AP Course in American History

Complete Chronicles of American History — 50 Volumes for high school students (scroll down half-way)

American History — articles, ordered chronologically about topics from American History, from the beginning to the millenium

Online Textbook of American History  U  plus interactive timeline, primary sources and more

(See The Child’s Book of American Biography on the “Books to Read” page)

Oral History Archive (primary sources–great for research)

Newspapers — primary source material!  Read the actual articles from events in history

Primary source lessons

Audios of important events in mostly American history

American Memory Timeline M/U  (with info)  Library of Congress

American Presidents  short bios for kids, nicely done, Smithsonian

American Presidents M/U  Facts, Essays, Events, History

American Wars — online activity, match the war with the date or the opposition, different ones come on each time you play

The Back Story — podcasts


Explorer coloring pages L  (These are for Columbus but many would work for others explorers too.)

Explorers coloring pages with one line for writing L  Henry Hudson —  John Cabot —  MagellanChamplainSir Francis Drake

Henry Hudson  U  website with accounts of all his travels

Hernando De Soto videos

Christopher Columbus Notebooking page  (homeschool helper)

Christopher Columbus L/M   Short biography, plus pictures, games, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Christopher Columbus L  Interactive website (BBC)

Audio story  14 minutes

Christopher Columbus skit L/M

Christopher Columbus L/M  Discovery activity workbook

Voyage of Christopher Columbus short audio story for children

Christopher Columbus Video (4 min. National Geographic)

Christopher Columbus Video (27 min. Discovery Education animated cartoon, youtube)

Explorers Notebooking Pages M

Explorers Interactive Online Map

Information on the Explorers

(See This Country of Ours on the “Ambleside” page, year 2, history–part 1 (chapters 1-12)

(See Westward Ho! on the “Books to Read” page, fictional story involving Sir Francis Drake)

(See Discoverers and Explorers by Shaw on the “Books to Read” page.)

17th Century, 1600s

Iroquois Confederacy  lapbook  and information  Dynamic2Moms

Iroquois Indians Lapbook (This one is smaller and black and white. This is made to go along with a certain book but you can get your information for the minibooks from anywhere. Below are two suggested places.)

Iroquois info site for kids

Iroquois Nation links to information on specific topics which has links to sites on specific information

Colonial Times lapbook — things like their jobs, clothing, etc.

King Philip’s War Colonial unit

Compare and Contrast Writing Assignment, Colonial Trades  (made originally for 5th grade)

  • Settlers

(see This Country of Ours on the “Ambleside” page, year 2, history– part 2 is about Virginia/Jamestown, chapters 13-21; part 3 is about New England/pilgrims, chapters 22-34, 34 is about the Salem witch trials; part 4  is southern colonies, chapters 35-44)

(See Pilgrim Stories on the “Books to Read” page)

Sabbath in Puritan New England Earle, book


Jamestown M   Online activity, answer the multiple choice questions to get your boats to America (US Mint)

Jamestown Interactive M/U  (very nice, lots of info, pictures, videos)

Online Game “Dig the Fort”  schooltime games

Pocahontas and Captain John Smith short audio story for children, 14 minutes

Pocahontas L/M Discovery activity booklet

Jamestown 3-D model Build it out of paper–print, color, cut, assemble (this is a sampler of their materials and contains more than just the fort)

Old Point Comfort Jamestown Video (have fun with history)

1 minute cartoon of their landing in Jamestown (have fun with history)

19 minute movie on John Smith (have fun with history)

4 minute video from The History of US 



Create a journal about your life on the Mayflower and as a pilgrim (resources below)

L journal from Remember Patience Whipple

M Mayflower memories from Desire Minter

Pilgrim Hands-On Unit Study

Mayflower Notebooking Pages

Read and Listen to the Mayflower Compact

Mayflower Compact worksheet L/M  (fill in the missing words from the document)

