(See the textbook Chemistry Principles on the Robinson Page (bottom, under “Science”)

(see Faraday’s Lectures on the “Robinson” page level 10)

Virtual Textbook for Senior Level Students

Chemistry Textbook  online or download, first edition is available for Kindle

CK12 activities

Molecular Modeling   U This is an advanced virtual textbook with 3D models and shows the connection between chemistry and math

Middle School Textbook  download

Textbooks, labs, worksheets  U

Textbook for elementary/middle school students  M  This is a downloadable textbook called Inquiry in Action and looks very hands on. It is very big too. This isn’t the download link, it will just take you to the website. (The other things advertised on the page cost money.) Here is the link to the website with the activities that match the book.

The Golden Book of Chemistry  for kids, this is a pdf

Chemistry Lessons Online Middle School

I, Pencil U  Essay, written by a pencil on its creation

Chemistry in everyday life  website

Mr. Guch Explains whatever topic you need help understanding

Chemistry Vocabulary

Questions students have asked by topic

24 Lessons that Rocked the World (high school chemistry)  ebook  (Mr. Guch)

17 Effective Activities for New Chemistry Teachers (high school) focuses on the basics  (from Mr. Guch)

Complete Book of Chemistry Quizzes and Practice Problems, 171 pages  (high school)  (Mr. Guch)

17  Worksheets for Middle School Chemistry (Mr. Guch)

Unit Conversions and Mole Calculations worksheets high school  (Mr. Guch)

Chemistry Problems Worked Out by Topic (aboutchemistry.com)

Virtual Lab (html5)

Chemistry Labs and Activities


Chemistry 101 U  Work your way through the links  (Teach Yourself Chemistry)

Chemistry4Kids M  You could work your way through these pages

About Chemistry U   Follow this site for daily facts about Chemisty…you’ll learn all sorts of interesting stuff

How Things Work: Chemistry

Read about different modern-day chemists Nicely done, written for the student  — there are many to choose from

Chemistry Podcasts L/M  different topics, made to be entertaining

Top Chemistry Projects for Bored Kids

Chemistry Experiments you can do at home

Common Chemicals and Where to Find Them

Chemistry Unit Study (with notebooking pages and lapbook)

Activities: games, puzzles, worksheets  M U

Periodic Table

Lessons on the Elements — 24 newsletters on 24 different elements by HowToTeachElements.com. Every newsletter is also packed full with ads trying to get you to buy her materials. If you don’t want the temptation, don’t sign up. You can get this info elsewhere.

Info on each element — just click on which one you are interested in learning about

Videos on Each Element said fun and educational for all ages

Info — Middle School level — use the links along the right

Learn the history of the Table and about how it is organized U

Online interactive lesson  U

Print out a Table — L/M  choose from either pictures or text and 1 or 2 pages

Print out a table  straight forward and blank options, click on printable periodic tables

OR print out the table for the game below and then hang up on your wall

GAME M(U)  — game board is a large periodic table that you can download

Periodic Table buildings (you construct paper buildings with the periodic table)

Photographic Periodic Table Online learn about the elements and see photographs of them

More Pictures of Elements

Periodic Table Lapbook

Elements Lapbook  (Just Us)

Make Elements Trading Cards

Chemical Elements GAME M/U  learn about the elements

Chemical Elements Review GAME M/U  Bingo-style

Chemical Elements several different learning and playing options — Sheppard Software

Elements Games — several options for various ages (older than the games above)

Song to help you learn the elements (warning: youtube–if you make the video full screen then you can’t see anything else on the page)

Chemical Elements Concentration online game — you choose whether to match the element name with its symbol or its atomic number

Periodicity Quiz  Period table trends

Elements in Fireworks 

List of elements which naturally occur in the ocean — scroll down

Photo Gallery of Metal Crystals — fascinating and beautiful! Print out and use in your lapbooks and scrapbooks!

Webpage about each element with links and experiments (I will add them on one at a time from Chemistry.about.com)

Boron Carbon Chromium Gold Hydrogen Phosphorus Sodium Silver Element 117


Info — Middle School Level — use the links along the right

Atoms  U  site, links, activities, worksheets

Game — ordering the universe largest to smallest (click on “resources” for the downloads–I think this site requires registering.)  You can place these in a pocket on your download.

