Arts Alive learn about theater, dancers, and more


Art lessons grades K-6  Deep Space Sparkle

Art lessons by grade, subject, medium, artist

Lesson plans by grade  (This isn’t coming up for me right now, but it seems to be there…)

Art Lessons by grade or discipline includes video lessons

Art books on different topics (drawing, watercolor, etc.) U

Look at artwork while listening to classical music

  • Learning

The Elements of Art  great for kids but anyone could benefit — shape, line, texture…

How to Analyze Art  U  This is many lessons on the subject and is very thorough. (Written so that middle school students can understand, but it seems to require having a pretty big base knowledge about art.)

Art History — by time period, artist bios, examples

Interactive Learning — drawing and analyzing paintings  L/M

Learn about wood carving, etching, lithographs, and screen printing  (interactive)

Old Book Art

Go on a virtual tour of an art museum

360 degree tour of the Louvre

Get up close and personal with art at the National Gallery of Art: See paintings by  Catlin David Heade Kandinsky Rogier Stella Tissot Watson

Leonardo DaVinci explore his workshop and artist tools of the Renaissance

Rembrandt for Kids

Paul Gauguin




Van Gogh

Art and Music Appreciation Lesson Plans Includes studies of Monet and Mendelssohn  (from Harmony Fine Arts)

Links to Learn Art History

Art Exploration Lapbook

Learn about different artists and get ideas for art projects to go along with your study

Artists, including Australian artists

Famous Impressionist Artists Lapbook (practical pages)

Famous Impressionist Artists Wall Chart portraits and biographies  (practical pages)

Famous Impressionist Artists Biography Pages (practical pages)

Art Timelines 18th Century 19th Century 20th Century Modern Art (practical pages)

Art Notebooking Pages (homeschool helper)  Any artist Monet’s River Mona Lisa Renoir Piano Sculpture Van Gogh

Lesson from the National Gallery of Art on different artists

Analyze The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere U    Lesson plan with links for the research

AnalyzeThe Midnight Ride of Paul Revere M/U  Online interactive

Allegory in Art U  Lesson plan with links to the artwork and research

Genre in Art U  Lesson plan with links

Famous Paintings (with information)

Normon Rockwell  site

Van Gogh site with info, history, paintings, interactives

  • Doing

Getty Games  online games to practice noticing detail in artwork

The Artist’s Toolkit  learn and do — the principles of art

Learn about Pointillism and the try it

Abstract Art — Kandinsky — see his art, try it out

Jackson Pollock — splatter paint just like him

Drawing and painting lessons Will Kemp Art School

Drawing and watercolor lessons

Professor Garfield videos: carving, sculpture, drawing animals, cartoons

Create Art Online at the National Gallery of Art

Sketch Online  Older version

Drawing for Beginners

3D online art experimentation

3-D Drawing Game

3-D Drawing

Dick Blick Lesson Plans

How to Draw Videos specific things

Shapes and Color online activity  L/M  (there are three levels and you have to mix the colors)

Grid Drawing Worksheet (child draws the mirror image along the line of symmetry)

Color Mixing Challenge

Art Techniques with different mediums (from Crayola)

How to Paint with Watercolors — an ebook course designed for adults — there are free videos to watch on this site too  (starts with the basics of drawing)

Art Junction ideas, projects, more!

Making Art Fun Learn to draw, watercolors, coloring pages, + learn about artists and view their art galleries

Art/Craft projects A couple of these are found on the world history page too.

  • Animation
Online animation tool with 40 frames to fill. Cool, but warning: Only drawing tools, no shapes or characters to work with.


