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The King Will Make a Way — (from Just Us) lessons, workbook pages, lapbook pieces, notebooking pages for many language arts topics including: personification, anthropomorphism, metaphor, simile, lie vs. lay, descriptive writing, etc.

1st-6th  Language Arts texts/teacher guides

Language Arts Course Writing, Grammar, Speaking, Analyzing Literature, Florida State’s materials (download, but you can see it first, it’s like a workbook) You can request to download the teacher’s guide. I told them I didn’t live in Florida, but they sent me the link to the teacher’s materials right away.

Games, Quizzes, Videos, Worksheets

Alphabetical Order L   Online Game,  Three difficulty levels

Introducing Alphabetical Order worksheet

Alphabetical Order  Online activity (beginner I think)

Alphabetical Order Worksheet, put the number words in alphabetical order

Alphabetizing Worksheets various levels


Language through Nature, Literature and Art ebook

Analogies Worksheets

Antonyms, Homophones  L/M  online activities

Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms L/M  Online Game  (You choose which topic and which speed.)

Antonyms Online Game M+

Homonyms Online Game M

Homonym Online Game

Homophones  BBC

Idioms  L/M  Paint by idiom. Choose your difficulty level.

Idioms  M  Online worksheets

Idioms M/U  quizzes

Synonyms Online Game M   Three difficulty levels–WORKSHEET  (BBC)

Synonyms Online Game M

  • Poetic Devices

Go on a scavenger hunt and find these in your books and try them out yourself.

See The King Will Make a Way download at the top of the page

Wall Cards print out definitions and examples of these literary devices

Figurative Language chart with definitions and examples

Alliteration  Tongue Twisters —  Power point presentation of examples (there is a lesson on this in The King Will Make a Way languages arts download)

Anthropomorphism  (there is a lesson on this in The King Will Make a Way languages arts download)


Idioms M  Interactive website (listed above as well)

Metaphor  worksheet on simile and metaphor  (there is a lesson on this in The King Will Make a Way languages arts download)

Onomatopoeia words that sound like the sound they describe  (there is a lesson on this in The King Will Make a Way languages arts download)

Oxymoron contradictory words used together

Personification  (there is a lesson on this in The King Will Make a Way languages arts download)

Funny pun examples everyone

Simile  worksheets (there is a lesson on this in The King Will Make a Way languages arts download)


Starfall — Learn to Read L  Starts with ABCs and works it’s way up to simple stories. This is a great site if you’ve never been there.

Story Cove L   Listen to and watch movies of stories from around the world–comes with lesson plans for PreK-2nd   (You may want to be careful of “magical” content. I also posted this on the Preschool page.)

Reading Comprehension Workbooks 1st – 6th  These are really big workbooks.

Developing Reading Skills Online Activities for K – 6th

Reading Comprehension online exercise  L

Reading Comprehension online exercise  M

Reading Comprehension  M

Story Sequencing Grade 1  Listen to the story  Cut out blocks and Put in order; Listen to the story  Cut out blocks and put in order  (These are lessons from Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool — my free online curriculum.)

Professor Garfield Reading M   Don’t let the packaging fool you. This is really good. Context clues, sequencing, answering questions about the comics, vocabulary…your older L students could probably do it.

Drawing Inferences Worksheet L  (2 pages)

Making Inferences M  online lesson/quiz

Context Clues Worksheets M  (2 pages)

  • Parts of a Story  (There is more on this in the writing section.)

Parts of a Story L/M   Interactive–characters, setting, plot…

Parts of a Story Wall Cards “Literary Elements”

Graphic Organizers online interactives: character, setting, etc.

Graphic Organizer for story  printable  (rising action, climax…)

Character Description  online tool

Elements of Fiction  M/U  Notebooking pages, printable cards defining plot, theme, conflict…

  • Reading Response  (More on the writing page under Writing, Ideas, Book Reports)

103 Things To Do Before/During/After Reading

Summarize with Doodles (ReadWriteThink)

Prompts (from Jimmie’s Collage)  See it HERE.  Download it HERE.

