The Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool —  I’m working on a complete, online, free curriculum. It is for Pre K through high school. It is everything: reading, language arts, writing, art, music, science, history, math, computer, health/PE, Bible and logic. It has everything laid out. You can do it by course–like just use it for science–or, you can use it for everything. It’s laid out so that your child can go to day 4 and just go down all the assignments for that day. It’s made for your children to work as independently as you want them to. It uses classic literature, videos, lapbooks, notebooking, narration, experiments, interactive websites, online games, all free resources… My children are using it now as I put it together. It’s written so that the whole family studies the same topics at the same time in everything except math and English. Click the link above to check it out and see if it’s what your family needs.


Here is curriculum I have written based on what’s available for free and linked to this site. Everything used in the curriculum is found for free online and it’s all on this site–all of the books to read, everything. I’d love to hear from those of you who have used these.

These are for elementary age through high school, K-12. They are written so the whole family can study the same topic at the same time.

If you find problems with the links  don’t just assume the site doesn’t exist anymore. Often there was just some rearranging on the site.

Language Arts Curriculum updated April 2011

Early American History Curriculum updated April 2011

Earth Science Curriculum  April 2011

Geography and Cultures Curriculum   June 13, 2011

Though I really want to write out a new curriculum for you guys, I don’t think I’m going to take the time to do it. I have curriculum written out for Chemistry and Physics and 20th Century history over at my online curriculum. You can see it there. I also have Biology, World History, Animals, Early American History, Earth Science, and Geography and Cultures (mixing some history of the countries as we go through).

I like having the focus on America and the world every other year so we’re not too self focused. This is our science schedule for now. When I have high schoolers, one might want to focus on marine biology during the animals year, another might do chemistry that year and have a full year each of chemistry and physics.

20 Responses to “Free Curriculum — homeschool for free!”

  1. Irma Says:

    Lee, thank you so much for all your work and effort by maintaining the homeschool inexpensively! There are many curriculum in the market that burden to our kids and our pockets.Thanks for sharing your work with us! God Bless You,
    Puerto Rico

  2. shirley Says:

    Yes..thank you soo much..shirley

  3. Thank you so much for this – my son is not homeschooled, but I am always trying to find ways to help him advance and has been difficult finding a great place to go in order to find exactly what I am needing and I have finally found it. Thank you !!!!!

  4. Deb Says:

    You’ve been a blessing to me. I’m still struggling to get this homeschooling thing right. Having the curriculum done is a big help.

    • I’m always tweaking my homeschool. Every year we do something differently. I’m not sure there is a “right” way except that it’s done with love and a smile :) Relax. Enjoy being with your kids and you can always email me if you want to ask a question of someone.

  5. mandy Says:

    I love this site! :) Thank you so much for all you have done, even showing us newbies how to put it all together! I do have one question, I have a 1st and 3rd grader and was wondering if I should start w/ the Early American History or the Geography and Cultures??? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!!

    • I would suggest doing early American history. Then geography and cultures comes next. The order I use is ancient history up through the like the vikings and then early American history beginning with the explorers, then geography and cultures which has us learning some history about places that tend to get missed when you study world history, and then finally 20th century world history picking up where we left off in America. Early American history also has lots for the early age range. Did you see on the current freebies that Liberty’s Kids is on youtube? It’s a whole animated tv series about the American revolution.

  6. mandy Says:

    Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to watch that on You-tube!!! :)

  7. Diana Johnston Says:

    I will be starting homeschooling my little boy in the Fall. He will be starting Kindergarten. Any ideas on how to start? I’m new at this and have no idea what I’m doing…lol…..thanks for your suggestions

  8. Tracey Says:

    Thanks for putting this info online. I am currently compiling a similar list for high school. It’s a subject-by-subject list of free courses available online. Two of my children are doing their courses this way. You can see the list at this link:

  9. […] I like having the focus on America and the world every other year so we’re not too self focused. This is our science schedule for now. When I have high schoolers, one might want to focus on marine biology during the animals year, another might do chemistry that year and have a full year each of chemistry and physics. I expect they would use free online textbooks and courses for such endeavors if they are really into science and only supplement with other materials. We shall see. Chemistry and Physics, 20th Century History (picking up where we left off in America) This is what we start this fall. Free Curriculum – PreK – 8 […]

  10. Sue Says:

    thank you for being kind hearted and for listening to the Lord. Your going to bless so many people………and touch alot of families , who wouldn’t be able to continue homeschooling this year ,if it wasn’t for you…………and I’m one of them. Thank you again……..Sue.

  11. Rebecca Says:

    I just stumbled upon this. Fabulous!

  12. Kassie Taylor Says:

    I am loving this stuff. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world.

  13. Delphine Says:

    First, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just withdrew my boys from school to homeschool and want to use your curriculum. I wonder where I should start.

  14. Sharon johnson Says:

    Would like to homeschool my son who is going to be pre k.

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