Living Math! While the reading list is full of books you’d have to buy, there are lots of websites to use. Check out the “math sites” page.

Complete Curriculum age 5 through graduation from the UK

Lessons for K-5 from Lesson Pathways 36 weeks of lessons for each grade, activities, online games, printables

Kahn Academy user paced math lessons

(some textbooks listed at the bottom of the page)

Math Story Books and Story Workbooks K-6  plus complete curriculum for K-6

AAA Math Comprehensive Online Lessons for K – 8th

Math Challenge Problems (printables)  grades 1-8

Numberphile  videoss

Mixing in Math activities that teach about math

Worksheets  First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade

Online Practice Grades 1 – 6

Make Your Own Worksheets

Worksheets–choose grade and topic from drop down menu

Math Worksheets  by topic

Math Worksheets Pre-K through 12

Math Quizzes for all subjects

Math Games with a deck of cards

Scratch Pad write your problems online and solve them in the scratch pad (drag and drop numbers and operators)

Drag and Drop Math Problems — do practice problems online, or click on teacher and enter the problem you want to do–solve online instead of on paper

Online Math Resources Pre-K through 12th

Online Math Museum Explore math history and math-related science inventions

What does a Mathematician do? L/M

Famous Mathematicians Videos

Mathematician Quiz L/M

Women Mathematicians

REALLY BIG numbers  visualize with pennies (my kids love this)

  • Math Games Websites

Math Playground

Math games by grade

Younger kids math games

Math is Fun website with games

Hooda Math

Magna High

Math Apprentice  Cool site!  Choose a career and use math to do it.

SumDog gets harder as you progress

RekenTest  (download) more basic but follows your progress and gives math problems based on what you previously answered correctly or incorrectly


Make Number Lines to practice (scroll down)

Play/practice with a deck of cards  from practical pages

Fun Worksheets (mazes, dot to dots, codes…)

Build Your Own Worksheets

Addition and Subtraction Pyramids practical pages

Pre-made Worksheets by Grade    Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4

Flashcards Printable and Online

Mental Math Speed Practice Answer as many as you can in 3 minutes, you choose the operation, but you can’t choose a level. The addition and subtraction answers go up to 20, eg. for addition there might be 13+5

Online games for all the operations and ability levels (sheppard software)

“Dude’s Dilema” Online math game for all the operations and ability levels (Scholastic)

“Around the World in 80 Seconds” Online math game for all the operations and ability levels  (Scholastic)

CyberChallenge  choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division plus level

Mothmatic  choose operation and level

Mr. Nussbaum  facts (click on math from the menu) and neat notepad tool to add/sub/mult/div  big numbers online

  • Addition

Add It! Flashcards with Activity (printables from confessions of a homeschooler)

Addition Online Game L  (with pictures to represent the problems)

Facts 1-5

Addition Pinball

Dude’s Dilema  easy

Around the World in 80 Seconds  easy

Fruit Shoot  level 1

Falling Stars

Sharks  facts 1-5

Central Park  facts 1 -5

Empire State Building  facts 1-5

Paint a Picture

Flashcards  change maximums to 5

Drive like a Monkey

Facts 1-10  (basically everything above, but choose the next level, plus what’s below)

Addition Online Game M  at Arcademics

Addition and Subtraction Online Game Makes you answer quickly

Math Lines   make pairs that add to ten

NumberNut Addition online

Soccer math  When you get the answer right, you get a chance to shoot the ball in the goal.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Sum Puzzles

Space math. Enter your name and click create new user — you don’t need to register. Play addition.

Addition quiz  Choose up to 10, dynamic difficulty, add and 2 minutes and see how many you can do.

Alien blaster  Click play and read the directions. On one page it will ask you what number range you want to add. Leave the first number as 1. Change the second number to 10.

Math Baseball  It should be ready to play, but make sure it says addition, easy and no to algebra style.

Math Challenge  Click on addition under level one. Work until the timer finishes.