Understanding the Mayflower Compact Worksheet M/U
Mayflower Quiz

Mayflower movie (about 35 minutes)

Mayflower Charlie Brown  (part 2)  (about 25 minutes)

Who’s Who in the Plymouth Colony L  (matching worksheet)

William Bradford L/M  Discovery activity booklet

The Landing of the Pilgrims  14 minute audio story


Early Settlers Notebooking Pages (several topics)

The First Thanksgiving interactive lesson and activities   Scholastic

First Thanksgiving Notebooking Page


The New World video (have fun with history)  30 minutes

Early Settlers in New England Video (have fun with history) 6 minutes

Puritans in New England video (have fun with history)  10 minutes

A History of Provincetown, Massachusetts video (have fun with history)  8 minutes

The Town Crier video (have fun with history)

Salem Activities L/M


13 Colonies Timeline U

Colonial Williamsburg online games and activities

Colonial Williamsburg Cookbook

Churning Butter Notebooking page  (homeschool helper)

Colonial Coloring Pages L

William Penn read the chapter from The Child’s Book of American Biogrpahy (click here if you would rather download it)

Santa Fe Trail 66 page curriculum for 6-8th graders  You’ll need to find the books they use with it.

18th Century, 1700s

(see This Country of Ours on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, undehistory, part 5, chapters 45-50)

(see With Wolfe in Canada by Henty on the “Books to Read” page–historical fiction about the French and Indian War)

(see The Pathfinder on the Robinson page, level 6 — 1750s–fictional)

Daniel Boone short audio story for children, 14 minutes

Daniel Boone Lapbook M  (very little writing, info on site)

French and Indian War

info and activities  M  Mr. Nussbaum

interactive timeline M/U  (really nice)

Send a postcard

Skit    L/M

Worksheet  L/M

French and Indian War Notebooking Pages (2 pages)  One more page

French and Indian War Lapbook and Notebooking pages  The site contains the info needed.   Dynanmic2Moms

French and Indian War — 1759 — Quebec, mini battle

  • American Revolution/War for Independence

(see The Life of George Washington on the “Robinson” page, level 3)

(see Life of Washington on the “Robinson” page, level 6)

(see President Washington’s Diaries on the “Robinson” page, level 7)

(see This Country of Ours on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, history–part 6, chapters 51-63)

(see Paul Revere’s Ride on the “Ambleside” page, year 4, literature)

(see The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin on the “Robinson” page, level 7)

(see Afloat and Ashore (novel) on the “Robinson” page, level 7)

(See Longfellow’s Paul Revere’s Ride on the Amble side page, year 4)

(See The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere on the Extras page, under Art, learning)

Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine Audio Book Part 1 Part 2

Revolutionary Biographies: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Deborah Sampson; L/M   Short biography, plus pictures, online activities, printables (Garden of Praise)

Benjamin Franklin  L/M  Discovery activity booklet

Paul Revere and the Minute Men short audio story for children

Short Films   Franklin, Washington, Molly Pitcher, events from the war…

American Revolution Lapbook M  (Just Us)  more than 30 pieces

(see Johnny Tremain on the Books page)

American Revolution Notebooking Pages (Just Us)  almost 30 pages

American Revolution Notebooking pages  (Practical pages)  with minibooks

George Washington’s World 3-D online interactives

George Washington Lapbook

George Washington L/M  Discovery activity booklet

Online Game  Mission US

Notebooking Pages  Fort Phil. Convention Soldiers (homeschool helper)

Convince your fellow citizens to seek independence — notebooking page

Mini Battles: The Battle of Saratoga 1777, The Battle of King’s Mountain 1780-in North Carolina, The Battle of Guilford Courthouse 1781-largest southern battle

Time Period Activity L  Online

Building a Fort: Online learning/activity L/M

Patriotic Poems

Worksheets: acrostic poem, word searches, alphabetical order

Coloring Pages

Revolutionary War Activities L/M


Info Pages M

Deliver a Message to Paul Revere M  Online interactive learning (very nice!)

