Online Physics Classes of various levels including AP (very nice)

The Physics Classroom lessons to read along with animations and simulations

High School Physics flexbook, video enhanced

Physics Textbook for Senior High Students

Sustainable Energy  U  flexbook, six chapters

MIT classes for high school students

Physics Textbook for Senior High Students This one seems to actually be many books and much more indepth. 300 pages on relativity anyone? But from the pages I’ve read, it’s very readable.


Color Me Physics L/M  Learn about famous physicists

Color Me Physics   L/M   Learn about atoms and circuits with a board game

Physics in Action Watch almost 250 physics videos — not lectures, demonstrations of physical laws

Physics4Kids Website

Physical Science U   You might want to consider using this to guide and record your research if you don’t have a curriculum. They are notebooking pages and lapbook pieces. It is made to complement the Apologia textbook. Apologia gives out free textbooks through the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund to families in need.

Physics Quests (made for middles school students)  Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair (solutions), Marie Curie’s Floating Classes (solutions), Ben Franklin’s Secret Message (solutions), The Search for Einstein’s Hidden Treasure (solutions)

(see Faraday’s Lectures on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

TI Physics modules

Interactives, activities  U

  • Aerodynamics

Timeline of Aviation Small cards you can print with dates, pictures and info already on there…can be placed in a notebook or on a wall timeline–nice! (NASA)

Mini Course on Aeronautics for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, read the “book” and click on lesson plans to get the experiments to go with it

When Pigs Fly L/M   Lesson and game about  lift, thrust, drag, etc.

Build a hovercraft (give your email address and they send you free science experiments and videos)

Build a Glider and learn about flight with classroom activities by NASA  L-M one, L-M two, L-M threeM-U one, M-U two

Construct a Paper Rocket (all ages–by NASA)

Fuel Efficiency Graphing M/U

Gravity M/U   Hands-on activity by NASA, students find the center of gravity and learn how it effects

Motor Rotor L/M  Hands-on activity by NASA

Lift Lesson  online

Thrust L/M   Hands-on activity by NASA

Thrust M/U  Hands-on activity by NASA

Design an airplane  M  includes lessons on flight first before you begin designing

Future Flight Design M  NASA  interactive website

Smart Skies  M/U  NASA  use math for air traffic control

Virtual Skies U   Website designed by NASA to teach high-school students about aeronautics, aviation research, navigation, and other associated areas…includes not only info but online activities to test out your skills

The Case of the Challenging Flight 1 hr. SCI Files episode on the forces of flight (comes with teacher guide)

  • Electricity

Electricity Experiment video  You need to enter your email address to watch the video, but they will send you lots of free science videos so it’s a good list to be on.

Electricity Lapbook  M  at the top of the list of links there is a link to download the lapbook pieces, tons of links

Electricity Lapbook  L  (made for second grade)  includes a couple of links

Generating Electricity  diagram of model of how it works

Electricity Experiments  for kids

Circuits L/M  Online activity,  Worksheet to go with it

Learn all about circuits  L/M  Learn, play, quiz,  several topics, Nice!

Build a Circuit Online Game

Learn the difference between parallel and series circuits  M

Video on how humans conduct electricity  3 min. L and maybe M — it is pretty cool

Conductors in a Circuit M  Online Game  Worksheet to go with the game

Does it conduct electricity? Experiment data recording sheet

Make the energy flow — alternative energy circuits

More online games

Distributed Electricity U

Measuring Electricity U

The Case of the Electrical Mystery 1 hr. SCI Files episode on electricity (comes with teacher guide)

  • Energy

The Einstein Theory of Relativity Lorentz  (relatively :) short book)

Relativity Video  youtube

Roller Coaster Science Experiment video (you have to enter your email address to get access, but they will send you lots of free science videos and experiments)

Roller Coaster Online Activity from the JASON curriculum  This is really made for the U crowd, but your younger kids will love it too.

Energy at Work in the Ocean — Waves M

Solar Energy learning and several activities (3rd -12th grade)

Alternative Energy online game  (just a little game where you catch the sun with solar panels, wind with turbines…)

Non-renewable Resources  online game (a little game where mice eat up the non-renewable energy sources)

Make a pizza with solar energy  (no real special parts needed)

The Case of the Missing Joules Humorous two-page story about energy conversion including some math problems that use an energy-conversion table.

Four Stroke Engine Make a model

Energy Analysis U  (a week’s worth of work analyzing energy trends)

The Case of the Energy Crunch 1 hr. SCI Files episode about energy (comes with teacher guide)

  • Engineering / Architecture

Teach Engineering L/M/U   K-12 resources — tons of stuff

Building Big PBS site explores: bridges, domes, skyscrappers, tunnels and dams, architects. There are historical parts, interactive lessons on how things work, and try it yourself challenges.  Looks like 2 weeks of materials to me–says it’s for 5th-8th grade.

