Go to American History, World History and Geography/Cultures. American History begins with explorers and runs to Modern Day. World History starts with Creation and also will go to the Present Day.

Go to General Resources page for encyclopedias (one of them is specifically for world history)

K-5 Guided online lessons from Lesson Pathways 36 weeks of lessons for each grade

Read Online History Books (very searchable!)

Colleges Offering Free Online History Courses

Timeline of history (the link to part 2 is on the left)

Here are a few general resources:

  • maps

Outline maps of the world, countries and the different continents — print as large as you want!

Outline maps of the states — print as large as you want!

Black line maps  world, continents, US, Canada

Maps to print of different historical events/places — Pearson, worksheets to print out

Historic Maps

Current Day 360 pictures all around the world

  • current events

Current Events U: World Magazine (Christian), CLA News (International), The Washington Times High School, CNN Student News also has quiz on weekly events

Current Events M/U: Student News DailyWeekly cartoon w/ questionsworld news brief

Current Events M: FactMonster — has summaries of the most important news from each month categorized.

Current Events L/M: Scholastic NewsLearn the News (news written by kids, has worksheets for different ages that goes with it)

  • quizzes

History Quizzes, hundreds, searchable

  • lesson ideas (social studies)

All Ages — lessons, resources, interactives

Middle School

High School

  • research

Online Encyclopedia (search several encyclopedias for free)

  • videos

How to History how to do things like card wool, build a hurdle fence, make a bone needle…

Have Fun with History videos on lots of topics

TV schoolhouse many subjects, not just history

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