See online the relative size of an atom

Size of atoms, protons, quarks… U

How small is an atom  Try this paper cutting activity

Learn about Nano Technology  younger students older students

Positive/Negative Charge L Experiment

Static Electricity Experiment — bend water with static electricity

Protons, Neutrons, Electrons  Observe the spectroscope of an atom M/U

Graphic Organizer for Atoms (label # of protons…, atomic mass…)

Molecularium different levels, seems easy to do for younger students but has good info too for older students

Build an atom  click on all the check boxes on the right, add electrons, protons and neutrons to make new elements–can only play for five minutes

Notebooking Pages — 3 pages with graphics

Atomic Structure and Chemical Properties worksheets high school (Mr. Guch)

Atomic Structure worksheets (with answers)

Atoms and Molecules Hands-On Unit Study


Info — Middle School level — use the links on the right

Chromatography Experiments  ChalkLeaves —  Candy

Properties of Atoms and Molecules Notebooking Page

Build a molecule M/U

Organic Molecules GAME U  How atoms combine with carbon to make organic molecules

Water Molecules Experiment (easy)

Molecules in Motion Experiment  (all ages could do this)

Tear Apart Molecules and Make Light L/M  Experiment  (wintergreen lifesavers)

Molecule Bond Strength L/M  Experiment (simple)

Polymer — molecular attraction L/M/U   Cranberry sauce, I think Ls could get this with some explaining

Ionic/Covalent Bonds U  build candy compounds, worksheets to go with it

Bubble Science (info for older students but fun projects for younger ones)

Chemical Quantities  U

Formula Mass vs. Molecular Mass  U

Chemical Compounds  U  worksheets, activities, and more

Chemical Reactions

Info — Middle School — Use the links along the right

Chemical Reactions  U   worksheets, activities, labs, and more

Science of Cooking website

Reaction worksheets for High School 12 worksheets  (Mr. Guch)

Acids/Bases online activity

Acids/Bases L  magic paint with red cabbage juice indicator

Acids/Bases — make ph indicator M  Experiment

Acids/Bases    U  worksheets, activities, and more

Test the ph of eggs (and make green eggs for dinner)

Acids/Bases worksheets for high school (Mr. Guch)

Acid/Calcium — make an egg shell soft  (just need vinegar)

Baking Soda/Vinegar Experiment–anyone can try it, but older students can learn the chemical reaction formula for it

Baking Soda how it works for baking (about chemistry.com)

Hot Ice — baking soda and vinegar — crystals

Polish your silver with salt and baking soda

Make a candle out of an orange   candle chemistry M

Chemical Formulas for Common Minerals GAME M/U

Photosynthesis Game M/U (edible chemical reaction formula for photosynthesis)

Make your own dye

Make a Lemon Battery M/U  Experiment

Make Slime L/M  Experiment

Make slime without Borax

Make a Bouncy Ball

Make Soap (high school)  Experiment, need the chemical 6N Sodium Hydrozide (NaOH)

Chemistry Experiments In the Kitchen

How Febreeze Works U


Info — Middle School — use the links along the right

Matter  U  site, links, videos, activities, worksheets

Distillation and Evaporation Experiment Where does the salt go?

States of Matter Experiment video  You need to enter you email address, but they will send you  science video freebies so it’s a good list to be on.

States of Matter L  Online Game  (categorize solids, liquids, gases)

States of Matter L/M   Worksheet

States of Matter L  Online Game  (change ice into water)

How a turkey pop up timer works  L/M/U  solid/liquid   chemistry at work in the world!

Make Ice Cream (comes with an explanation of the chemistry)

Melting Point M  Online Game

Melting Point Worksheet M

States of Matter Worksheet L/M

Phases of Matter  Watch how different elements react to heat M/U

Solutions   U   worksheets, activities, and more

Characteristics of Materials L  (but I’m sure older elementary students would have fun playing with this)

The Case of the Mysterious Material 1hr. SCI Files episode, learn about matter and identifying materials (comes with teacher guide)

Traveling Flame Magic Trick (vaporized wax)

Instantly Turn Water into Ice


Expanding Gas L/M  Experiment (simple–shake up soda)

Non-flammable Gases M/U  Experiment

Density/Properties of Matter M  Experiment

Irreversible Change L/M  — Simple online game. Which materials dissolve?

Gas Laws  U

Gas Laws and Thermaldynamics worksheets high school (Mr. Guch)


Oil and Water L  Experiment

Solubility and Crystallization L/M — Make a sugar string egg

Crystallization — Make rock candy

Grow an Alum Crystal

Make Geode Eggs grow crystals on eggs with a variety of materials

See Crystal Cave enormous crystals


Forensics   U   worksheets, activities and more

Kinetic Theory  U  worksheets, activities, and more

Nuclear Chemistry   U   worksheets, activities, and more

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