Rubric Maker — for the parent/teacher

Study Skills

Study Skills course  (less than 1 hour)

Smart Learning course  (3-4 hours)

Student Research Skills Worksheets

Tips on Research

Worksheets to help you analyze primary resources

Printable Maps,  Topographical Maps; Go to the Social Studies/History page for more maps

Think Quest — find websites and enter the competition

Search Engines/Research

Information You Can Trust

Ivy’s Search

Fact Hound


Kid’s Online Encyclopedia

Kidepede history and science encyclopedia for kids

Kids Britannica

Online Encyclopedia (search several encyclopedias for free)

Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopedia — all cartoons on the various subjects

World History Encyclopedia

Online Curriculum

Ambleside Online

An Old-Fashioned Education

Brightly Beaming Resources pre-school and elementary

Core Knowledge Lesson Plans Teacher jargon outline is at the beginning of each lesson. Scroll past this to get to the actual activity pages of the lesson.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool  my curriculum, currently pre-K through 12th includes all subjects and all resources and all assignments all free

The Puritans’ Home School Curriculum

Blank Notebooking Pages

Lined paper of all sizes and designs  (there are plain pages, notebooking pages and journal pages–look around)

20 pages by Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage  Jimmie has other notebooking pages at HER NOTEBOOKING BLOG

20 notebooking pages from Just Us  Half black and white, half color — all regular lined — lots of drawing space

20+ pages from

Notebooking Pages organized by topic by Notebooking Nook

5 pages from Practical Pagesthis one comes with 3 minibooks and places to attach to the notebooking page

Science Notebooking Pages for older and younger students (includes  astronomy, botany and lots of animals)

Create notebooking pages with primary lines and space for drawing

Graph paper (including graph paper notebooking pages) also on Math page under “graphs”

Blank Lapbook Templates

Choose an appropriate minibook to print out — homeschool share

12 pages of minibook templates — practical pages

Templates from

College  (high school at my curriculum)

Links for courses or materials to prepare for these different exams

AP classes

CLEP exams  (list of exams)

DSST  study guides

SAT Practice test (and practice questions)

SAT Prep tips and practice and for math and English sections

Coursera  free online courses from Standford, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan; from what I looked at, it does not require textbooks and includes online interactive practice and online meetings for study groups

Carnegie Mellon College Courses    How To

Colleges that Offer Free Online Courses

Education Portal  online courses geared to the CLEP exams — in development

Free University Project

Open Culture  links to online courses  online college classes, seems to use free online materials, lots of subjects, not specifically connected to exams for credit

Udacity  11 math and computer science courses taught by video labeled as beginner, intermediate and advanced

University of the People

UC Open Access  you need to buy textbooks

University of California Television


Flash Cards

Flash Card maker, plus premade cards in many subjects

Flash card maker plus word searches and more


Many Eyes  visual data in a variety of ways

Find more graph makers on the math page.

Graphic Organizers

Tons of Graphic Organizers, browse or search

Here’s a place to go for ideas with all of the graphic organizers listed in one place.

5 W’s for newspaper article

KWLH Chart — what I know, what I want to know, what I learned, how can I learn more

Problem-Solution Chart

Sequencing Chart

T-Chart — compare two things

Venn Diagram (interactive, fill in online)

Venn Diagram  (with lines)

Venn Diagram  (no lines)

High School

The high school page on my curriculum.

Links to free high school courses   Same person: more links

High school courses   from Georgia Virtual Learning

CLEP Exams — listed under college

Middle school courses: use the high school link above  from Georgia Virtual Learning

Narration Ideas

Narration CardsNarration Starters (creative mommy)


Smithsonian photograph galary

Reading Level

Find a book’s reading level

Scope and Sequence…I hate to put this on here, but I know someone’s going to want one…here is one from World Book so it’s not geared to someone’s curriculum.  Course of Study


Jarte a simple word processing program for home use

Open Office comparable to Microsoft Office  (Word, Excel, Power Point…) and allows you to open Microsoft files

Page Plus comparable to Microsoft Publisher

Paint Net comparable to Photoshop

Pixlr  online photo editing (no download) This is more advanced or more simply, PicMonkey.

Inkscape  Graphic Design

TuxPaint  Computer graphics for elementary school

Power Point Viewer (if you don’t have power point but a lesson online comes in power point format)

Teacher Tools

ABC Teach  make different kinds of worksheets

Puzzle Fast  make crosswords, scrambled words, matching puzzles online  A great thing is that most of the things you make can be saved and completed online. Also, you can make multiple types of puzzles just filling in the words once.

Make online matching games  I use this a lot.

Different Types of Online Organizers and games


Online Test Maker

Math and Reading Assessments for K-6

Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills — Texas standardized test

Learner’s TV — lectures and online timed tests with immediate feedback in all subjects


150 online textbooks

Unit Studies 

One site of unit studies for science and history


Videos for all subjects K-12th

All subjects — Learner’s TV, video lectures and timed online tests with immediate feedback

All subjects  WatchKnowLearn

Crash Courses: literature, world history, US history, chemistry, biology and ecology, youtube videos

History one-minute videos from 1700s, 1800s, 1900s

High Level Math videos

Math Videos — Put Your Students in a Pickle

Math and Science Videos  L/M  by scholastic

Math and Science Videos (include high level)

Science Videos for kids  stuff to blow your mind!

Science Jim videos

Science Videos L/M  all topics

Science Videos  high level

Online Documentaries

Careers short videos on different careers and what they need to know to do their jobs


All Subjects K-8th

All Subjects K-5

Worksheets by grade level  Teachers Pay Teachers

Worksheets by grade level  Head of the Class

Math, English, Geography, Puzzles some of these are posted in the site other places


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