Hidden Picture  Click on the problem that equals the answer.

Addition Machine  Choose level 1.

Addition Book

Drive like a Monkey

Falling Stars

  • Subtraction

Subtract It! Flashcards with Manipulatives Activity (printables from confessions of a homeschooler)

Subtraction Online Game L  with pictures to illustrate the problems

Facts 1-5

Around the World in 80 Seconds  subtraction, easy

Baseball  Subtraction, easy, no


Bug Game

Dude’s Dilemma  subtraction, easy


Minus Mission

Drive like a Monkey

Subtraction Blast

Falling Stars

Puzzle Subtraction  ? – ? = ?   Easier Puzzle Subtraction with pictures

Math Test

Subtraction Test


Facts 1-10

Subtraction Online Game M   at Arcademics

Pearl Search  Sheppard software

Addition/Subtraction Bingo (print out)

NumberNut Subtraction online

Drive like a Monkey

Math Lines

Falling Stars

  • Multiplication

Multiplication–Timez Attack computer game (your child will learn the facts playing this game)

Learn the facts without rote memorization  the Vaughn Cube

Times Table Practice online activity

Times Table Practice — you choose which to practice, like the 6 table — flash card style questions

Another Times Table Practice — has study, drill and test options

Multiplication Online Game at Arcademics

Multiplication Online Game at Arcademics

Cyberchase Game

Multiplication rhymes

NumberNut Multiplication online

  • Division

Division Online Game at Arcademics

Division Hidden Pictures online

NumberNut Division online


Pre K- K – 1st Games

Manipulatives — virtual math manipulatives for Pre-K through 8th grade

More Online Manipulatives the math playground

Virtual Abacus (not just for counting–can you figure out how to add 4 digit numbers on it?)

Mathematics Foldables 102 page book on making and using minibooks (lapbook pieces) for mathematics by Dinah Zike

Mathematics Online Fun all topics

Math Arcade 25 games you play in order, choose 1st through 8th grade

Numbers Worksheets/Games — for learning numbers (also on preschool page)

  • Angles

Online math game (drive the car by telling it the angle to turn and the distance to go)

Protractor guess the angle, read the protractor, acute/obtuse practice

  • Comparing Numbers

Greater Than, Less Than Online activity

Boxing  Greater than, less than, equal to

  • Counting
Counting Games to 5 and 10
More counting games for beginners
Online Counting Activities  Variety of levels and activities
Find the bone — count to 100
Count along  fill in the missing numbers to 100
Dot-to-Dots — Counting and Skip counting 2 -10 — count to 10-1000
To 10, to 100, to 1000  scroll down for the list of activities
  • Decimals


Decimal/Percent  Worksheets

Decimal Flipper book

NumberNut Decimals online

Ordering Decimals  M  (easier than the one below)

Online Game M/U  Ordering decimals  (mangahigh)

  • Division

Introduction to Division Lapbook

Long Division  Lapbook

Long Division Video 13 minute instructional video  (

  • Estimation

Online Game M/U  Estimate with double digit addition, subtraction…

NumberNut Estimation online

  • Equations (pre-algebra, solving equations)

Solving Equations adding and subtracting 6 min. Video  (

Solving Equations multiplying and dividing 6 min. video  (

Solving by Cross Multiplying (finding equivalent fractions) 9 min. Video  (

  • Expanded Notation

Online math game (says for 7-9 year olds) It has some other things there too, but this is one of the skills.


  • Exponents


Scientific notation worksheets

Online Game squares and cubes

  • Factoring


Prime Factorization Video 7 min.  (

Mini book about factors and multiples

  • Fractions

Worksheets — Operations, Reducing and Equivalent Fractions, Fractions/Decimals

Beginner Fractions

Design flags

Identify the fraction  count the colored-in parts out of four to identify the fraction

Frank and Fran’s Fabulous Fractions  fraction lesson

Cross the river includes 3rds

Make the fraction

Halves, thirds, fourths and fifths  fraction story/lesson

Flowering Fractions  story/lesson, harder

Advanced Fractions

Mini book about fractions

Fraction Flipper (also under decimals)

Fraction Review — equivalent fractions, common denominators, adding

Fraction Manipulatives online

Beginning Fractions Online Tutorial

Matching Fractions Online Game You choose one of two difficulty levels.

