Sentences That Use All the Letters of the Alphabet  (No lines for copying, just a handy reference of 26 lettered sentences)

All Varieties of Lined Paper (do2learn)  more varieties of lined paper  (donna young)

Lined Paper L

Lined Paper M

Make Your Own Handwriting Pages

Make Your Own Handwriting Pages   This one is better unless you want really small letters.

Print Alphabet Tracing You could laminate these and write and wipe.

Cursive Alphabet Tracing You could laminate these and write and wipe.

Alphabet Tracing and animated cursive–watch each letter formed

Handwriting Galore  pages for each letter of the alphabet

Print and Cursive Alphabet, Sentences, and Blank Pages

Charts for various styles of writing

Handwriting lesson plan with worksheets for each letter

“A Complete Compendium of Plain Practical Penmanship”

“A Complete School of Penmanship at Home”

Handwriting worksheets  lots of specialty worksheets

Billy Bank’s Alphabet Copybook

Famous Quote Copywork print and cursive

George Washington Carver Quotes Copywork primary lines

George Washington Carver Quotes Copywork medium

Proverbs Copywork

CS Lewis Copywork

Dr. Seuss Copywork

The Beginner Reader’s Copywork

Print Copywork  — Bible verses, quotes, poetry, hymns

Cursive Copywork  — Bible verses, quotes, poetry

Parables Copywork

Obadiah Copywork print and cursive

Scripture — This isn’t a link, but what about just starting to copy the New Testament straight through into a spiral notebook.

Sonnets Shakespeare sonnets

The Book of Third John print and cursive

Ten Lepers Copywork


  • Books

See Grammar and Writing Handbook on the “Grammar” page.  These are books you can read online or print out for 1st through 6th grade. This is nuts and bolts stuff about writing about choosing words and forming sentences, etc. There is also a link to a 7th grade teacher’s worksheets for writing lessons.

Composition Practice Workbooks by glencoe  12th  11th  10th  9th  Research and Report Writing

Online Textbook of Style (usage and composition) U  (picture ads)

Young Novelist Workbooks (ElementaryMiddles School,  High School)  These are 100+ pages on creating characters, forming a plot….

Writing Guidelines  aimed at high school but useful for 5th and up

  • General Writing Lessons

(see below under ideas for lessons and helps for specific types of writing)

Professor Pen  M  Great lessons for any writing

Time4Writing  lessons, worksheets and online games in different writing categories for every level

Creative Writing Unit from Homeschool Learning Network

Creative Writing Lessons (with worksheets, readings…)  from Walking by the Way

Creative Writing Lessons  10 lessons  (says all ages, including adults)

Writing Guidelines 50 pages of tidbits like when to use who/whom, or the proper word order, or how to use a colon–good refresher for revising your work

K-12 Lessons from Scholastic

Story Words — suggestions for transition words (good for putting in a mini office)

Tips About Writing: Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays Online

How to Teach Writing — until I get this broken down into specific links here’s Jimmie’s “lens” on do-it-yourself writing

The Writing Process Learn about the process of planning, writing, editing… made for 4th-7th graders

How to Write a Bibliography

How to Write in a Circle L/M  Take a book and plot out how it comes full circle. What makes a good ending? If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a clear example of writing in a circle. It brings you back to the beginning — he wants a cookie…

Create Characters Online writing tool

Peer Editing Checklist  M  Doesn’t have to be used by a peer

Peer Editing Checklist

Proofreading Checklist  U

Main Idea

Animated Video (Brain Pop, free)

Main Idea/Details Online Learn/Practice  Elementary school level

More Practice Online

Main Idea Lesson and Worksheet Practice for M/U

Online Quiz M/U

Writing Guide U

Five-Paragraph Essay

see Professor Pen  (under general writing lessons)

One mom’s description of how her son researches, organizes and writes an essay M/U

Thesis/Support Essays U

Five-Paragraph Essay U

Thesis Statement U

Transitions U

Introductions U

Conclusions U

(see 5-paragraph essay planner under “graphic organizers” below)

  • Graphic Organizers

A Bunch of Others

Compare and Contrast Online

Debate Organizer

Newspaper Article U — Planning

Note Taking collect facts for your big ideas

Observation Chart  pre writing assignment

How to Write an Outline — online

Write an Outline Online writing tool (ReadWriteThink)

Paragraph  hamburger


Five-Paragraph Essay “Map”   Five-Paragraph Essay — Planning    Outline for 5P essay

Persuasive Writing Organizer (download)   Map Your Argument Online

“FIRES” Facts, Incidents, Reasons, Examples, Statistics (Jimmie’s Collage)  (Persuasive Writing)

Pros and Cons

Story Brainstorming

Story Board  plan out the action

  • Ideas
Make an online book

Older Reluctant Writers — Online list of topic ideas to spur interest

Writing Prompts by grade level (all grades)

Writing Prompts

What’s the writer’s purpose?  M  short, online activity–persuade, inform, entertain

Story Creator L

All About My Family (All of your children can fill it out, but your older children could use their info to write an autobiography.)

