AP Course Environmental Science

Geoscience Virtual Textbook Senior Students

Exogeology Website by a homeschooler, with video geology quizzes

Answers in Creation Online Geology Curriculum for high school students  (this is Christian but it is old earth creationism)  He also has lessons on the six days of Creation for 3rd-6th grade scroll down

Environmental Protection Agency’s Website for Kids

JASON  Curriculum U interactive textbooks, video, worksheets, teacher’s guide, digital labs…earth and mars, weather, ecology, geology

Listen to creationist Ken Ham speak on issues of creationism There are links to a handful of his talks on this page.

Evidence of Young Universe articles from 4th Day Alliance

Ozone unit from Homeschool Learning Network

EcoKids website

EekoWorld for kids  the environment, recycling, air and water…

Design a habitable planet  M/U  NASA

Global Issues games U


(see Madam How and Lady Why on the “Ambleside” page, year 4, natural history)

Make an online Geography presentation

Air, Water, Land online quiz/game NASA

Geography4Kids Website

  • Biomes

(See biomes on the Biology page)

Build your own ecosystem U  online interactive

Biomes L/M  Website

Biomes Lapbook (uses website listed directly above)

Biomes M/U  graphic organizer

Eco System M/U  graphic organizer–vocabulary

Ecology M/U  graphic organizer — vocabulary


Deserts also on the biomes website listed above

Deserts  virtual field trip, grades 5-12

The Desert Digital Library L/M/U  there’s info, web quests, experiments and more


Rain Forest

Rain Forests Lapbook and more, comes with info (see rain forest animals lapbook under zoology)

Rain Forest M  Learn about:  Types, Endangered, Where, Explore younger, Explore older

Rainforest  virtual field trip, grades 4-7

More Info M/U

Amazon Explorer Online Game  (pbs)

Star in a Story Answer questions and print out a story about yourself in a rainforest.


Temperate Forest  virtual field trip  (and on biomes website listed above)

Tundra  (At biomes link above and on the Geography page you can learn about Antarctica)

Salt Marshes  virtual field trip

Wetlands L/M

Jason Curriculum on the Wetlands U

  • The Earth’s Crusts

Layers of the Earth M  read and learn  (there’s a song too)

Label the Layers of the Earth (Online Activity–you could use this to learn their names, but it doesn’t teach about them)

Dynamic Earth U  online interactive

Earthquake L  Edible Experiment

Fractures in the Earth’s Crust L  Edible Experiment

Earthquakes M  read online (with pictures and animations)  Weather Wiz Kids

Earthforce M/U  read online, Franklin Institute

Earthquake unit Homeschool Learning Network

Online Activity view pictures from earthquakes past to understand the different ratings on the Richter scale.

An explanation of what happened to Fukishima’s reactors — 14 min. video  (didn’t know where to put this)

The Case of the Shaky Quake 1 hr. SCI Files episode on earthquakes (comes with teacher guide)

The Principle of Earthquakes — build a paper model (not for little people)

Earthquakes and Tsunamis  K-12 lessons

Seismology website (M/U)  animations, lessons, data, …

  • Landforms

Landforms–could be used as lapbook pieces

Geography terms tab book”  from Notebooking Nook

How natural disasters have shaped the earth’s surface (says age 11) Interactive learning site

View from Space

Natural wonders  virtual field trip

Caves website: online tour, activity…


Interactive learning website (5th-8th grade it says)


Mountains Mini Book and links


Volcanoes website

Volcanoes virtual field trip, grades 2-5

Volcanoes  U  online interactive

Volcano lapbook and unit (homeschool creations)  L/M  They used a free lapbook from homeschool share and made their own volcano–the links are all on the page.

Build a Volcano — from a chemistry website

Become a Volcanologist L/M   Online activity, types of volcanoes

Build a paper Mt. Fuji (not for little learners)

Volcano Documentary U  National Geographic  (has commercials) 1 hour

Underwater Volcano Article with picture and video of the first footage of underwater vents  (I don’t know how long this article will be available. Please let me know if it becomes unavailable and we’ll search other images of the underwater volcano.)

  • Rocks

Amber Lapbook (and more, comes with info)

Geodes an online story  L

MSB Rocky Road Lapbook

Learn about Rocks and Minerals

Moh’s Hardness Scale   (one of the characteristics of rocks)  image (this is taught in the link above with a description of how to test hardness)

List of Characteristics of the Three Types of Rocks

Identify the Kind of Rock you found

Kinds of Rock L/M  Game to identify rocks

Kinds of Rock M   Worksheet  (what are they used for and why)

Mineral Crystals M/U cut and assemble the basic shapes of mineral crystals

The Case of the Disappearing Dirt 1 hr. SCI Files episode on erosion (comes with teacher guide)

Tour a Mine  (a gold mine)

Charts and Checklists

My Collection Check off the type of rock when you find it

Rock Collector Chart To organize your rock collection (place each rock in a separate numbered ziplock bag)–record on this chart where and when you found it.