Mixed Fractions Online Game You choose one of two difficulty levels.

Equivalent Fractions Online Game You choose one of two difficulty levels.

Equivalent Fractions Online Game at Arcademics

Equivalent Fractions  online manipulative

Comparing Fractions Online Game You choose one of two difficulty levels.

Comparing Fractions  online manipulative

Ordering Fractions Online Game M  You can choose the next level along the side.

NumberNut Fractions online

Greatest Common Factor Video 3 min.  (

Reducing Fractions Video 5 min. video  (

Least Common Multiple 7 min. video   (

Converting Fractions to Decimals 5 min. video   (

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Video (like and unlike denominators)  9 min.  (

Adding Unlike Denominators online manipulative

Multiplying Fractions 5 min. Video  (

Multiplying Fractions  online manipulative

Multiplying Mixed Numbers 5 min. Video  (

Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers 6 min. Video   (

  • Geometry

Online games and activities for elementary geometry

3D shapes  M  online interactive

Quadrilaterals (printable-hands on)

Quadrilaterals online learning

Worksheets 46 choices from

Tessallations  for kids

Translations, Rotations, etc. M/U Online Game  (mangahigh)

  • Graphs

Making Graphs in Kindergarten L   Activity ideas

Graphing Worksheet L

Graph Paper (of many varieties)

I Am Special L  lesson

Kids Have Pets  L  lesson

Make an online bar graph

Fruit Fall  L  fun way to learn about bar graphs

Pie chart maker

My Family L  pie graph worksheet

Circle graphs L  worksheet

Play with Furbles  watch the furbles organize into graphs

Create a graph online you can print this out

  • Integers

Mini book on using the four operations with integers

Ordering Numbers Online Game

Adding and Subtracting Integers Video 6 min. video  (

Adding Negative Numbers Online Game

Subtracting Negative Numbers Online Game

Multiplying Negative Numbers (worksheet, 3 pages, explains WHY)

Multiplying Negative Numbers Online Game You can choose level 2 from on the side.

Dividing Negative Numbers Online Game

  • Measurement

Ordering Measurements Online Game You can choose the next level of difficulty along the sidebar.

Metric Conversions  M  online interactive

Volume  online game


Worksheets from

  • Money

Learning about the coins L  worksheet

Adding pennies and nickels L  worksheet

Buying school supplies worksheet L

Money Worksheets  all levels

Learn about the coins

How much money?  Count the dimes.

Count the nickels.

Count the nickels and pennies.

Count the nickels and pennies.

Count the bills and coins. Choose money from the side.

Learn about money and count it up!

Go shopping with the farmer. Includes dollar bills. Each is 1 dollar. $1.00

Adding or Subtracting Coins Online Game You choose addition or subtraction.

Matching Coins to Their Amounts Online Game You choose difficulty 1-2-3

Making Change Online Activity

Coin Combo  online activity (TVO kids)

NumberNut Money online

Made to order money worksheets

Game to play with your child

Here’s a British money online game

Worksheets: Canadian Australian British South African European

Interest  Brain Pop, free

  • Multiplication
Story and practice

Multiplication Lapbook

Instructional Video for multiplying multi-digit problems  6 min.  (

  • Order of Operations

Math Search

Castle Rescue

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

  • Patterns

Simple Patterns Worksheet L  (cut and paste, you can see before you download)

Patterns Worksheet (a bit more challenging, cut and paste)

Online game (says for 7-9 year olds)

Pattern Rules

Song M  listen and read the lyrics

Online Activity

  • Percentages


Percent of a number worksheets

Video 8 min.  (

  • Pi

Website — tons of stuff

  • Place Value

Place Value Online Tutorial

Place Value  ones, tens, hundreds

Place Value Online Game  includes decimals

Place Value including decimals    fight the pirates

Place Value games  scroll down just a bit for a collection of them

  • Pre-Algebra

Two Online Pre-Algebra Games You choose one of four difficulty levels

Number Balls Online Game You can choose level 2 on the side.