Mission US  Really nice online game/interactive to learn about the revolution, longer and more involved than the one above

Liberty! U   PBS pages on the Revolution


Documentaries on figures and events of the Revolution

Videos on the Revolution on a variety of subjects  (have fun with history)

Liberty’s Kids  There are 40 episodes, 20 minutes each. Use this first episode link to find the others. These are on youtube. Make the video full screen to avoid seeing anything else on the page.

Boston Massacre 2 min. video, history.com

Battle of Bunker Hill 2 min. video, history.com

Battle of Saratoga 2 min. video, history.com

George Washington and The War for Independence  Animated 30 min. video  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Sesame Street L   Crossing of the Delaware, Choosing the National Bird each about five minutes

Find the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on the Government page

Eli Whitney  article from about.com

How a Cotton Gin Works  youtube video

Cotton Gin animation

19th Century, 1800s

(see This Country of Ours on the “Ambleside” page, part 7, chapter on each president–chapters 64-96–Washington-McKinley)

(see A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett (an autobiography) on the “Robinson” page, Level 7)

Adams and Jefferson L/M  Online Activity–Adams, Jefferson or both, you decide (I marked if for younger children, but there is something I learned from doing this — by the US Mint)

John Adams M  Short biography and printables  (Garden of Praise)

John Adams Unit (homeschoolshare)

Thomas Jefferson M  Short biography and printables (Garden of Praise)

Alexander Hamilton U  Video  (full length PBS film online but in small 5-10 minute chunks)  Their description: The story of a founding father who laid the groundwork for the nation’s modern economy — including the banking system and Wall Street. He was also a primary author of the Federalist Papers.

Aaron Burr — Do you know who this is? U  Treason Trial, Duel with Hamilton

Robert Fulton and the Steamboat short audio story for children

  • Native Americans

(see The Song of Hiawatha on the “Robinson” page, level 6)

(see Two Indian Children of Long Ago on the “Books to Read” page–in the Great Lakes region)

Native American Folktales

Collection of Videos (have fun with history)

Native Americans–Plains Indians Lapbook

Trail of Tears links (this was the forced relocation of the Native Americans)

Native American with horse Notebooking Page  (homeschool helper)

TeePee Notebooking Page (homeschool helper)

Pictographs (drawing on rock walls) L/M  Online activity  (webrangers)

Native Americans  site–info, crafts…

  • Lewis and Clark

Louisiana Purchase InfoDocuments/Treaties

Louisiana Purchase Notebooking Page  (homeschool helper)

Lewis and Clark Lapbook lapbook and notebooking pages  (full of color pictures and info, doesn’t require much writing if you don’t want it to)

Lewis and Clark Lapbook (much plainer pieces with lots of blank space you need to fill yourself)


(See Lewis and Clark and Me unit study plan on the “books” page)

(See The Bird-Woman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition on the “Books to Read” page for 1st and 2nd grade readers)

Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to Congress requesting money for this expedition and giving its reasons

Read The Journals of Lewis and Clark (the real thing)

Read-Aloud Overview of Their Journey L/M

Lewis and Clark short audio story for children

Lewis and Clark Idaho History

Meriwether Lewis L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, online activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Timeline Online (to read, not to print, PBS)

Read Excerpts of Their Journals U

Maps of Their Route (historic)     

Scholastic’s Lewis and Clark page   info with some activities

Pictures and Info M   what they found along the way (National Geographic)

Expedition If you want to follow their trail in detail, step by step (we clicked on “Discovering L&C from the Air” and each day chose one spot on the map to mark on our blank maps and then on the back of our maps we wrote about what happened at that location.

Plants and Animals If you want to learn about each type of plant and animal they found, go here. There are individual links for each one with picture and info.

