All of the animal lapbooks from have information included. That is most of them.

Use this Online Graphic Organizer to organize what you learn about any animal.

The History of Zoology

Facts on Specific Breeds of Animals along with their classification, plus animal sounds, habitats, zoological research

Arkive photos, videos, info

Lil’ Fingers Storybooks — YouTube Zoo — stories, games, coloring pages, and videos of animals — promises that all videos have been screened for appropriateness (no killing or mating, etc.) and you don’t have to worry about others’ comments

Zoo Keeper Training  L/M  fill out the job application and start learning about animals

More Animal Facts Smithsonian

More Animal Facts The World Almanac for kids

Zoology Academic Website U (maybe I should say high school)

National Geographic —  National Geographic for Kids

Biology4Kids Website

Animal Online Games

Animal Pictures

Amazing Animal Senses

How to Keep a Field Journal

Animal history

What’s That Animal? notebooking page  from the Crafty Classroom

Mini-books for Lapbook to use with ANY animal

Jane Goodall M  Animated video, plus activities

Symbiosis — graphic organizer, this could be turned into a lapbook piece

The Case of the Zany Animal Antics 1 hr SCI Files episode, learn about animal life cycles, habitats, migratory patterns and more (comes with teacher guide)

Virtual Tours of different types of farms

Virtual Tours, Kentucky Farm

Dairy Farm

(See Wild Animals I Have Known on the Ambleside page, year 5)

(See Of the motion of the heart and blood in animals on the “Robinson” page, level 10)

  • Animal Classification

Animal Classification Lapbook

One page Reading and reading comprehension M

Animal Classification L  Video and activities

Animal Classification Online Game L/M  (sheppard software)

Classification reference chart  Ellen McHenry

Classification  U   worksheets, activities and more

What is it? Online games L/M  Is it a mammal, reptile, bird…African Grasslands, Backyard Animals, American Forest, African River, Ocean Animals

Form and Function M/U  learn how scientists look at structure and behavior to compare animals

Animal Kingdom



Create an Invertebrate M  lesson plan from Sea World/Busch Gardens

The Animal Kingdom, arranged according to its organization, serving as a foundation for the natural history of animals: and an introduction to comparative anatomy For Senior Students who seriously want to know every last detail  There are four volumes of this book, all listed below.

Volume One   Text / Pictures

Volume Two  Text / Pictures

Volume Three  Text / Pictures

Volume Four  Text / Pictures

  • Endangered Species

Endangered! The Board Game

Endangered Species L/M  Online Game  (gives info while you play–sheppard software)

  • Diet (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore)

Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore L/M  Online game (click on the link in the corner if you want to read about these)  (sheppard software)

Matching Memory Game  CarnivoresHerbivoresOmnivores (sheppard software)

  • Food Chain

Learn about the food chain simple, bigger chains L/M (sheppard software)

Food Chain Learning and Games (PBS)

MSB Food Chain Frenzy  lapbook

Food Chain L/M  Online Game  (sheppard software)

Energy pyramids  3rd grade “Science Up Close”  These tend to be boring but there is some good information on the food chains as they affect ecosystems

Food Chain M/U Graphic organizer  (food chain is also mentioned in The Magic School Bus Hops Home video which is listed under habitat below)

You can search for The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten on youtube.

The Food Web of the Artic Ocean M see how the animals depend on each other “Science up close” 4th grade — not a favorite of mine

Coral Reef — explore, learn about the animals, build a food web–this is extensive, wants you to learn about each living thing


Magic School Bus Hops Home  search for it on youtube

The Case of the Inhabitable Habitat M  1 hr. SCI Files episode about habitats (comes with teacher guide)

Habitat Sweet Habitat L  Lesson plan from Sea World/Busch Gardens

Every Living Thing Has a Home L  online activity

Animals of Africa L   B/W label the animals

Animals of Australia L   B/W label the animals

Lean about Desert Animals

Desert Animals Lapbook

Coral Reefs Lapbook (also on Earth Science page under ocean)

Coral Reef Life L  online lesson from Science Up Close

Learn about Grasslands Animals

Learn about Tundra Animals

Polar Animals Lapbook (2 min. video of polar bear cubs in the artic)

Pond ecosystem  4th grade online interactive lesson

See Arctic Ocean food web (under Food Chain)

Pond Ecosystems L/M  online lesson from Science Up Close

Learn about Rain Forest Animals

Rain Forest Animals Who Am I? online activity

Rain Forest Animals Lapbook and more  (site comes with info)

