The Study of Life

Elementary Life Science Full-year Course textbook

Life Science for Middle School  textbook

High School Biology Textbook

Online Biology Classes AP biology and non-major’s biology  (Very nicely done, check it out)

Online Biology Textbook from Maricopa Community College

e learning interactive lessons M

Real Things in Nature 1903 textbook, google pdf

What is a Living Thing?

Nature Detective Activities  (need to download something in order to see the activities–I didn’t want to, so I haven’t seen these)

The Study of Life  U  worksheets, activities,

Chemistry of Life  U  worksheets, activities

Math —  how it is used in biology

Nature Explore You can download a kit to start a nature group, but the materials include sheets for guided nature walks.

Virtual Tour of the National Arboretum

(See Handbook of Nature Study on the “Ambleside” page, year 1 under “Nature Study”)

See animals under “Zoology”

Fall Lapbook and Notebooking Pages L

Microscope Projects

Kids do Ecology

Creation Lapbook  L

Earth Day Lapbook links

Human Body

Virtual Textbook of Interactive Histology (for senior students)

Read about the technology used by doctors to see inside your body U

Entire workbook on the human body M   — lots of diagrams and activities

Think Quest’s Body Quest for 11 to 16 year olds

Anatomy Coloring Book U  200 pages

Human Body Interactive Book L  (reads to the student)

How the Body Works L/M  video, articles, quizzes, activities  (I’ll put these up individually later, but for now…)

Human Anatomy study guide  M/U   fill-in the blank  by Ellen McHenry

Build a Body  put in all the pieces, can do them all or one system at a time, you just have to get close and it will put it in the right place

Body Browser  see the different systems in a body

Body Bingo   Ellen McHenry

Anatomy T-shirt  Ellen McHenry

The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge a 1-hr. SCI Files episode, learn about muscles and bones and staying fit

Anatomy Arcade games for the body systems

Obesity: The Plague of the 21st century  high school, video, 1 hour

Point of Care Diagnostics  high school, video, 1 hour

  • Bones

1.  Info

Labeled diagram L/M  — Enchanted Learning

Get a Narrated Tour of the Skeletal System and Build Your Own Skeleton M

Put the bones in place tells you the bone names

Read about the skeletal system L/M  (written to students in an interesting way)

Bone Structure M/U  Website, overview with vocab words in bold for you to research more about, idea for making a paper model of your skeleton.

Bones video on the structure of bones and broken bones,  about 10 minutes

Broken Bones M/U

If you have a student who wants to learn ALL the bones… (PSU)

2. Printables

MSB Missing Bones Lapbook

Labeled Skeleton

You Label It Skeleton

3. Activites

Here are four activity/experiment ideas All simple things that can be done by any age (some appropriate for older students if they haven’t already seen it) At first this seems like it’s hard to read and see what you’re supposed to do but scroll down and you’ll see the ideas.

Observe: Ask the butcher for bones still attached and make observations (bones, joints, tendons, ligaments)

Whack a Bone

Skeleton Jigsaw

Online Activity  M/U  Perform knee surgeryhip surgery,

  • Brain

1. Info

Neuroscience for Kids U  I know this is called for kids, well, maybe some pages, but there are lots of very detailed pages here to keep your “upper” student busy for a LONG time. Pretty readable with lots of diagrams.

Get a Narrated Tour of the Brain M

Reading tour of the brain

2. Printables

Label the Parts of the Brain — worksheet with short descriptions of each part

Brain — Control Systems — graphic organizer

3. Activities

Dissect a cat virtually

Brain hat  M – Make a parts-of-the-brain hat out of paper

Brain and Nervous System crafts  (a bunch of printables)  lots of good stuff

Match a Brain  online game

Brain jigsaw

Perform virtual brain surgery

Brain Game U  Ellen McHenry

  • Cells

Middle School Biology Curriculum  23 page pdf

Cells Alive website

Tree of Life molecular structure

Cell Craft  online game

Cell Shot  online game

Cells  U  worksheets, activities, and more

Cell inner structure U  video

  • Circulation

Systematic Circulation — graphic organizer

Pulmonary Cirulation — graphic organizer

Aortic Surgery U edheads

Circulatory System Game U   McHenry

  • Digestive System

Get a Narrated Tour of the Digestive System M   up close and personal diagrams, see if you can put everything in its place

Digestive System Printout — no need to turn this into a t-shirt, just print it out on regular paper

Digestive System Experiments simple

Read one mom’s description of how they made their own digestive path (mixer to bowl to stocking…)  Scroll down to below the colorful diagram of intestines.

Digestive jigsaw

  • DNA

Build a model of DNA directions

DNA, genetics, genetic engineering…  U  online interactive lesson

DNA and RNA  U  worksheets, activities and more

Mitosis and Meiosis   U   worksheets, activities and more

Genome Sequencing Center  series of videos, high school

Genetics Online Game

Genetics lesson on Mendel  M

DNA song   Ellen McHenry

Thingdom care for and raise your things and then mate them to create certain biological outcome (dominant and recessive genes)

There is a worksheet/lesson on dominant and recessive genes in The King Will Make a Way unit study.

Genetics U  site  lessons, virtual labs

Genetics   U   worksheets, activities and more

Genetics Lessons and Participate in Data Collection

  • Ear

Parts of the Ear  L/M  click on the parts

How Hearing Works  M  animation/lesson

The Case of the Barking Dogs 1 hr. SCI Files episode about how humans and animals hear (comes with teacher guide)

  • Eye

Eye Anatomy and Virtual Eye Dissection

Eye Jigsaw

Cow Eye Dissection and eye facts and eye interactive diagram

  • Heart

Hands on Heart and Lung lessons

Heart Jigsaw

Get a Narrated Tour of the Heart and Watch an Animated Heart at Work M

Perform heart surgery. U  edheads

  • Immune System

MSB Giant Germ Lapbook

Immune System Game M/U  This is made for a large group to be played on a grid on the floor, but it seems like maybe you could make a grid on paper and play with game pieces instead of human bodies.