Video about Sacagawea less than 5 minutes  On TeacherTube


Online Game M  Reads like a choose your own adventure book–you choose on each page what to do and then Lewis and Clark agree or disagree with you (National Geographic)

Online Game L  Short games along the way as you learn about the animals, plants and places out West

Maze L  Read to your student about the time Lewis and Clark almost got lost and download and print out the maze for them to complete

Online Review Game (1 or 2 player)  M/U

Write descriptions of scenes from their journey for those back East, activity  M  with links

  • The War of 1812

The War of 1812 — The City of Washington Burned Narrated slide show with animation about this famous battle in Washington  (Click here for info on more battles)

Fort McHenry Skit (only 3 readers needed) about Fort McHenry and the story behind the American national anthem

Francis Scott Key L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Hold the Fort Game, needs Unity player

  • Immigration (this has been moved to the beginning of the 1900s)
  • Westward Expansion

To Read and Watch

(See Letters of a Woman Homesteader on the “Books to Read” page–5th or 6th and up)

(See The Story of the Pony Express on the “Books to Read” page, recommended reading level 6th-9th grade)

(See The Hoosier Schoolmaster on the Books to Read page)

(See The Bears of Blue River on the Ambleside page, year 3, about settlers in Indiana, 3-5th grade)

Pioneers L/M  (click on Activities for quizzes, music and crafts)

 All About the Oregon Trail M/U  Click on “historic sites” to read about different locations along the trial. Read first-hand accounts of life on the trail.  (This is a wonderful collection of primary sources for anyone looking for a research topic.)

More detailed history of the trail U   (website)

Read about the fur trade L/M

Diagram of a Wagon U    Learn about the Parts of a Wagon L/M

Oregon Trail Idaho History

Oregon Trail Documentary on You Tube

The Donner Party U   Video  (PBS Film Online)  Their description: Three years before the Gold Rush, 87 pioneers took a shortcut westward to California, only to get caught in the snows of the Sierra Nevada. The emigrants’ fateful journey culminated in death and cannibalism.

To Do

Manifest Destiny This is just the Wikipedia page. This would make interesting research for senior students interested in government and politics.

Manifest Destiny Worksheet M/U

Westward Hooooo! Lapbook (includes an Oregon Trail board game, also transcontinental railroad, 49ers, the Alamo, pony express)

Oregon Trail Lapbook lapbook lessons

Westward  Online Game  school time games  (seems to be there, but it wasn’t playing for me?)

Make a Covered Wagon Craft (simple)

Make an Advertisement for Joining a Wagon Train to Head West — here’s some brief info on why people went for ideas on what to advertise — make a poster or use this online tool to make a brochure or flyer (This is also found on the “Writing” page in the “ideas” section.)

Wagon Wheel Graphic Organizer

Notebooking Page   Covered Wagon Pioneer Woman (homeschool helper)

Map — printable b/w with the trail drawn on and landmarks marked (can also view online)

Oregon Trail Supplies Math

For another math project (do-it-yourself) you could use this distance chart

(see books above on the Pony Express)

Pioneer Activities L/M

Riding the Pony Express short audio story for children

Pony Express M  history and math lesson

Rail, Sail Overland Mail

A Day in the  Life of a Frontier Girl online quiz

A Day in the Life of a Native American Boy 1855 online quiz

The Alamo Website  1836

The Alamo  The Game U  paper soldier game

Gold Rush website for kids M   1849

California’s Gold Rush short audio story for kids

Gold Rush links to info

Gold Rush website U  Take a virtual  tour of Oakland, California’s museum

  • Slavery

(see Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an autobiography on the “Books to Read” page)

(Another by Frederick Douglass: My Bondage and My Freedom)

(see Up from Slavery an autobiography of Booker T. Washington on the “Robinson” page, level )

(See Narrative of Sojourner Truth on the “Books to Read” page)

(see The Underground Railroad by Still–narratives, on the “Books to Read” page)

