (Brain Pop, free)

Create Your Own Stock Portfolio (just for practice online and watch its performance)

Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs Cameron Herold  Video

Savings Quest online game about budgeting and saving

Site for teens about Finance banking, credit, stocks, borrowing, investing…

How to Buy a Car

Books on the Robinson Page:

Economic Sophisms, free trade, level 8

What Has Government Done to Our Money? level 8

Economics in One Lesson, level 8

The Enterprising Americans, business, level 10

Fiat Money Inflation in France, inflation, level 10

The Wealth of Nations, level 11

The Ultimate Resource II, population economics, level 11

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