My Rock three levels of worksheets to record the characteristics of your rocks (place to draw a picture, record color, texture, weight, luster, hardness…)

Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle M  Watch narrated animation of the three types of rocks as they are formed  (BBC)

Interactive Online Lesson on Rocks and the Rock Cycle  U

Interactive Animations on the Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle Diagram Color printout

Make a Rock Cycle Diagram (see it on Jimmie’s Collage)  (see my kids’ diagrams–and what I did with the 5-yr-old)

Rock Cycle Song Lyrics Sung to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Rock Cycle M  Worksheet

  • Weather

Meteorology unit Homeschool Learning Network

Weather/Seasons Coloring Pages 2 pages (+ weather symbols you could use for a chart or whatever)

Date and Weather Chart L  Uses brads to rotate through the days of the week and weather options (and more)  (also posted on the Preschool page)

Weather Graph every day fill in one square on the graph for that day’s weather

Weather Symbols and Words to use on a weather chart

Weather Ed The Franklin Institute


Air Pressure (Atmosphere) L/M  Tree House Weather Kids

The Atmosphere M/U  (you can click to read more)

Label the Layers of Atmosphere M/U  Online Activity

Clouds and Moisture L/M  Tree House Weather Kids

Clouds L/M/U  info, pictures and lesson plans

Clouds Matchbook from Notebooking Nook

Make a cloud in a bottle

Make a barometer

Air pressure experiment-egg

Air pressure experiment-water glass and card


Make a Weather Vane L/M

Report and Predict Weather M/U  Online game but really informative–Great stuff!  (edheads)

Forecasting M/U  Read and then try out calculating wind chill

Find the Wind Chill L/M  (you have to read it off the chart–you provide temperature and wind speed)

Make Your Own Weather Station Franklin Institute

Ice and Snow

Ice and Snow M/U  (you can click to read more)

Winter Storms (L/M) At the bottom of this page are experiments to do if you have snow around.

Frost Experiment (L/M)

Powerful Storms  (hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes)

The Case of the Phenomenal Weather 1 hr. SCI Files episode about powerful storms (comes with teacher guide)

Rock N Roll Weather L/M  Tree House Weather Kids   lightening storms, hurricanes, tornadoes

Hurricanes M

Hurricanes  virtual field trip, grades 7-12

Hurricane Tracking Chart

Observe Past Hurricanes M/U  see their path, strength, wind speed…

Hurricane Lapbook (yea shall know, links listed to find answers)

MSB Electrical Storm Lapbook M  (You could use pieces of it for this section, but it has a lot more to it which is why I listed it at the top of the weather section.)

Thunderstorms —  Lightening L/M

Powerful Storms M/U  Read about it then try your hand at being a tornado chaser

MSB Twister Trouble Lapbook M

Tornadoes L/M

The Tornado  an online story based on a legend  L

Tornado chasing and more  U  online interactive

Tornadoes M-U  Radio Show Broadcast


Seasons and Temperature L/M Tree House Weather Kids

Seasons — graphic organizer for the causes of seasons (could be turned into a lapbook piece)

How High Is the Sun M  Online activity

The Water Cycle

Rain L/M  Weather Wiz Kids

Water Cycle Animated Lesson L/M

The Water Cycle M/U  read online

The Case of the Wacky Water Cycle 1 hr. SCI Files episode on the water cycle (comes with teacher guide)

The First Book of Water L/M  60 pages  easy reading

Ground Water Adventurer website, facts, experiments

To Do

Evaporation experiment

Make Rain (Homeschool Creations)

Observe the Water Cycle in Action all ages  An experiment

Water Cycle Online Quiz L

Diagram of the Water Cycle Made with blanks to fill in. (Right click and copy image and then paste into a document. You can then make it bigger if you like by dragging the corners.) Check your answers here: the color version of this diagram filled out

Observe Capillary Action (how water moves through soil)  Experiment  (This is someone’s blog. Scroll down to the picture of the jar with the clothespins on it.


Slide Show L/M/U

Water Conservation Online Game L/M  (long game, it allows you to finish later)

Water Rich  Water Poor  L/M

Water Sanitation Problems Animated Online Activity M-U  This can also be a writing and speaking activity.



(see Water Animals on the Zoology page)

The Wave a short story for children

Oceans  virtual field trip

Oceanography Unit Study L/M/U  10 lessons/days

Build a paper model of a hydroelectric plant M/U  (these are advance designs)

Ocean Explorer lessons for 6-12, There are lesson plans or you could have your kids go through the multimedia missions (link is on the right). There are 15 missions on various topics.