(see Huckleberry Finn on the “Robinson” page, level 9, study guide on the “Books” page)

(See Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the “Books to Read” page, audio book available)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Young Reader’s Edition  (48 pages, 18 chapters)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Juvenile Edition  (214 pages, 21 chapters)

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Jacobs  (book, 176 pages)

Frederick Douglass Documentary — 19 minutes

Frederick Douglass L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Harriet Tubman L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Harriet Tubman L/M  Discovery activity booklet

Sojourner Truth L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

The Underground Railroad Interactive Website  (scholastic)  Starts with life on the plantation–this is very interesting for all ages and informative. Pick an activity or click on “Begin the Journey”

Harriet Tubman Webquest (this is an activity from the above scholastic site)

Harriet Tubman book L   You and your child make this book.

Compare the North and South before the war (from the Scholastic site)

The Underground Railroad Travel the underground railroad and make decisions along the way

Flight to Freedom  Online game  (Mission US)

Underground Railroad Map

The Dred Scott Case U  Supreme Court decision that helped lead to the Civil War, read through the Chonology

A Day in the Life of an African American Boy 1865 online quiz

See World History page for links about the slave trade in Britain

  • Civil War

(see Little Women on the “Robinson” page, level 5)

(see With Lee in Virginia by Henty on the “Books to Read” page)

(see Frank Leslie’s Illustrated History of the Civil War on the “Robinson” page, level 8)

(see The Life of Stonewall Jackson on the “Robinson” page, level 9)

(see Memoirs of William T. Sherman, on the “Robinson” page, level 9)

(see The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government on the “Robinson” page, level 10 and level 11)

(see The War Between the States on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

Civil War Timeline M   (if you want to learn about the war step by step)

Informational Site L/M  Includes timeline for young students (just for looking at)

Informational Site U

African Americans in the War

Clara Barton L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)  Plus you could read about Medicine and Hospitals

Battles Short description of every battle by state (thought some people would like to study what was happening in their state)

Battle of Gettysburg M/U

Causes M/U

Emancipation Proclamation L/M

(See The Emancipation Proclamation under Abraham Lincoln)

Flags of the War

Reconstruction M/U  (there are three pages so click to go to the next page)

Your M level students will probably need you to read along with them on these reconstruction webpages

Reconstruction Q & A M/U

Reconstruction Timeline (with links)  1865-1879

Women of the Civil War (lots of photographs)

  • to do

Mini Battles: Battle of First Bull Run, Battle of Gettysburg (little round top), Battle of Gettysburg (Pickett’s charge), Mobile Bay, Anaconda —  Civil War in 30 minutes Game

Civil War (War Between the States) Lapbook  (lots! plus info on site)  Full color lapbook without much writing required

Lapbook with blank templates that you do all the work on but directions for what to do with each piece  Comes in 4 parts  Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

Civil War Notebook pages (with some minibooks)  from PraticalPages, link also has other links for music and flag signals

Virtual Tour of Gettysburg Battlefield

Robert E. Lee: the road of honor short audio story for children

Gettysburg audio story for children, 24 minutes

Lee and Grant at Appomottax, short audio story for children

Coloring Pages, Notebooking Pages, Worksheets, Games

Notebooking Pages  poems/copywork weapons forts battles

Notebooking Pages  Confederate soldier Union Soldier

Worksheets: M  Timeline, Fill in the Blank, Word Search

Question and Answer Online Activity

Cookbook  One Two Three Four Five

(Listen to Civil War music on the Extras page under Music and Period Music)

Abraham Lincoln

(See The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln on the “Robinson” page, level 8–includes his speeches and proclamations–a collection of his speeches and letters is in level 11)

(See Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance on the Books to Read page, reading level age 10-12)

Biography and Printables M  (Garden of Praise)

Abraham Lincoln L/M Discovery activity booklet

Learn about Lincoln’s boyhood Explore this webpage (this is an excellent site)