Book Report Worksheet (from Just Us)

Graphic Organizers

Character Analysis

Character Qualities

Making Inferences

Mood and Tone

Making Connections with the Story

Main Events Sequence log

Plot Summary

Setting and Character Details

Story Prediction


The following are worksheets designed for classroom use to guide students in responding in different ways to their reading. (mrcoley.com)

Write Questions for Discussion

Find Words You Don’t Know

How Does the Story Relate to You

Write a Letter to a Character

Illustrate a Scene from the Book

  • Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies Wall Cards

Reading Strategies — Online, it seems like you could print out this colorful depiction of many strategies to approaching reading something you don’t understand

Reading Strategies — B/W Printable


Drama 8 to 10 drama curriculum for grades 8 – 10 (This site has changed around. I’m not sure how to find the drama curriculum which is probably still there. Here’s the communications curriculum.)

Free Dramas scripts for plays and movies


Spelling 1st through 8th, lists, tests, games, spelling bee, (SAT words)

Spelling Lists for K-8 with practice, games and tests

Spelling workbooks K-6

One year (3rd?) of Bible spelling lessons

Site with tons of spelling worksheets where each sheet is one lesson

Spelling worksheets — it lists the word list for each lesson

Online Spelling Program grades 1 – 8 30 lists per grade, learn, practice, play, records results

Spelling Course for 6th-8th grade

Spelling lists, worksheets grades 1-8

Sequential Spelling Sampler

Spell by Color year 1

Spelling Bee  all grades

Spelling Bee  enter your grade, can compete against others

UK spelling bee

Word Scrambler Worksheet Creator

PuzzleFast  quickly make a few different types of puzzles with one word list

Word Search Creator

Plurals Spelling Online Activities  BBC  divided by spelling rule

Spelling online game L   Spin and Spell

Spelling Online Games All Levels

Contractions fly by

Online Game L/M  (You choose one of three difficulty levels.)

Online Game L/M  Three difficulty levels, choose the word that is spelled correctly (BBC)

Online Game L/M  (fun brain)

Mumbo Jumbo Online Game  unscramble and find words within other words

Online Game  L/M  run over the letters as you spell

Quiddler Online Puzzle, find words among the letters

Tips for practicing spelling words

Word Builder and Word Sort and Spelling Match  by Houghton Mifflin  Grades 1 to 6

One technique to simply include spelling in your day: Keep a small notebook where you write in any word you notice misspelled in your child’s writing. (Or write up on a white board or something.) Just write it down without marking it on their paper. Each day set out the spelling notebook for your child to look over. Once a week test them on the words. Anything misspelled gets back on the list and needs to be practiced with copying and using in a sentence. If they don’t want this practice work, they need to be more careful the first time. If you don’t like the idea of tests, they could write a letter/email to someone each week using all of the words on their list.


See Homonyms, Antonyms and Synonyms at the top of this page

Vocabulary Units (8 levels with 15 units on each level)

Online Vocabulary Program grades 1 – 8 30 lists per grade, learn, practice, play, records results

Big IQ kids  choose grade level, vocab and spelling

Root words and more

(See reading comprehension workbooks)

Crosswords and E words by Houghton Mifflin  grades 1 to 6

Vocabulary games  K-12

Article on teaching vocabulary through the books you are reading to your children

The Growing Dictionary

My Picture Dictionary Simple download to make a little book with lines to write a word for each letter of the alphabet and it’s definition. Use the backs for drawing pictures. You could make one of these books for each topic you are studying. (Don’t worry about using every letter every time!)

Vocabulary Online Games

Hangman U  Online Game

Online Quiz — multiple choice  U  (listed on high school English page)

Prefixes and Suffixes M/U  Online game–match them with their definition, 4 difficulty levels

Prefixes and Suffixes L/M Online game

Vocab Videos — this says it’s for SAT prep, but I think many could be used for younger students

Word a Day everyday gives you a new word 6th-12th (you choose grade)

Word Benders ebook  (sign up and download, grades 3-4+)

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