Swamp Take a virtual tour of the Corkscrew Swamp

Learn about Taiga Animals

Learn about Temperate Deciduous Animals

Underwater habitats–see three distinct habitats M/U

Animals in Winter Lapbook M

Design an Ecosystem U  lesson plan


What’s an Amphibian? L/M  (sheppard software)

Frog Lapbook L/M

A Frog Story (elementary)   Quiz  Activity

Life Cycle of a Frog L  online lesson  Science Up Close

Virtual Frog Dissection

Toad Lapbook L/M  (toad info on site)


(See The Burgess Big Bird Book for Children on the “Ambleside” page, year 1, nature study)

50 Bird Notebooking Pages Notebooking Nook

What’s That Bird notebooking page  from the Crafty Classroom

Bird Orders

Meet an Ornithologist L/M

What is a bird? L/M  (sheppard software)

Audubon Society for kids  games, video, live cam

Bird Identification Sheet to record observations of birds to help you identify them

Feeder Birds Coloring Book L   Each page also has questions to inspire careful observation–great for learning

The First Book of Birds Williamson  ebook  (read online or download)

Learn the Language of Birds

Birds of the Air Squidoo page about birds, info and links to specific information

How to Make a Bird Feeder

Bill Nye the Science Guy — Birds  Episode about 22 min. in 3 parts

Learn all about Birds — Interactive Website

Experiment — What types of seeds do birds prefer?

General Bird Lapbook M

Backyard Birds Lapbook –   counting checklist –   flashcards

Bald Eagle Lapbook  M

(Bats are down under land mammals)

Chickens Lapbook

Chicken Egg Development Wheel L

Chickens  Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk Magic School Bus episode 22 min. This discusses fertilization and the development of the egg.

Ducks Lapbook

Flamingo Lapbook

Humming Bird Lapbook

Ostrich Lapbook

Owl Lapbook L

Owl Pellets + virtual dissection of an owl pellet Learn and do — find the bones the owl regurgitated–sounds gross but fun and educational!

Parrot Lapbook

Penguin Lapbook L  (lapbook lessons)  Penguin Lapbook M

Penguin Exploration M   lesson plan from Sea World / Busch Gardens

Robin Lapbook L/M  (scroll down)

Sheep and Sheep Herding Board Game

Storks Lapbook

Toucans Sing-a-long and learn about Toucans

Toucan video see the real thing, less than 2 min.

Turkey info for kids, coloring pages, crafts, printable word puzzles

Buggy Things (Insects, Arachnids, Annelids…)

What’s that Bug? notebooking page  from the Crafty Classroom

Microscopists  virtual pond dip, notebooking pages specific ones for the different types

Information Sheets on all sorts of Bugs Smithsonian  6th-8th

Insect Coloring Book  (some cartoony, some realistic)

Ant Lapbook Big, beautiful lapbook

Ant — Label the External Anatomy of an Ant M   detailed, comes with info

Ants  Magic School Bus Gets Ants in the Pants episode 22 min.

Ant experiment (watch them eat)

Honeybee Lapbook

Bees  Magic School Bus in a Beehive episode 22 min.

Three Books U  Bramble Bees and Others, Mason Bees, Hunting Wasp

The First Book of Bees L/M

Written Beehive Tour  M

Butterflies Lapbook

MSB Butterfly Battle Lapbook

Butterfly and the Bogbeast Magic School Bus episode 22 min.

Make a paper model butterfly (not for little learners)

The Life of the Caterpillar U

Cicada notebooking page

Cicada Mania website dedicated to cicada

Cicada molting process — animated

Cicada molting process with pictures and explanation

Cicada’s National Geographic page

Dragonflies Lapbook

The Life of a Fly U

Ladybug L  online activity, save the flower by helping the ladybug eat the aphids

Build a paper model ladybug (not for little learners)

Praying Mantis Lapbook

Build a paper model praying mantis (not for little learners)

Roach The Virtual Roach

Snails Lapbook

Spiders Magic School Bus Spins a Web — 22 min video

See how spiders make their webs 3rd grade  online lesson from science up close

The Life of the Spider U

Roach World L  (probably your older elementary students would enjoy it too) Website (discovery for kids)

Worm World L/M   Website (discovery for kids)

Worms Lapbook

Land Mammals

What is a Mammal? L/M  (sheppard software)

(See The Burgess Animal Book  for Children on the “Books to Read” page)

Bats  Magic School Goes Batty episode 22 min.

