High Schoolers

November 2, 2012

If you have a high schooler, or will have one soon, how about taking a week and finishing off this pair of online courses:

Study Skills course  (less than 1 hour)

Smart Learning course  (3-4 hours)

I’ve posted these on the general resources page.

I found them on Homeschool College USA which lists materials which can be used for free online to prepare for the different credit-by-exam tests that are available. It’s enough to make your head spin. I’m still researching high school and college, all made more complicated by being overseas. I’ve learned you can take the SATs almost anywhere in the world, though. Who knew?

My oldest son turned 11 today. My daughter will be a teenager in March. I’m so excited. Although I’m expecting my sixth (and have learned to enjoy my babies more and more with each one that comes along), I’ve never been a baby person. When my friends were saying, “Aaaahhh, I want a baby.” I was saying, “I don’t want a baby. I want an adult. They just have to start as babies to get the adults you want.” And so, I’m excited I will finally have a teenager!

Hope you all are doing well. My family is in Pennsylvania, but they didn’t even lose power during the storm. I hope your family is happy and whole.



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