Free online Bible Degree


Typing Dance mat typing will have your young kids typing correctly and quickly

Typing lessons and games  typingweb

Typing lessons, games  karate theme + an alien

Typing for Older Kids if they think dance mat typing is too young for them

Typing Game

Typing Speed Test

Basic Computer Lessons for kids

Computer Lapbook (from the site just above)

Teach Computer Science without a Computer

Technology Lessons K-12 from Intel

How Is Digital Animation Made? Animated Video

Scratch computer click-and-drag programming for elementary students

Blockly  similar click and drag programming but can be used in javascript and python

Alice computer programming for middle school and up

Coding course interactive, make games as lessons, much more fun than the textbook below :)  Javascript, HTML, CSS

Introduction to Programming Using Java  textbook course online

Java How To

Thinking in Java

Build a Website beginners html

HTML Lisa Explains it All  (This has more info, but I don’t like the site set up — color of it, ads…)

C++  Online Textbook

Google’s Code University   Python and C++

Coding  lots of links

Free Online University for computer science students


Reader’s Theater Scripts

Fire Safety

Sparky site for kids, fire prevention, fire preparedness, online activities

Fire safety, street safety, bus safety…  songs for learning

Fire Safety Lapbook


Comprehensive site for all ages (

Part of the above site is lesson plans

Lesson plans K-12

Red Rover online games with a focus on safety

Food Groups Game Catch the falling food.

Find foods’ nutritional value

Nutrition M — Build a food pyramid

Food Pyramid Game

Healthy Choices L  activities including making a meal diary, a map of the grocery store, recipes…

You Are What You Eat activity lesson plan

Kids Quests on different diseases  M   by the CDC

Nutrition for Healthy Kids

Food Additives — a list of food additives, their functions and their E numbers

Track your eating and exercise

Healthy Eating and Exercise Site learning for kids (online interactive games…)

Marine Exercise fitness program

Physical Education Home School Program says for grades 7-10


Latinum  youtube channel


Online Singing Lessons

Music Theory  (younger)

Music Theory

Music Theory

Music lesson plans all ages (may require playing an instrument)

Instruments Around the World  online activity

Odd Music (unique instruments)

Music Lesson plans — many topics

Listen to Up and Coming Composers

Watch performances and interviews with famous composers

National Jukebox

  • Classical

Art and Music Appreciation Lesson Plans Includes studies of Monet and Mendelssohn  (from Harmony Fine Arts)

Look at art while listening to classical music

Famous Musicians Notebooking Pages You choose from 3 different formats–from practical pages

Famous Musicians Wall Chart — 21 page download with portraits and biographies of famous composers

Classics for Kids website with several educational links

Online Games (from the site above–classics for kids)

New York Philharmonic learn about composers and instruments, compose music, play games…really nice site

Games, learning with Carnegie hall

Go behind the music online interactives, learn about the composers and the inspiration behind their music, San Francisco Symphany

Making Music Fun Online activities, composer biographies, printables, even some beginning instrument playing lessons on video (coloring pages under composer worksheets)–I looked up Rossini and it had a printable bio, word search and a link to watch a symphony play the William Tell Overture.

  • Drum

Free drum lessons

Communicating with drums, plus virtual drum

Virtual drumming

  • Guitar

Free lessons online

Free lessons online

  • Hymns

(See Fanny Crosby’s autobiography, Memories of Eighty Years, on the Books to Read page)

Center for Church Music —  Choose a hymn, listen, read lyrics and sheet music and learn the story behind it

Hymn study notebooking pages  By Jimmie — by Albright News

Hymn worksheets with lyrics, vocab, questions, verses, background, geography, and more  Set One —   Set Two

  • Period Music

African American Music, history, listening samples

Music from older periods (like Classical and Baroque) as well as music from different countries

Pioneer Music (on the trail)

American Folk Music and dance steps

Why the Cowboy Sings

Civil War Music

Listen to Ragtime Music (American History, early 1900s)

WWI songs (video)

Harlem Renaissance Animated video

African American Music  click on the time period

The Blues

The History of Jazz Online interactive learning M/U  (Scholastic)

WWII Music Listen and read the lyrics

Disney Records

  • Drum

Free drum lessons

  • Piano

Free piano lessons, play by ear

Improv lesson

  • Opera

Opera for Everyone, website,  download music and lesson plans

Design your own opera

  • Theory

Piano Sheet Music and click on separate pages for theory/other practice

Music Theory — Online Lessons

Test Your Note Reading Skills Online Game  (It does show you at first with the notes labeled.)

