Mathematics in the Physical World Kline U  (a book to read, advanced)

Math in the Real World  M/U  website, math challenges from fashion, music,…

Graphing Calculator    Another – microsoft downloads

Another Graphing Calculator can be used online

Interactives  Geogebratube — I’m not sure all that is here. Lots.

Textbooks, Lessons

(see top of “Math” page for a complete curriculum K-12)

Khan Academy  basic arithmetic through some calculus, all done online

Math with Larry  online lessons by topic

Math videos by topic


(By the way…I have placed these texts below in the order I studied them in high school. Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry/PreCalculus, Calculus…Algebra 1 has to be started in 8th to get to Calculus by 12th.

Technical Mathematics You need only an arithmetic background for this. Learn about math in the real world. An option if you aren’t trying to get to Calculus.

Math in Everyday Life  online interactive

Statistics  online interactive

Statistics Online Course

Basic Probability and Statistics  flexbook

Advanced Probability and Statistics  flexbook

From Arithmetic to Algebra This is not a textbook. This is a practical explanation of math and its rules and the how and why behind the it.

Online Lessons/Help for Pre-Algebra through Calculus

Short videos on very specific topics  Maths Doctor

  • Pre Algebra

Math games

Pre-Algebra Online Activities  hotmath

Master Math  online courses 6-8th, video lessons and online quizzes

Pre-Algebra Online Textbook

Pre-Algebra handbook and review worksheets for each topic

Equation Buster online practice with solving equations

Pre-Algebra Course  Q1, Q2 etc. refer to quarter 1, quarter 2

Pre-algebra, some algebra  Lessons, exercises, visuals, a simple website, done by main topics

  • Algebra 1
Algebra 1  Choose “Open Course.” This has engaging video lessons and online practice questions with immediate feedback!

Algebra 1  Online Textbook

Algebra 1 fxbook  online or download  (answer key part 1   part 2   part 3)

Algebra 1 course  (pdfs to download)

Algebra Online Course (online lessons and practice)

Algebra 1 Textbook to download this also has accompanying videos on YouTube  (it is a community college text I believe)

Algebra 1  Online Lessons/Review/Practice scroll down a bit for list of topics

Videos of Algebra 1 classroom Now also has worksheets and online quizzes    yay math (videos are the worksheet problems)

Videos of Algebra topics  30 minutes per video lesson

Algebra 1 Worksheets

Visual Algebra Online manipulatives

Interactive Algebra Equation Solver online activity

Online Equation Balancing (on a scale)

Algebra 1 online activities   hot math

  • Geometry

Basic Geometry for the lover of literature (to be read, not done)

Basic Geometry Fxbook (answer  Teachers Edition Assessment)

Geometry Fxbook

Geometry Online Textbook (has to be read online with ads)

Videos from Geometry classroom  yay math  Has worksheets that have the problems worked out in the video.

Videos  math planet

Geometry Online Activities  hot math

Geometry Worksheets scroll down

Geometry Website (proofs to solve, visualizations, math poetry & history)

Euclid’s Elements Java enabled diagrams and explanations of his theorems of geometry

Euclid’s Elements

  • Algebra 2

Algebra 2  Online Textbook (has to be read online with ads)

Algebra 2 Online Lessons (done on topics not in an order)

Videos from algebra 2 classroom   yay math   Also has worksheets (the worksheet problems are the same as the ones in the videos.)

Worksheets scroll down

Algebra 2 Online Activities  hot math

  • Trigonometry and PreCalculus

Trigonometry Online Textbook (to be read online–with ads) This is a one-semester course, not a full year, if you finish it in one semester, follow it with Pre Calculus

Trig Fxbook  (answers part 1  part 2)

Trigonometry Topics and Explanations

Trigonometry Online Activities  hot math

Trig and Calculus problems of the day

PreCalculus Course  video lessons, online quizzes, geared to CLEP

Pre Calculus Online

  • Calculus

Elementary Calculus Textbook

Calculus Courses including AP classes (very nice, set up as an online class that can be done on your own, requires textbook)

Calculus Course  (video lessons, online quizzes, geared to CLEP)

Calculus Fxbook  (Calculus_Teacher_s_Edition___Solution_Key)

MIT Calculus for high school students (not a full course)

  • Probability

MIT Probability and Combinatorics for high school students

Basic Probability Fxbook  (CK_12_Basic_Probability_and_Statistics__A_Full_Course__Teacher_s_Edition__Answer_Key)


Online Math Resources for every level and subject including SAT prep

Math Videos to Help you through high school and college math (you have to create an account, but it is free)

Here are some more math videos on specific topics

Games, Activities, Supplements

Graphing Calculator (online)

Galileo’s Compass

Mathematical Experiments written as cartoons

High School Math Worksheet Generator (plus sample exams)

Online Math Games — Percentages, Roots, Geometry, Algebra and more! At Manga High

Online Math Games for middle school   Math Moves U

BBC’s math revisionactivities says ages 11-16

Online Math Activities for Grades 9-12 (vectors, conic sections, proofs, all sorts of geometry and algebra topics)  This has lesson plans as well.

Online Math Challenges Colorful, fun word problems with hints and answers –I’m linking this to the math index, not the home page so you can choose your challenge based on what you are learning

  • Algebra

Bean Counting and Ratios

Arithme-tic-toc Understanding modular arithmetic

Armstrong Numbers Powers

Birthday Paradox Graphical analysis

Analyzing Linear Equations Printable project

  • Advanced Algebra

Talk or Text Choose the best calling plan using equations

Barbie Bungie Linear functions

Welk-come to Mathematics Rational functions

Trout Pond An investigation into population changes using discrete math

  • Cryptology

Explore substitution cyphering

Learn about and use lots of different types of ciphers

  • Geometry

Classification of Triangles

Reflect on This (Interior angles of polygons)

Comparing Lengths

  • Graphs

Conic Sections

Plot an Affine Recurrence Parabola

Square Graphs

Trigonometric Graphing

Vertex-edge Graphs

  • Musical Math

To Fret or Not to Fret The math behind fret placement on a guitar.


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