Read the Lincoln-Douglas Debates (good for practicing speaking)

Abraham Lincoln cartoon

Abraham Lincoln  U   Video  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (each short)  Full Episode (on biography.com)

Abe Lincoln from Log Cabin to White House short audio story for children

The Gettysburg Address Video  Performed by Jeff Daniels

Read the Gettysburg Address by  Abraham Lincoln

The Proclamation U   Video  Part 1 Part 2 (each short)

Read the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln U  Video  (PBS film online)

U.S. Grant

(see Our Hero General Grant on the “Robinson” page, level 3)

(see Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant Vol 1 and Vol 2 on the “Robinson” page, level 6)

Ulysses S. Grant U   Video  “Soldier and President”

Ulysses S. Grant U   Video  “Life and Times of Ulysses Grant in St. Louis”


When every state came to be and overview of early American history 10 minute animated video

  • Technological Advances

The Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinental Online Interactive  M

One-page summary  U

PBS’s Transcontinental Railroad Site — the teacher’s guide has some ideas for activities — map activity, newspaper article prompt, letter-writing prompt, project ideas for the mechanical aspect of the railroad; the special features section has “The Race to Utah” which will take you step by step along the route with quotes and historical facts along the way and also a feature on the impact on Native Americans.

Collection of videos on railroads (have fun with history)

Map of the Transcontinental Railroad Route (to look at or print) 1869

Timelines of the West Read online the 1860s, 70s and 80s and compare and contrast before and after the railroad

Steam Engines Quote One notebooking page with a quote by Thoreau about the “iron horse”. Students can copy and/or write about the quote’s meaning.

Steam Engine Notebooking Page

How Steam Engines Work also related to travel West L/M online interactive activity

How Steam Engines Work M/U to read

Detailed Drawing of a Steam Engine

Animated Steam Engine

Collection of videos on science and invention (have fun with history)

  • Alexander Graham Bell

Videos on the telephone (have fun with history)

Animated video about Bell and the telephone  youtube, in parts, about 20 minutes

Coloring page  L

Alexander Grand Bell L  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Alexander Grand Bell L/M  Discovery activity booklet

Read biography  M

Biography of Alexander Graham Bell  U

  • Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison L/M Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Thomas Edison L/M Discovery Activity booklet

Thomas Alva Edison short audio story for children

(See The Boy’s Life of Edison and Edison, His Life and Inventions on the books to read page–there is an audio book as well for the second)


(see Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain — tells of steamboats and steamboating, but it also describes America after the Civil War and the differences between the North and the South in 1882)

A Day in the Life of an Upper-class Girl 1875 online quiz

The Blizzard of 1888 — New York  15 minute radio show, Adventures in Research (this is the blizzard in the book Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm)

(see Eighty Years and More, by Elizabeth Cady Stanton about her life and work with the women’s suffrage movement, find it on the Books to Read page)

20th Century, 1900s

(see the books by Alger on the “Robinson” page, not history but period)

(see Penrod on the “Ambleside” page, year 6, not history but period)

(see The Story of My Life by Helen Keller on the “Ambleside” page, year 5)

(see Facing Death by Henty on the “Books to Read” page, working in the coal mines)

(see This Country of Ours on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, under history, chapters 97-99 about presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson)

(see The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt on the “Robinson” page, level 9)

(see The American Boy’s Life of Theodore Roosevelt on the “Books to Read” page,  says 9th grade level)

African American Inventors Online interactive learning (says 1st – 8th grade, Scholastic)

Explore Old Photographs Online activity  (webrangers)

The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt U  Video  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • Immigration

Videos  (have fun with history)  immigration The Immigrant Ellis Island Promise of Freedom Who Are the American People

Website for Kids about the history of immigration in America (There is an “In Their Own Words” section with stories from people from different countries. This is for younger students. The “history” part could be read by older students.)