Test Your Music Listening Skills Online Game  (Listen to the notes and then play them back by ear.)

Make your own music

Rhythm Gym


For other foreign languages, as well as Spanish, try these sites:

Spanish 1,2,3; German 1,2,3; French 1,2; Latin 1

Hebrew course

Open Culture

Busuu — good for vocabulary

Mango — ask at your library if they have bought access to this, then just use your library card number to get in from home — I think this is a great first stop for learning if you have access.

Live Mocha  this site stopped having Spanish for free, but it has other languages for free, not the most trusted for accuracy

Learning games, ideas


Spanish 1 and Spanish 2   done by vidoe

Course From this site you can download Florida state’s Spanish school materials. You can see it before you download it. There are 9 units.

Basic Online Course

Spanish Beginner’s Course — flashcard system with quizzes

BBC’s Online 12 weeks Beginners Course

The Head of the Class sign up and choose “none” for every subject except Spanish. There is a teacher’s guide, worksheets and online activities. I think the youngest grade for Spanish is second grade. They are supposed to post up through sixth grade in 2010 and through eighth grade in 2011.

Salsa  L  41 videos for kids (puppets)  PBS   There are some games as well.

More Spanish helps from the BBC

Online Free

Learn Spanish for Kids

Flashcard  Spanish  lingua game, flashcards plus wordsearch, crossword, matching

Spanish 1 helps —  Spanish 2 helps

Video:  Short beginner videos Longer more advanced videos

Grammar Tutorial


Printables for children

Printables: flashcards, wordsearches and worksheets by topic

Pronunciation Tutorial

Verb Drills


Worksheets of all kinds, plus printable flashcards and games M

Six Online Games L/M

Online Vocab Games different level choices

Vocab Memory Match

Read children’s books in Spanish

Learn all about the human body in Spanish. (It’s narrated so you can listen to it.)

Rainforest Unit with Beginners Spanish


Logic/Brain Teasers by Grade 1st-6th  about a dozen per grade

Long List of Brain Game Links — I have not been to all the links on this page but it’s set up for students so I’m thinking they are all right

Variety of Daily Games online

AIM Puzzle Corner — patterns, logic, number…

Analysis of an aerial photograph

Analysis of a photograph

Brain Binders — Printables — folding paper, visual puzzle

“Brain” Games Online (Shepherd Software)  Lots

Brain Teasers Online

Brain Teasers Videos (each one minute) from the, scroll down

Cracker  online logic game

Code Breaking (online cryptograms for kids)  (maybe they want to learn about cryptology HERE)

Code Breaking Game another one

Coin Problem use the balance to find the faulty coin


Fifteen classic tile game

Hidden Pictures Highlights Magazine

Logic Cube Online : starts very simple, gets really hard (has picture ads)

Logic Puzzles (online or printable)

Math Challenge  thinking puzzles, there are four levels to choose from

Mixed-Up Letters

Murder Mystery U  Three mysteries from BBC. Download activity pack.

Online Puzzle (2 puzzles easy and hard option)

Patterns (lots of levels)

Patterns (figure out the solution by asking yes/no questions)


Puzzles worksheets

Quiddler Online : A word game (build vocab and spelling)

Set Online : Comparing, contrasting, classifying

Solitaire jump the pegs

Sudoku, Kidoku (kid version of sudoku), Kakuro, Mazes, Crosswords — Printables

Sudoku Online


Tetris-like game Online

Word puzzles “Hink Pinks” — printables

Word Finds Online easy/hard option

Worksheets (variety of puzzles, mazes, etc.)


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