If there is an old book not on here that you want to download to read (or to listen to), go to the Internet Archive or Many Books (for reading) and LibriVox (for listening) and type it into the search box.

As I find suggested books for download that are not on the Ambleside or Robinson curriculum lists, I will add them here in alphabetical order. Remember you can use the search box to find out if there is a certain title. You can make suggestions for books. I’m especially interested in books that will fit topics in science and history.

Where I find books that I think would fit into one of the Science or History themes, I make a note of it on those pages, but the links are on this page.


Figure out the reading level of a book.

Scholastic’s reading level site.


Book Angles and Facts on Fiction Books (learn the content of books)


Read Print Website for reading books online — separated by type: essay, poetry, fiction, short stories, plays…

Storyline children’s books read on video by actors, comes with lesson ideas

Tellitagan Children’s Stories listen to online illustrated stories

Children’s Stories online, illustrated, read to yourself

Toddler Books and Picture Books

Children’s Online Books illustrated and some with audio

K-2 one page printable stories with color pictures (hundreds)

“The Best Online Classic Children’s Books” (The Baldwin Project)

International Children’s Digital Library

Many Books ebooks, check genres, young readers


Audio Books (Books Should Be Free)

Ebooks and audio books in categories

Link to audio files of old radio shows and lapbook pieces to go with them.


Full-Page Poems for Young Children (pdf from homeschool creations)

Poems M/U

Mother Goose


Junior Classics

Animals and Nature Stories

Fairy and Wonder Tales

Heroes and Heroines of Chivalry

Old Fashioned Tales

Stories of Heroism and Courage

Stories that Never Grow Old


Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance Cavanah  (Abraham Lincoln, American History)

Air Service Boys Over the Enemies Lines Beach  (WWI)  Find more from this series HERE.

An American Book of Golden Deeds Baldwin

American Boy’s Life of Theodore Roosevelt Stratemeyer

Among the Farmland People Pierson  (These “Among” books are said to have gentle moral lessons in them.)

Among the Forest People Pierson

Among the Meadow People Pierson

Among the Night People Pierson

Among the Pond People Pierson

***Animal Farm  Orwell   Audio    Literature Guide

Around the World in 80 Days Verne  Audio Book (geography/cultures)

Being a Boy Warner

The Bird-Woman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Chandler  (1st-2nd grade reader)

The Biscuit Eater radio show broadcast  (Depression era story with a white boy and black boy as friends–about them training a bird dog)

Black Beauty  audio   Black Beauty Word document

The Book of Missionary Heroes  Mathews  (geography and cultures)

The Border Boys on the Trail Deering

The Boy’s Life of Edison Meadowcroft

The Burgess animal book for children Burgess

The Burgess bird book for children Burgess  (this might be the same as on the  Ambleside page)

***By Pike and Dyke Henty  Audio Book (world history–Dutch republic 1570)***

***The Cat of Bubastes Henty  Audio Book (world history–ancient Egypt)

The Child’s Book of American Biography (American history)

***The Chronicles of Narnia  audio only

***A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court Twain  Read OnlineDownloadAudio Book

Discoverers and Explorers Shaw  M   (American History–explorers)

Dooryard Stories Pierson

***Edison, His Life and Inventions Dyer  Audio Book

***Eighty Years and More Elizabeth Cady Stanton (women’s suffrage, American History, second half of the 19th century) Audio Book

Facing Death Henty  (a tale of the coal mines, 1900)

A Farewell to Arms  Hemingway  WWI

Girls in Bookland Hawthorne

The Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck    (American History–depression)  See books page for links to teaching resources

***Henry IV Shakespeare  Audio Book part 1 part 2 (see “Books” page for study guide)

A Hive of Busy Bees Williams  (character lessons)

The Hoosier Schoolmaster (Indiana pioneer days)

The Jungle Sinclair  Audio Book (American History – 1900 — immigrants)

The King Will Make a Way Giles  (Christian fiction, allegory of the last days–see books page for resources)

***Les Miserables Hugo (French Revolution ~1780)

Les Miserables – Seven Episode Dramatization by Orson Welles
(These are all MP3 audio files, 1/2 hour in length, approx. 13 megs each)

Part 1 – The Bishop

Part 2 – Javert

Part 3 – The Trial

Part 4 – Cosette

Part 5 – The Grave

Part 6 – The Barricade

Part 7 – Finale

Letters of a Woman Homesteader Stewart  (5th or 6th and up)

The Lost Heir Henty  ( a tale of intrigue in India and England: Geography?)

***King Lear Shakespeare  Audio Book (see “Books” page for study guide)

The Mary Frances Garden Book Fry

Memories of Eighty Years Fanny Crosby

Merchant of Venice Shakespeare  (See “Books” page for study guide)

***A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare  Audio Book (see “Books” page for study guide)

***Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare   Audio Book Video (see “Books” page for study guide)

***Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Douglass   Audio Book

Narrative of Sojourner Truth Gilbert  (American History — slavery)

On the Shores of the Great Sea Synge  ages 9-18, (ancient history from Abraham to Christ focusing on civilizations around the Mediterranean)

***Othello Shakespeare  Audio Book (see “Books” page for study guide)

Out on the Pampas Henty   (Geography/Cultures, Argentina, see “Books” page for unit study ideas even though a different book “On the Pampas”)

Pilgrim Stories Pumphrey  (American history — settlers)

The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska

The Pony Rider Boys in the Grand Canyon

The Pony Rider Boys in the Ozarks

The Pony Rider Boys in Texas

The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers

***Pride and Prejudice Austin  Audio Book (See “Books” page for study guide)

The Queen’s Cup Henty  (if you can place this on a history page please let me know)

***Sense and Sensibility Austin  Audio Book

Richard III Shakespeare  Audio Book (see “Books” page for study guide)

***Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare   Audio Book Watch Theater Production (see “Books” page for study guide)

***Shakespeare’s Sonnets Shakespeare  Audio Book (I think this matches the book)

***St. Bartholomew’s Eve Henty  Audio Book (world history–Huguenots-France late 1600s)

Stories of the Pilgrims Pumphrey

Stories of the Vikings MacGregor  (world history–vikings)

The Story of the Pony Express Bradley  6th-9th grade level

***A Tale of Two Cities Dickens  Audio Book (see “Books” page for study guide)  (world history — French Revolution)

The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare  (see “Books” page for study guide)

***The Tempest Shakespeare  Audio Book (see “Books” page for study guide)

Titus, a Comrade of the Cross Kingsley  (World History — Early Church)

Tor, a Boy from Jerusalem Kingsley   (World History — Early Church)

The True Story of Christopher Columbus Brooks (American history–explorers)

The Tudors and the Stuarts Synge    comprehensive history  (world history)

Two Indian Children of Long Ago Taylor

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Stowe  Audio Book (American History — slavery)  (see “Books” page for study guide)

The Underground Railroad Still  (American History — slavery–narratives)

Unsung Heroes Haynes  (American History — slavery)

Westward Ho! Kingsley  (American History–explorers)

White Fang London  (see “Books” page for study guide)

With the Allies to Pekin Henty  (world history, siege in Beijing, 1900)

With Lee in Virginia Henty  (American history–civil war)

With Wolfe in Canada Henty  (American History–French and Indian war)


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