Bats — Make this flip book to see a bat in action

Bears Lapbook

Black Bear catching salmon video little over a minute

American Black Bear — make this flip book to see him in action

Beavers Lapbook

(Dissect a cat on the biology page–under human body.)

Camel Lapbook

Cheetah Lapbook

Cheetah Website

Cattle Lapbook

Bovine (Cows)  Rumination Game M

Cows — Learn about what happens on a dairy farm

Chipmunks Game

Dinosaurs — see reptiles

Wild Dogs Lapbook

Elephant Lapbook

Elephant Video: giving birth and baby elephant’s first steps (there’s gushing blood but all goes well)

Fox Lapbook

Gazelle — make this flip book to see a gazelle in action

Gibbons  — make this flip book to see one in action

Giraffe Lapbook

Goats Lapbook

Gorilla Training U  Lesson plan from Sea World/Busch Gardens

Groundhogs Lapbook

Hedgehogs Lapbook

Horse  — The Biology of a Horse Interactive website

Kangaroo — Make this flip book to see one in action

Lion Lapbook

Marsupials Lapbook

Meerkats Lapbook

Monkeys Lapbook

Panda Lapbook

Pig Lapbook

MSB Polar Bear Patrol Lapbook

Prairie Dogs Lapbook

Rabbit Lapbook

(Rabbits–The Burgess animal book on the “Books to Read” page, chapters 1-3)

Raccoon Lapbook

Rhinoceros Lapbook

Sloth Lapbook

Tigers Lapbook (Video on Jaguars, Tigers and Mountain Lions 6 min.)

Gray Wolves Lapbook

Zebra Lapbook


What is a reptile? L/M  (sheppard software)

Magic School Bus Gets Cold Feet Cold-blooded animals  22 minute episode (If the link stops working, just search for it on youtube.)

Crocodiles Lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook and unit

Dinosaur Printables from lapbook lessons

Tour the dinosaur hall at the Smithsonian

Dinosaurs  Creation Research Institute (read the latest in creation news and find more articles under FAQs)

Lizards Lapbook

Snakes Lapbook

Water Animals (This way I can get around the fish/mammal thing)

Aquarium notebooking pages

Photographs to Explore

Meet a Marine Biologist L/M

Marine Animals Coloring Pages

Marine Animals Fact Cards L/M  also ideas for games to play with them

What Animals Live in a Tidepool? L  online interactive

Secrets at Sea M

Make an Aquascope to observe animals in under water

The Ocean and Marine Life U   Learning website for high school students interested in Marine Biology (each of those pictures and titles is a link to another page)

Articles on Oceans, Ocean Animals and Oceanography U

Ocean Creature Feature Online matching game  learn about 8 ocean animals

Listen to Ocean Animals Talking

Take a Dive and Meet the Animals of the Great Barrier Reef L/M

Barnicles M  (Pop up lesson on barnicles)

Clams M/U  (Make a 3-D diagram)

Coral Reef Life website

Coral Reef — explore, learn about the animals, build a food web

Crab (actually Hermit Crab) Lapbook

Dolphins Lapbook

Dolphins — make this flip book to see a dolphin in action

  • Fish

What is a fish? L/M  (sheppard software)

How Fish Get Oxygen L  online lesson from Science Up Close

Create a Fish L  lesson plan from Sea World/Busch Gardens

Make a Fish online interactive, how animals are adapted to their habitat

3-D Fish Bingo M   (Learn which ocean habitat the different fish live in)

Label the Anatomy of a Fish Online Activity

Marine Mammals — experiment — how do they adapt to cold water?

Jellyfish Lapbook

Manatees Lapbook

Mollusks Lapbook (I put a snail lapbook up under buggy things.)

Platypus Lapbook

Salmon  Magic School Bus Goes Upstream episode 22 min.

  • Sea Otter

Sea Otter online book L

Sea Otter L/M  online interactive learning

Sea Otter paper bag puppet L


Sea Stars song, learn about what they eat

Sea Turtle…see Turtles below

  • Shark

Shark Lapbook

MSB Great Shark Escape Lapbook

Sharks Game L/M

See Sharks in a 360 panorama Video  (BBC)

Draw a Shark M/U


Starfish Lapbook

Turtles:   Sea Turtle Lapbook Fresh Water Turtles Lapbook

Whale Lapbook

Whale Body Parts (some advanced terms but is made for kids)

Is it a whale or a shark?

Whale Tale — read one of the Whale Tales and then add a paragraph of your



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