Ellis Island — immigration interactive

The Story of the Statue of Liberty short

Virtual Tour of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Coloring Page  easier, more detailed

Emma Lazarus’ poem (“Give me your tired…”)

Ellis Island website M/U  history of why people came to America when

Life as a Jewish Immigrant 1911  M/U  Choose your own adventure.  Could be read aloud to a younger kid, but there is a lot of reading.

The New Americans U  (pbs)

A Day in the Life of an Irish Immigrant Boy 1850  L/M  online quiz

U  Historical Immigration Statistics try your hand at reading and analyzing data

  • The Wright Brothers

Read their story online comic book style

The Wright Brothers L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

The Wright Brothers L/M Discovery activity booklet

Wright Brothers All ages, poster to print, hands-on activities

The Wright Brothers U  Everything! Read the history, see the designs, experiments, make your own Wright brothers models


Henry Ford L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Industrial Revolution M/U  There are lots of links and quizzes from K-12, but you have to register, for free of course.

Child Labor in America — Lewis Hine Photography (photographs with captions)

San Fransisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire book

Grand Central U  Video   (PBS Film online)  Their description: The dramatic story of the construction of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal in 1913, lauded as the greatest railroad terminal in the world, with electrified train service under the city streets.

The Panama Canal video, one hour+, PBS

  • George Washington Carver

Online biography, pictures and printables L

Online biography and timeline M

Several links to learn about his life and inventions U

Biography  U  383 pages

Copywork/notebooking pages (practical pages)

Video (have fun with history)

Photo gallery

Scholastic site on suffrage

  • WWI

Collection of videos on WWI

(see Air Service Boys Over the Enemy’s Lines on the Books to Read page)

(see A Farewell to Arms on the Books to Read page  10th grade reading level)

See World History page for more

  • Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart L/M  Short online biography, slideshow, activities, printables  (Garden of Praise)

Amelia Earhart U  Video  Full Episode  (Biography.com)

Amelia Earhart U  Video  Full Episode  (PBS)  Their description: The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, Earhart disappeared in 1937 while she was attempting to circumnavigate the world by airplane.

Charles Lindbergh story  L/M

Bessie Coleman bio  L   bio M


Albert Einstein U  Video   Full Episode, Biography.com

Einstein  game

(Listen to Ragtime Music on the “Extras” page)

1920s thinkquest

1920s fact sheet webpage

What Prohibition Has Done to America U  book by Franklin

  • The Great Depression

(See The Biscuit Eater on the “Books to Read” page — only audio and film)

(See The Grapes of Wrath on the “Books to Read” page and the “Books” page for study guide) U

Collection of videos (have fun with history)

Riding the Rails  M/U  PBS documentary 51 min.

Great Depression Webquest

Reading about the great depression M  includes the new deal, worksheet of questions and writing prompts (7 page download)

Online Crossword Puzzle M/U  Cyber sleuth activity

Lapbook pieces/mini books: Great Depression Presidents (2 pieces), Impact of Great Depression (these both have pictures and blank space for writing)

Cause and Effect M  printable

Voices from the Dust Bowl

Definitions (poverty, homelessness…) and how you can help others L/M  printable

Writing a news article on soup kitchens in the Great Depression  (printable — lesson on the Five W’s and writing a lead)

Conduct an interview with someone who lived during the Depression  (printable)

Hooverville M/U  Wikipedia page

The Crash of 1929 U  Video  (PBS film online)  Their description: The unbounded optimism of the Jazz Age and the shocking consequences when reality finally hit on October 29th, ultimately leading to the Great Depression.

The CCC New Deal Program U  Video  (PBS film online)  Their description: One of the most popular New Deal programs, the CCC put three million young men to work in camps across America during the height of the Great Depression.

