I have created a whole learn to read curriculum.

(see McGuffey Readers on the Robinson page–These are what I used to teach my kids to read. I describe how I did it on the preschool page. And here is another mom’s description of how she taught her kids to read. This is her Squidoo page and she includes several worksheets there. I use sight reading then phonics. She starts with phonics early. I have read that children under four can’t grasp phonics, but she says she’s done this with three year olds. We both have taught our 3 and 4 year olds to read, so whatever works :)

The Little Kingdom First Reader ebook

60 weeks of phonic lessons 20 weeks of lessons for K, 1st and 2nd grades from Lesson Pathways  The lessons are hands-on. Sometimes they are activities to do together. Sometimes there is a worksheet to print out. Sometimes there are online activities.

Progressive Phonics Three Levels of Phonics   Lessons/Books/Printables

FreeReading Teacher directed reading program, 40 weeks of 30 minute lessons

Easy to Read Picture books 124 one-page stories for the beginner reader

30 Downloadable books

Starfall — Learn to Read online learning  (I’m pretty sure you can print out the story books to read on the couch too)  Start at ABC and work your way through the levels.

80 phonics printables/lessons — done in order (work your way across the page, then down)

Construct a Word online interactive, you pick beginning and end sounds to make words

Beginner Phonics Play Online or download  read about it here before you download

Phonics song videos between the lions

Letter-Sound Recognition Online activity for preschoolers, three levels (I also put this on the preschool page, Fisher Price)

Letter-Sound Recognition Printables — worksheets with words/pictures to match the beginning sound and the vowel sounds  (Kid Zone)  You can go through each of the letters by clicking on the links on the left-hand side-bar

Beginning Sounds At home activity ideas

Beginning Sounds Every letter of the alphabet plus short and long vowel sounds:  Letter with pictures coloring, picture and beginning sound matching, circle the beginning sound that doesn’t belong

Beginning Sounds (online activity–from the online flashcards below)

Sing alongs

Unscramble the Words (online activity–from the flashcards above — you choose which vowel sound you want to practice)

Short and Long Vowel and Consonant Blends Worksheets

Dolch Words (sight reading words)

Dolch Words website — worksheets, word lists, more

Online Flashcards — short vowel words long vowel words r  words (car, corn…)  The back side is a matching picture

Decoding and Word Recognition Worksheets 50+ worksheets   (ABC Teach)

Short Vowel workbook

Long Vowel workbook

Long Vowel and Word Family Worksheets (ABC Teach)

Word Wheels (beginning and ending sounds)  (ABC Teach) make good lapbook pieces too

Word Slides (beginning and ending sounds)  (ABC Teach)

Phonics Rules and charts of letter sounds

More Phonics Printables (scroll down for the links)

Ap, An, At Family — Activity ideas

Ap, An At Family Worksheets

Ap, An, At Family Flashcards

Ap, An, At Family Wordlist

Ab, Ad, Am Activity ideas

Ab, Ad, Am Worksheets

Ab, Ad, Am Flashcards

Ab, Ad, Am Wordlist

Ack, And, Ash Activity Ideas

Ack, And, Ash Worksheets

Ack, And, Ash Flashcards

Ack, And, Ash Wordlist

Ail, Ain, Air Activity Ideas

Ail, Ain, Air Worksheets

Ail, Ain, Air Flashcards

Ail, Ain, Air Wordlist

Ake, Ate Activity Ideas

Ake, Ate Worksheets

Ake, Ate Flashcards

Ake, Ate Wordlist

Ale, Ame, Ay Activity Ideas

Ale, Ame, Ay Worksheets

Ale, Ame, Ay Flashcards

Ale, Ame, Ay Wordlist

All, Aw Activity Ideas

All, Aw Worksheets

All, Aw Flashcards

All, Aw Wordlist

Ar, Art, Ark Activity Ideas

Ar, Art, Ark Worksheets

Ar, Art, Ark Flashcards

Ar, Art, Ark Wordlist

Ank, Ink Activity Ideas

Ank, Ink Worksheets

Ank, Ink Flashcards

Ank, Ink Wordlist

A Mini Book (short vowel sound)

all, ay, oy sounds worksheets

ch worksheets

er, ir, ur worksheets

igh sound worksheets

L consonant blends

ou worksheets

ow as in town worksheets


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  1. I have written out a detailed explaination of how I teach phonics to my preschoolers. There are also sme worksheet links. You can find that at if you are interested in adding a link to it.

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