Grammar Land “An ingenious and amusing attempt to teach some of the elements of grammar by allegory and pictorial illustration. Numerous black and white illustrations complement the text.  Ages 10-15”

Grammar Land Worksheets part 2 part 3 M/U   from We Don’t Need No Education

Grammar and Writing Handbook (a book for each grade 1st through 6th)

Grammar Workbooks 1st through 6th

Fun with Grammar, full textbook  M?

Lessons and Activities

Lapbook (covers grammar and literature and more) Joy Christian School

Videos for K-12 on grammar, mechanics, and writing  Discovery Education

Grammar checklist (I made this. It’s not only a list of what I want to cover-eventually-but also a list of ideas for practicing the different things.)

Grammar Lessons online–you could do one short lesson a day all year…choose your topic or start with verbs, and work your way through the parts of speech, parts of a sentence and mechanics — simple to complex–very no frills, but it would be easy to use to do some sort of grammar regularly and in some sort of order

Road to Grammar  L/M  tons of lessons and activities by topic

Grammar Lessons Online for Middle School and High School Students — equal to 100 hours of lesson time — It tracks you as a student and gives an instant response to each of your answers whether right or wrong.

Grammar Online U   Complete website for all things grammar and writing. Made by a community college.

Grammar Rules  website where you can look up rules for something specific

7th Grade Writing and Grammar Worksheets U (made for the classroom) if you wanted to work your way through these


Power Proofreeding L-M-U  Has levels 2nd through 8th–Online Activity covers all types of grammar (put your mouse on a story title and below it will show you what grammar point it practices)

Daily Edits  M/U  Daily editing practice

Editing online activity M/U  (says for age 12)

Editing Online Worksheets U  Choose level (blue-gold is 9th – 12th) and click “Student”


Which Word? Worksheets (much/many, they’re/their)  M

A whole page of links for confusing words  (This list is for 6th grade.)

Punctuation Theater  All ages, sentence structure and parts of speech

  • Capitalization and Punctuation

Punctuation  M  lesson, game

Capitalize game L/M

Capitalization and Punctuation list of rules

Capitalization and Punctuation Worsheet  2nd-3rd grade

Capitalization and Punctuation M  (3 Lap/notebook pieces/pages)

Capitalization Online Game M/U   Concentration, I found it difficult! but it may introduce you to knew rules

Caps Game  BBC

Punctuation Online Game M  Punctuate the sentences.

Editing L/M  Online activity–capitals and punctuation–level 1 or 2  (level 2 includes apostrophes and run on sentences)

Capitalization and Punctuation Online Game Three levels–multiple choice answers, doesn’t require any typing  (also has a Quotation Marks Worksheet to print out)

Punctuation activity — includes a lot of quotation marks, click on StarPunc

Punctuation Game  BBC

Punctuation Game  BBC

Advanced Game, 7th grade


Online Activity L/M   Choose which sentence is right, basic.

Apostrophe Game M/U   Type in the answer (BBC)

Apostrophe Game  L/M  BBC

See Signs, Newspaper Clippings, etc. of poorly used apostrophes U


Commas Online Game M   “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-style game

Commas Online Activity M   (BBC)

Comma Online Activity M/U    Scroll down

Quotation Marks are in several of the capitalization and punctuation things above

  • Parts of Speech

Just an idea I had of one more thing to do with all these parts of speech. Use this online Alphabet Organizer and try and write a word in for each letter of the alphabet–then print out as a chart. You could make one for nouns, one for verbs…

Parts of Speech Online L    Learn about nouns, verbs and adjective

Parts of Speech Lapbook L  (Proper and common nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns)

Online Game L/M  (You choose what to cover: nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs and what speed level.)