Seafloor Observatory

Ocean Online Games/Activities M/U  BBC  7 different challenges to learn about different topics

  • Info

Secrets at Sea M  This is about oceans as well as about ocean life. Fill in your online notebook as you go.

Shores M

Coral Reef M   (There is a coral reef lapbook listed below.)

Temperate Oceans M  (There is a lapbook below using the links to this site.)

Facts about the oceans and some of the seas U    (BBC)  (you have to click your way around the locations)

History of Oceanography U

Be an Oceanographer U   Explore the coast of Maine with guided data analysis

Oceanography and Marine Biology News U

Information Website on Oceans U

  • Activities

Ocean Soundings How I would use this: have each child (or pair of children) fill a shoe box (or some sort of box) with various things, a couple of books, a cup, small tubberware container, etc. hard things. Put a lid on and put holes in the lid. Take soundings. Make a map of soundings. See how similar it is to what’s really in the box.  (Here is the same basic thing being used to describe how radar works. This one is probably easier to follow and is basically the same thing. Radar ActivityHere’s my kids doing it.

Tides M  Graph the tides

The Case of the Ocean Odyssey 1 hr. SCI Files episode, learn about ocean topography and more (comes with teacher guide)

Coral Reef Lapbook  M

Temperate Oceans Lapbook M  (based on the links below)  This can be adapted for different ages. There are some links below for “U” learners.


Zones 1 ,   Zones 2 — info on each zone

(You may want to play 3-D Bingo found on the Zoology page under “Water Animals”)

Data–depth of oceans

  • Kelp


Take a virtual dive to look at a kelp forest

Learn about 2 different types of kelp

Is there Kelp in your cupboard? L/M  activity, online or print out


Patterns Look at a satellite image of plankton growth in the ocean


Compare Temperate and Tropical Oceans U

Cycle of the Ocean Refreshing Itself

Deep Ocean Circulation U



Online Astronomy Academy Free 2-month course–Two age groups 7-11, and 12-18  (This can easily be done faster than 2 months if wanted.)

StarChild  L/M website

Imagine the Universe U  NASA website

Cosmos4Kids Website

Ask an Astronomer

Astronomy Word Games M

Astronomy Songs

Nasa Podcasts–Tell me why? M/U

4th Day Alliance you have to join to get access to their videos, animations and power point presentations, not tons of stuff, but this is from six-day creation scientists

Coloring: Planets Page Solar System Book Space Exploration Pages


My 5-year-old’s space lapbook Just Us

Space Lapbook (sun, moon, stars, planets, deep space, includes info, each piece needs to be downloaded and printed out separately–lots to choose from, homeschoolshare.com)

Space Lapbook (by live and learn press, all in one document–made to accompany Apologia’s Astronomy elementary textbook, but you can use it to guide your study of space)

MSB Space Explorers Lapbook

JFeliciano Lapbook pieces includes some Bible elements, seem to be colorful pieces with blank inside for writing: StarsJupiterSpace TravelSpace StationGalaxyPluto, SaturnSpace RocksMarsPhases of the Moon,MoonVenusMercurySunSolar Flares and Sun SpotsSolar EclipsePlanetsCoperincus,  Galileo

  • Solar System

Tour of the Galaxy (you have to give your email, but they will send you  lots of freebies) This is a virtual planetarium video that is 35 minutes long and made by someone who worked at NASA. It starts at 2:40 (before that is a commercial).

Learn about the solar system (Kidsastronomy.com)

Solar System  Children’s Museum


Sun, Moon, Earth L/M   Interactive (with an asteroid game too)–tip, when you’re exploring keep clicking on “Go”

Book about the Sun Print it out at 50% to include in your  lapbook

Build a model of the sun two different ways for different age levels

Build a sundial out of paper

Observe Sunspots Experiment, says 7th-9th grade

Solar flare  video, youtube

Solar flare  video, youtube

Activity: the relative size of the sun, moon and earth (scale model)

Relative size of the sun, earth…Picture lesson: If the sun were a basketball

Size of the universe U

under planets see more relative size webpages

What is a Solstice?


Build a paper lunar globe (not for little kids!)

Learn About the Moon Website for all ages  — There are lesson plans if you want them and online activities. I suggest clicking on classroom teachers and picking your grade level.

Moon Phases Watch the animation

“Course” on the moon’s phases (says for age 8)

Watch an Animation of Various Orbits


Solar System Coloring Page (planets in orbit)

What’s In Space Nasa Children’s Book (online or printable)

Planets for Kids  L/M

Learn about the Planets L  Online game  (Fisher Price–has action figure characters)

Online Interactive Learning  Age 8 Age 10

Learn about the Planets with NASA Interactive media (all ages since there are great pictures, basic info, but also details of different missions and explorations past, present and future)

Build a solar system online  M/U

Comet colliding with Jupiter  video, youtube

Astro-Matic 3000 Find out how much you would weigh on the different planets and more in this online activity

A relative size picture of all the planets

See the relative size of the planets and stars Interesting for everyone!

