Here is my preschool curriculum and my kindergarten curriculum. Over those two years they learn to read, to count to 100, to write the letters and numbers and some extras like colors and shapes and using a calendar.

Preschool Curriculum

General: Coloring Pages, More Coloring, More ColoringScissor Skills, Color Recognition, Color WorksheetsThinking,  Concepts, Worksheets, Sizes Worksheets, Same and Different Worksheets

Worksheets — dot to dot, mazes, drawing, writing, more…

Preschool Academics Ebook critical  (you have to sign up–it’s free–to download it)

Tot books and Tot packs — like little lapbooks

Preschool Packs  from same site as tot packs, 1+1+1=1

Custom Bingo Cards

File Folder Games (various topics)

History/Social Studies

Geography coloring pages

America Coloring Pages

Sequencing Clifford, put the events in order


Calendar PDFs:  Various sizes and shapes of calendarsBig Calendar Numbers of varying designs, wall calendar (click on “months” to view the pdfs of the names of the months…)

Numbers Coloring Pages

Numbers Worksheets

Create Numbers Worksheets/Games

Color By Number

1-10  Lapbook

Dot-To-Dot Pages

NumberNut Counting online

Make Lemonade with Grover and Elmo online interactive  (simple counting)

Counting to 20 Online Game Three sports games  (Fisher Price)

Counting Lapbook  (up to 100)

Shapes Coloring Pages

Shapes Worksheets

Shapes and Numbers Coloring Pages

Shapes Recognition Worksheet

Shapes Worksheets

NumberNut Shapes and Colors online

Math Readiness Worksheets

Math Worksheets

Math Online Games and Math Worksheets

Addition Online Game — pictures represent the problems so that they can just count  (sheppard software)

Subtraction Online Game — pictures represent the problems so that they can just count  (sheppard software)

Numbers and Shapes Online Game

I Spy Shapes online game  (triangles, circles, squares)

Online Math Games

Pattern Recognition Worksheets


Instruments Learn their names and choose which plays  (Fisher Price)


Preschool Science Projects

Science Experiments

All About Me

Animals Coloring Pages

Animals Online Games, Videos and Activities  Sheppard Software

Animal videos, storybooks, games, coloring pages   Lil’ Fingers Storybooks

Bugs Worksheets

Constellations Dot-to-Dot Printables

Nature Coloring Pages

Ocean Animals Worksheets

Day, Week, Month, Season, Weather Chart (with rotating disks)

Weather/Seasons Coloring Pages 2 pages (plus weather symbols you could use)

Five Senes Lapbook

Food Pyramid (colorful printout)

Insect Worksheets

Nature Guide


Alphabet Coloring Pages

Alphabet/Word Coloring Pages

Alphabet Lapbook

Alphabet Printables/Activities for every letter (confessions of a homeschooler)

Alphabet Printables individual books/activities for each letter

Alphabet Worksheets

Starfall! Start with the ABC page and work your way up. This site is the best!

Alphabet Recognition Games   Worksheets

Letter online games Sesame Street

Phonics Online Activity Three levels  (Fisher Price)

Printables…beginning letter sound coloring pages, matching, and more

Word Flashcards Online   Uppercase letters Lowercase letters

Are You My Mother?  lapbook (homeschoolshare)

Story Cove Listen to and watch movies of stories from around the world

Downloadable Picture Books

Reading Readiness Worksheets

Dolch Words


Fine Motor Skills Practice Worksheets

Fine Motor Skills Worksheets

Scissor Practice and Writing Practice Worksheets

Scissor Practice Worksheets

Writing Readiness Worksheets

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