Build a Bridge online game (download)

Build a Bridge out of file folders — pdf book download and software download

Mini Workbook — with suggested activities and links

Build a Car online activity (everyone could do this)

Fantastic Contraptions build machines online to do specific tasks — WARNING ad at the beginning

Build a Dome out of Newspaper, out of toothpicks  (youtube video of newspaper dome)

Watch the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse — engineering gone wrong  (learn what caused the wave-like motion U)

Take a tour under New York City (text or listening) by National Geographic

Design a Cell Phone online game: research, design, test, sell

  • Forces

Catapult Experiment Video

Gravity L  Online game, change the gradient to make the truck roll

Build a House of Cards L/M  to talk about pushing forces from every direction

Friction  L  game  video that goes with the game but is only available in the US

Friction M  Online game, how different surfaces effect the level of friction

Friction M  Worksheet  What level of friction do different materials have?

Gravitational Force M/U   Using comets, an exploratory lesson about gravity, mass and angle

Learn about Gravity in the Universe M  learning website

Gravity in the Universe — experiment

Gravity and Tides M  Info and diagrams, then go to the Activity (this link is at the bottom of the info page)–activity involves graphing data collected over five days

Forces Worksheet M  Label what forces are at work

Forces Worksheet M/U  includes vector drawing

Forces online interactive  M

Amusement Park Physics  U  interactive

Baseball Physics

Sum of All Thrills  Math Moves U  Use your math to solve physics equations to build a roller coaster, 6th-8th grade

Momentum Build a momentum machine

The Physics of Jumping U  lesson plan from Sea World / Busch Gardens

Car Crash U  Investigate a fatal car crash and figure out the forces involved

Ball Drop  draw lines to bounce the ball, change angle, rate, gravity and experiment

Low/High Air Pressure  Experiment (hair dryer)

Experiment: fill a glass 2/3 full of water and cover with an index card. Hold the card in place securely and flip the cup over. Remove your hand. The 14.7 pounds per square inch of air pressure will hold the water in it’s place.

Air Pressure/Water Pressure L  Experiment

Water Pressure/Displacement M  Experiment

Water Pressure Dam Experiment

Variables Change the angle, the wind, the force of explosion, the weight to shoot the human cannonball

  • Heat
Three Types of Heat Transfer  M   online interactive learning
Convection  reading  experiment
Conduction reading   experiment
Heat  M  reading, click to take quiz
Heat Radiation  video
Heat Spectrum  video
Heat and temperature video
Heat energy  video
  • Light

Light Interactive learning using stars: color, waves, heat; click on “All about Light” for the facts

Light Experiment Video you need to enter your email address to get the video, but they will send you lots of science video freebies

The Case of the Mysterious Red Light 1 hr. SCI Files episode about light, where do the colors of the sunset come from?  (comes with teacher guide)

  • Magnetism

(see science math sections under “space” on the Earth Science page)

Information website  L

Information website  M

MSB Amazing Magnetism Lapbook

Magnetism Experiment video  You need to enter your email address to get access, but they will send you lots of free science videos so it’s a good email list to be on.

Make a Compass M

Magnets L  online game   Magnets Worksheet to go with the game

Magnets  M  online game

  • Motion

Graphic Organizer for definitions of speed, velocity, instantaneous speed and average speed

Laws of Motion M  lesson plan from Sea World/Busch Gardens

Newton and the Three Laws of Motion (learn them here–website)

Minibook for recording what you learned about the 3 laws of motion

Graphic Organizer for recording the 3 Laws of Motion

  • Simple Machines

Marcus’ overview of the simple machines M  clear and thorough

Graphic organizer for recording about the simple machines

Simple Machines workbook  M  simple, but it has a lot of writing

Lesson, experiment ideas for each (you’ll find the links to each machine from this page)

Lapbook  (same page as above, scroll to near the bottom for download link)

Online Game Identify simple machines at work in everyday objects  (edheads)

Compound Machines online game  (edheads)

Explanation and pictures of simple machines and quiz on spotting simple machines in other gadgets

Design a machine to put a marble into a cup (This is from NASA)

The Case of the Powerful Pulleys 1 hr. SCI Files episode on pulleys (comes with teacher guide)

Grain Strain Machines game  (just a little game where you connect conveyor belts and other things to move grain)

  • Sound

Sound Vibrations Experiment  video  You need to enter you email address, but they will send you lots of free science videos so it’s a good list to be on.

The Case of the Deafening Sound 1 hr. SCI Files episode about sound (comes with teacher guide)

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