Franklin D. Roosevelt U  Video  Inauguration (A 4 minute news clip of his famous “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speech)

FDR Biography video, full episode part 1, part 2  (each part more than 45 minutes)

Notebooking page (homeschool helper)


1940s images of New York City

Radio Days Webquest

How to Make Sound Effects

  • WWII  (most WWII things are on the world history page)

FDR U  Video  (PBS film online)  Their description: Franklin Delano Roosevelt restored hope after the Great Depression and led the nation during World War II. Part of the award-winning The Presidents collection.

African Americans in WWII  collection of videos — scroll down  (have fun with history)

Collection of Videos on WWII (have fun with history)

Collection of Videos on Pearl Harbor (have fun with history)

Pearl Harbor learning site U  national geographic

Pearl Harbor lapbook  practical pages, has links as well

US War Propaganda Posters There are 10 pages of posters. Look for the links above the posters to go to the next page.

Propaganda Posters U  Article on their use during the war

(Propaganda — study of, not about WWII in particular)

Radio Shows from WWII short articles on the events plus several radio reports of each event

The Bombing of Germany U  Video  (PBS film online) Their description: During the defining months of the offensive against Germany, American forces faced a moral and strategic dilemma.

Harry S. Truman Inaugural Address  2:49  video

Why Did They Drop the Atomic Bomb? (lesson/worksheet)


Dwight D. Eisenhower  U  Biography full episode

Dwight D. Eisenhower U  Video  clip from his inauguration

The Cold War Begins U  Truman doctrine and Marshall Plan power point

See world history page for many links on the cold war

Harlem Renaissance U  Poem written in response to race riots and lynchings at the end of WWI

Watch To Kill a Mocking Bird Streaming Download Study Guide for the Film

Lessons on To Kill a Mocking Bird Lesson 1: Profiles in Courage Lesson 2: Comparing it to the Scottsboro Trial of 1931 U

Hernandez vs. Texas 1954 U  Video  (PBS film online)  Their description: From a small-town Texas murder emerged a landmark civil rights case. The little-known story of the Mexican American lawyers who took Hernandez v. Texas to the Supreme Court, challenging Jim Crow-style discrimination.

Collection of Videos on the Civil Right Movement — scroll down  (have fun with history)

Read White Socks Only  L  search the book title

Civil Rights Movement M

Civil Rights Timeline Goes to 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lapbook

Martin Luther King, Jr. M

We Shall Overcome — Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement M/U

NAACP  How it BeganTimeline M/U

Montgomery Bus Boycott L  Coloring page, quote and short information

Montgomery Bus Boycott / Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Online Interactive learning  (says for grades 7-8, Scholastic)

Freedom Riders  PBS 2 hr. documentary

Integrating Schools Online interactive learning (says for grades 5-7, Scholastic)

March on Washington Notebooking Page

“I have a dream” video of speech and text of speech

“I have a dream” study questions

“I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” Martin Luther King, Jr. speech text and questions; In addition–image and questions to go along with a quote from the speech

Research Paper Starter (Scholastic) M/U  Research topic suggestions and links to get you started on your research

Another Research Assistant People of the Civil Rights Movement

Free at Last? U  Website (BBC)

The Birth of a Nation –KKK–NAACP and Rights  Watch the Movie  U  Lesson plan with links to the research


Jonas Salk U   Short online biography

John F. Kennedy U  Video  Inaugural Address  Part 1 Part 2 Jan. 20, 1961 (“Ask not what your country can do for you…”)

John F. Kennedy U  Video  Moon Speech  Part 1 Part 2

Apollo 11 Launch  recreation, science and history

Space Race videos (have fun with history)

Technology and the Wilsons the development of technology in the home

Vietnam facts for kids

Jimmy Carter  PBS documentary  2 hr.

Reagan PBS documentary  2+ hr.

George H. W. Bush U  Video  (PBS film online)  Their description: A biography of the 41st U.S. president, from his service in World War II to his days in the Oval Office with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the race riots in Los Angeles and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

21st Century

Barak Obama U  Video  (Biography.com full episode, watch online)


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