Here’s the plan: harness all the free materials on the internet for homeschoolers and organize them in one useful place!

I’m not just trying to amass links. I’m trying to pick highly useful things. Anyone can google and cut and paste, but it takes time to find appropriate things and not every mom has time to do this.

The links are organized by subject and by topic, only occasionally by grade level. It is in kind of an outline form.

You can send me ideas for what to add. If you have any old books that you use and really like that you downloaded, you  can let me know and I will look it up online and add it if I can. I don’t want everything! I’m trying to decide what would be useful, especially for someone who has no money to purchase materials.

I’ve started putting up L, M and U for lower, middle and upper grades. I hate to label things because so much can be altered for different grades and kids are all different. A blank lapbook piece can be filled with a picture, a word, a sentence or a paragraph. Learning can be shallow or deep depending on what your needs are. So, the labels are a general guide only! L is K-2 (5-8 year olds).  M is 3-6 (9-12 year olds). U is 7 up (teenagers)! All are my approximations!  If there is no label, it means I couldn’t make up my mind :) Or, I think it could be used by everyone.  Or, sorry, I didn’t take the time to investigate thoroughly.

Also, tip…you might want to consider downloading things onto a memory stick if it’s not something you are going to use right away. You don’t want to lose your downloads to a computer crash. Of course, you don’t need to download everything today!

I tried to label things as “website” or “online” for learning or for an activity unless it was a download.

This is all a ramble now, but will eventually be edited and ordered:)

If you are interested in the books available for download, I would recommend, if you are able to get a Kindle or the equivalent. There are so many books out there to be downloaded for free. If you want to use all those great reading books (all the great classics are out of copyright), it would be cheaper in the long run to get a reader than to print them out! (And a lot less time consuming and cumbersome.)


PLEASE do not use this site for your commercial benefit! The materials on here are for free educational use! The collections of links are the copyright of this blog and are not to be sold or used for commercial benefit.


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