The Case of the Biological Biosphere 1 hr. SCI Files episode — I think this is about getting sick (comes with teacher guide)

Model of an Infectious Disease

How a Virus Attacks, animated video  ()

  • Muscular System

Muscular system  L/M  video  Kid’s Health

Muscular system jigsaw

Poke a Muscle  online game

If you want to learn ALL the muscles (technical stuff)… (PSU)

  • Nervous System, see brain
  • Nutrition

See Health on the Extras page

  • Organs

Internal Organs M  — Body Bingo

  • Respiratory System

Label the respiratory system Online Activity

Hands on Heart and Lung lessons

Lung Model M/U  Build and learn

Lung videos and activities (crossword, word search, jigsaw)  U

  • Reproduction

Population Biology  U  worksheets, activities, and more

  • Skin
Skin  L/M
Images of skin under microscope


(see Lay of the Land on the Ambleside page, year 7, science)

The First Book of Plants Dickinson  ebook (read online or download)

The Leaf that Longed to Be Red a short story for children

Wildflower Identification website

Tour a Botanical Garden (virtually)

Nature Detectives L/M  website

Microorganisms and Carbon Dioxide  video, high school

Watch grass grow on a cellular level  U  video


Plant Unit Study  L  hands-on activities

Chromatology — study the color of leaves  experiment one, experiment two

Great Plant Escape (made for 4th and 5th grade, but a young student could do this with a parent)  There are 6 “cases” in this online activity. This could be done in one week or each case could be done over the course of a week and take six weeks to do this.

Natural Resources (says K-4)  seeds, plants, food  (by NASA)

The Case of the Prize-Winning Plants 1 hr. SCI Files episode on what makes plants grow (comes with teacher guide)

Apple Lapbook L

Bill Nye on Flowers  (video)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (all together under 30 min.)

Daffodil site

Wildflower Coloring Book

Dendrochronology M How to tell how old a tree is–online activity, this is more than just “count the rings”, very interesting

Mold L/M    Experiment

Osmosis — graphic organizer

Strawberries L/M  Lapbook and more

  • Biomes/Habitats/Ecosystems

Desert L/M  Plants

Grasslands L/M

Rain Forests L/M  Plants

Amazon Rain Forest Virtual Tour

Taiga L/M  Plants

Temperate Deciduous Forests L/M

Tundra L/M  Plants

Plant Adaptations (what plants grow where) L/M   Read and sing then play this GAME to math the plants to their biomes. Click on “lesson plans” for hands-on ideas.

Winter Lapbook/Notebook

Communities and Biomes  U  worksheets, activites and more

  • Gardening

All About Gardening Website

My Garden Lapbook L    (lapbook lessons)

The Seed Site made for kids

Gardening with Children lots to learn, lots of activities to do (BBC)

  • Germination

Watch and Grow L/M  Learn what plants need to grow, watch a seed germinate, click on “lesson plans” for experiment ideas

Germination L/M  (Draw the stages using downloadable stencils)

Watch a video of a bean sprouting  (youtube)

  • Identification

Leaf Identification Game M  Ellen McHenry

Carnivorous Plants L   (pictures to color)

Botany Scavenger Hunt A   (Learn botany vocab)   ellen McHenry

  • Parts of a Plant

Info L  Scroll down to see it all (there’s vocab on this page)  Read the sidebar then play this online  Game.

Parts of a Plant  L  online lesson with animation

Parts of a Plant, Inside a Flower  M  online lesson with animation

Grow a Flower and Label its Parts L  Online activity  (BBC)

Diagram of a Plant M  (Enchanted Learning, see note below)

Label the Parts of a Flower Printable with words and definitions  (enchanted learning–free, you can copy the image and paste into another program and drag the corners to enlarge it)

Label the Parts of a Flower Online Activity

Diagram of the Parts of a Tulip

Experiment L  Turn a white carnation blue as it drinks up food coloring

Experiment  change the flavor of celery by letting it soak up sugar water

  • Parts of a Leaf

Parts of a Leaf M

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells  M  online lesson with animation

Plants Cell Parts Game M   Ellen McHenry

Cholorplasts (learn how they circulate in plant cells by making a flip book)  M   Ellen McHenry

  • Photosynthesis

How Plants Make Food L/M

Photosynthesis L/M  (PBS)

Photosynthesis worksheet L/M  the basics

Photosynthesis  L  online lesson with animation

Photosynthesis  M  online lesson with animation

Photosynthesis Relay Race (learn the formula for photosynthesis)  M/U  Ellen McHenry

Photosynthesis U  (Chapter from book)

Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis  U  worksheets, activities and more

  • Pollination

Learn about Pollination and Pollinators L/M  Read, watch, listen, click on “lesson plans” for hands-on ideas

Life Cycle of a Fern  M  online lesson with animation

  • Seeds

Different Types of Seeds  L  online lesson with animation

Parts of Seed M  lesson, experiment, worksheet

Read, Watch, Explore Seed Dispersion L/M  Click on “lesson plans” for hands-on experiment ideas

  • Soil

Soil Facts for Kids  younger

The Dirt on Soil   older has an online activity

The Earth’s Soil  (talks about millions of years)

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