See video lessons below

  • Probability

Worksheets from

Online Probability Experiments predict the outcome and then run several trials to see what happens

Probability Games/Activities

  • Ratios

Identifying Ratios Online Game

NumberNut Ratios online


  • Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals Lapbook

Ordering Roman Numerals Online Game You can choose level 2 on the side.


  • Rounding

Rounding to the nearest ten L  Worksheet 1, two, threefour, five


Rounding Whole Numbers Video 5 min.  (

  • Square Roots


  • Time

Create your own time worksheets

Bingo Cards

Time Worksheets a list of worksheets of varying levels

Word problems L

Beginner time telling to the hour  L

Match the digital and analog clocks L  Online game

Time to Go  L  lesson in telling time to the hour and half hour

What time is it?  L  game for hour and half hour

Time to the specific minute

Drag the hands to the right time M  Online game

  • Word Problems

Word Problems

Math Libs Word problems

Interactive Website to practice solving word problems (need multiplication and division to solve the problems)

Word Problems about flying  L/M

Word Problem of the Month U


Elementary Math Mini Office (number line, number chart, shapes, roman numerals, basic fractions…)

Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons Chart


Grade 6 math flexbook  answer books are available

Grades 1-2+

Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic for Young Learners Basic skills and the four operations.

Keys to Ray’s Arithmetic, Intellectual and Practical (includes the answer key for the 1st-6th grade books)

Grades 3-4+

Ray’s New Intellectual Arithmetic Four operations plus fractions, measurements and percentage.

Keys to Ray’s Arithmetic, Intellectual and Practical (includes the answer keys for the 1st-6th grade books)

Grades 5-6

Ray’s New Practical Arithmetic Arithmetic, factoring, decimals, ratio, square roots, powers, geometry.

Keys to Ray’s Arithmetic, Intellectual and Practical (includes the answer keys for the 1st-6th grade books)

Grades 7-8+

Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic Properties of numbers, decimals, fractions, proportion, powers and roots, series, business math, geometry.

Key to Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic (Answer key)

VIDEO LESSONS (I would say 5th-7th grade)

Master Math  video lessons, online quizzes  110 lessons for 6th, 7th, 8th

These lessons use a graphing calculator.

Lesson 1 video: integers, rational numbers…  Click here to watch online

Lesson 1 supplement

Lesson 2 video: equalities and inequalities  Click here to watch online

Lesson 2 supplement

Lesson 3A video: operations  Click here to watch online

Lesson 3A-C supplement

Lesson 3B video: operations    Click here to watch online

Lesson 3C video: operations  Click here to watch online

Lesson 4 video: properties  Click here to watch online

Lesson 4 supplement

Lesson 5 video: factors  Click here to watch online

Lesson 5 supplement

Lesson 6A video: fractions   Click here to watch online

Lesson 6 supplement

Lesson 6B video: fraction basics   Click here to watch online

Lesson 6C video: different types of fractions  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6D video:  LCD, GCF, reduced fractions  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6E video: Comparing fractions  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6F video: Ratio, Percentage  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6G video:  Converting Fractions/Decimals Click here to watch online

Lesson 6H video:  Multiplication of Fractions Click here to watch online

Lesson 6I video: Division of Fractions  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6J video: Adding Fractions  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6K video: Subtracting Fractions  Click here to watch online

Lesson 6 Answers to Quiz: Answers to Fraction Quiz in lesson notes (the supplement you downloaded for Lesson 6)  Click here to watch online

Lesson 7 video: Units of Measurement  Click here to watch online

Lesson 7 supplement


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