Online Games and Activities–Learn and Play L/M

Songs  A page on each of the parts of speech, each has a song

Grammar Gorilla Online activity, identify the part of speech, Easy and Hard

Mad Libs  it gives you the part of speech, you provide the words, then it will create a wacky story for you, tons of stories

More online Mad Libs, Mad Libs Junior  and here is a place for printable ones of varying levels

Parts of Speech Wall Cards (Includes things like linking verbs and infinitives)

Part of Speech I-pods (full page print-outs)

Diagramming Sentences U  No frills, but if  you really want to know how to do this, here is a step by step of how to go about it

Advanced Game, 7th grade, choose your topic


What Is an Adjective? M   (to read)

Adjectives Online Game L  Identify the adjective   Another Game

Online Activities M   (from BBC, made for students learning English as a second language)

Adjectives Online Activity  L/M  BBC

Online practice for participle adjectives M   (kind of boring, but I haven’t found a replacement for this yet)

Adjective Clauses M/U  Eight lessons with online exercises

Worksheets various levels


Adverb Worksheets Lots of choices

Adverbs M  BBC video lesson, quiz  (made for students of English as a second language)

Worksheets variety of levels


Fill in the Blank M   Online activity

Rewrite the sentence U   Online activity, requires typing

Online Game Three levels of difficulty, no typing, multiple choice answers  (also has a WORKSHEET–choose which conjunction fits in the blank)

They call it connectives M  BBC video lesson, quiz  (made for students of English as a second language)


Noun Online Game L  Identify the noun

Sort nouns and verbs L/M   Online game–choose level 1 or 2

Nouns Worksheets (common/proper, possessive, and others)

Common Nouns

Common/Proper Nouns online basketball game

Nouns M  BBC video lesson, quiz  (made for students of English as a second language)

Nouns U  online lesson/game  (abstract, collective, concrete, countable…)


Graphic Description of a Preposition

Online story for young children using over, under, around, through…

Prepositions — Treasure Box Game (hide a treasure and describe it’s location with prepositions…download of treasure hunt worksheet to fill out your directions to the treasure)

Prepositions — Bingo Grid  (Here’s a blank grid to make another with the words in different places. You could read aloud to your children and they put a marker on the word when they hear it)

Prepositional Phrases M  Worksheet

Prepositions Online Quiz identifying prepositions



Online Activity L

Online Game M   3 levels, no typing–also has a simple WORKSHEET (BBC)

Learning Page U  Get all the details

Pronouns Agreement/Case M/U  Online Activity  (scroll down)

Worksheets many choices

Pronouns M  BBC video lesson, quiz  (made for students of English as a second language)

Pronouns Online Activity


Verbs Online Game L Identify the adjective

Subject/Verb Agreement Online Game L/M  (you choose topic/difficulty)

Verbs M  BBC video lesson, quiz  (made for students of English as a second language)


Tenses Treasure Hunt (BBC)  Another one

Subject/Verb Agreement and Irregular Verbs M/U  Online Activity (scroll down)

Subject/Verb Agreement M online activity

Worksheets lots of options and levels


Purdue Grammar Resources  This is just info, but if you need to figure out something. Search here.

Easily Confused Words


Is This a Sentence? Online Activities, worksheets

Make a Correct Sentence  2nd grade

Sentence Game  The sentence part is easy, but I had a hard time with the game part!

Make a Sentence  BBC

Sentences/Paragraphs  lesson, game


Create a Sentence Online game, three difficulty  levels, no typing, also simple  WORKSHEET to print  (BBC)

Is It A Sentence?  BBC

Types of Sentences Two reference sheets (or could be used as worksheets) for declarative, interrogative…and for simple, compound, complex sentences

Types of Sentences M   Learn online about Simple, Compound, Complex sentences

Make Compound Sentences  Compound Sentences  Using Compound sentences  Online activities  BBC

Types of Sentences  Online Game M   Test your knowledge of simple, compound and complex sentences

Fragments Online Activity  U

List of links for sentences M/U   fragments, run-ons

List of links for sentences  M/U   types of sentences, clauses, phrases


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