Nasa Children’s Book on the Planets Read online or print out

Nasa Solar System Videos

Collect Solar System Trading Cards M/U Online learning activity–click on the image/title

Solar System Craft Project Ideas My daughter’s project – simple

Solar System Notebooking Page

Pluto and the Plutons Article written for children about the status of Pluto as a planet

The Case of the Galactic Vacation 1 hr. SCI Files episode on the solar system (comes with teacher guide)

  • Asteroids

Learn and Eat Read about asteroids and then make asteroid potatoes

Figure out the impact an asteroid would have if it hit earth  (diameter, density, angle, velocity)  M/U

  • Comets

Comets M/U  Interactive learning fun!  Learn what comets are made of

Collecting Micromedeorites L   Experiment/Observation

Video of comet in space and astronaut talking about it  2 min. youtube

Nasa’s page on Comets U

  • Constellations

Constellations Dot-to-Dot Printables L

Constellation Strips Two printable worksheets that could be cut up for a lapbook

Constellations Notebooking Pages — 27 pages

Sky Map Print it out for whatever month you are studying stars — this is geared to adults

More Sky Maps

“Star Finder” Here’s another printable to help you find constellations–this is geared to children

Big Dipper Mobile

Planisphere make a paper star chart

  • Deep Space

Photo Gallery

Learn about deep space (kidsastronomy.com)

Hubble Deep Space Interactive learning activities–learn about galaxies and deep space

Black Holes M/U  Interactive learning

Explore Black Holes  HubbleSite

Black Holes Board Game

  • Exploration

Learn about space exploration (kidsastronomy.com)

Apollo 11 and landing on the moon L/M

History of Space Exploration U (including Apollo 11) read the old Time magazines

Build Your Own Space Mission L-M  online activity

Space Craft  Children’s Museum

3rd through 12th grade hands-on space exploration projects M/U  NASA

Mars Exploration online interactive

Videos: L/M  about space missions, space crafts, satellites, astronomers (9 videos in all, animated interviews of modern-day scientists)

Three Children’s Books by Nasa on technology, “space tools” and the telescope (the story called “how to see things in a different light)


The Spiderbot M   info, video, puzzle to download

Space Shuttle

Astronauts Lapbook L

Color and Learn Space Shuttle Book L

A Pictorial History of Rockets Timeline  by NASA

3,2,1 Liftoff! L  Nasa’s teacher’s guide for learning about rockets

Load the Shuttle L  Cut and paste activity

Buzz Lightyear Online Game L/M  Mission 4: Toys in Space (how they work in zero gravity)  WORKSHEET to print out

Space Shuttle Lapbook M

Virtual Launch M

Space shuttle launch  video, youtube

Apollo moon landing  video, youtube

Create a Board Game Research a topic and make your own game pieces

Fuel and Space Shuttle Design Activity idea (design a space shuttle out of tortillas)

The Case of the Great Space Exploration 1 hr. SCI Files episode, learn about space exploration and becoming an astronaut (comes with teacher guide)

Rocket — build a paper rocket (not for little learners)

Build a Rocket — launches with fizzy tablets  (our family’s tips on doing this)

Build a Rocket out of thin cardboard — launches on air power

Space Station

Buzz Lightyear Online Game L/M  Mission 2: Memory match–learn the contributions of different countries to the ISS;  Mission 5: Assemble the ISS; WORKSHEETS to print out

Build Your Own Space Station  Children’s Museum

Space Station  Brain Pop, free


Learn about space observation (kidsastronomy.com)

History of the Telescope

Astronomers Children’s Museum, whole history

Hubble Space Telescope M/U  Online interactive activity + worksheet

  • Astronomy Mathematics

My Weight on Other Planets

My Age on Other Planets

Flight Path–Coordinate Plane Worksheet

Make a Graph of How Many Moons Each Planet Has

Buzz Lightyear Online Games L/M   Mission 1: Addition

Measure the Size of the Moon and the Sun (division and multiplication)

Solar System Math  M/U  lessons/software download  NASA

Northern Lights L/M  68 page download of classroom lesson plans with worksheets

Northern Lights U  (7th-8th)  geometry, graphs…

Solar Activity U  7th-9th   complete classroom lesson plan with worksheets, uses math

Space Science Math U  (7th-9th)  magnetism and power

Measuring the Magnetic Field U  (7th-10th)  build a magnetometer (simple)

Tracking the Solar System, Advanced Math Space Science, Part 1,   Part 2 (guides you through using websites–not sure what this really is)

Measure the Distance to the Sun U (9th-10th) geometry

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