All About Me — My Favorite Things (One idea: cut out the paper doll and lots of copies of the blank one. Fill in your favorites and then on each blank one write a sentence about one of their favorites. Pizza is my favorite food because…I like dogs because…)

Alphabet Book Use this online tool (choose option 1) to create a book with one word for each letter of the alphabet. Then work your way through writing a sentence on each page about your word and draw a picture.

Argumentative Essay U

Write an Autobiographical Incident (example as a lesson, made for 6th grade)

Family Stories

“My Turn” Essay U   The Personal Essay U

Write a Biographical Summary Online graphic organizer  (ReadWriteThink)

Write a Biographical Essay — notebooking pages, step by step, purpose, fact finding, organizing, writing, editing…

Book Report

Book Report Notebooking page  L/M  (Notebooking Fairy)

How to Write a Book Report  for Upper Elementary, for Middle/High School

How to Write a Book Report and Book Report Ideas (interview a character, etc.)  M

Book Report/review  L

Book Report Forms L/M  (from Aunt B)

Reading Response Sheet  M  (can be used for non-fiction)

Quick Response Book Report Form M/U  (from Just Us)

Write a Personal Response to a Book example as lesson (made for 6th grade)

Write a Book Review example as a lesson  (made for 7th grade)

Write a Literary Analysis example as a lesson (made for 8th grade)


Lesson  Practice summarizing a book  L/M  character, setting, plot

Ideas Continued

see Professor Pen  (under general writing lessons) for helps on these specific writing styles

Write a Blog  U

Write a Biography

Write a Cause and Effect Essay example as a lesson (made for 8th grade)

Write a Comic Strip Online writing tool (ReadWriteThink)

Write a Comic Strip with Professor Garfield

Write a Comic Strip with Media (Professor Garfield)

Write a Comic Strip with cartoon pictures–you choose

Newspaper Comics

Compare and Contrast two versions of the same story

Write a Compare/Contrast Essay example as a lesson (made for 8th grade)

Compare and Contrast U

Write a Description example with tips (made for 6th grade)

Descriptive Writing

Write a Dialog, Create a Scene with Dr. Suess L/M

Write a Fractured Fairy Tale Online writing tool (ReadWriteThink)

Historical/Journal Writing

Write a How-to Essay an example as a lesson (made for 6th grade)

Directions – How to

Write a Letter Online writing tool  (ReadWriteThink)

Business Letters

Friendly Letters

Friendly Letter — parts of letter and tool to create online

Write a Mystery Online graphic organizer  (ReadWriteThink)

Write a Novel “How to Teach 7 to 9 Year Olds to Write a Novel”

Compare News Media U  Then prepare your own article/broadcast

Write a Newspaper (brochure, flyer, booklet)  Online writing tool (ReadWriteThink)

Write a Newspaper Article  Scholastic  examples and outline with instructions

Here’s a mini course for kids on journalism  M :  interviewing, writing an introductory paragraph  (They are sending the lessons week by week and I will add them here.)


Write a Persuasive Essay an example as a lesson (made for 6th grade)

Persuasive Writing

Learn about advertising/persuasion/propaganda  — then try some yourself — various links on this page at the bottom



Point of View

Problem and Solution U

Prompts, picture story starters

Write a Research Paper an example as a lesson (made for 6th grade)

Reports of Information

(Find help with research skills at the top of the General Resources page.)

Resources for research — worksheet for evaluating if a resource is good for your research

Reviews U

Write a Speech

How to Write and Give a Speech

Write a Story M, Narrative Essay U

Realistic Stories

Tall Tales

  • Poems

(see “poetry” under each year on the “Ambleside” page for lots of poetry to read online)

Poets.org Find Poems to Read

Robert Frost Webquest

Listen to people reading their favorite poems

Read poems for children and Write Poems from Kidzone

Poems This has examples of many different types of poems (diamante, bio, concrete, senses, cinquain….)  Try these poem pages out and write one of each kind–or lots of each kind and bind them into a poetry book.

Poem Types for Kids  explanations and examples

Acrostic Poem Create one online after a brief interactive lesson

Diamante Create a diamante poem online–includes a brief interactive lesson

I Am From poem template

Letter Poem M/U   Create one online–includes a brief lesson

Shape Poem L/M  Create a shape poem online–with interactive lesson

Create a Poem Out of Literature U  If you are looking for a new way to look at poetry beyond the formulaic, try out this activity. Use the download to learn about the activity and then use these links to try it online–I Have a Dream M, Holes U

Types of Poetry Wall Cards (or put them in your reference notebook, or print them out at 50% and make a mini-book out of it)

Transitional Words List (Write a story using some/all of these words. Can you use them in order? Can you use one in each sentence?)

  • Rubrics, Standards

Writing Samples for every grade level

Long list of rubrics from McGraw Hill

Writing Checklist (active voice, verb agreement,…)

Business Letter Rubric

Composition Rubric

Five-Paragraph Essay  created for peer editing, but can use alone

Newspaper Article Rubric

Persuasive Writing Rubric Another Guide for Persuasive Writing

Poetry Rubric

Proofreading Marks

Story Rubric

Webpage Rubric

Rubrics –read online– for the “six traits of writing”  (content, voice, mechanics, organization, fluency, word choice)

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