A Change

August 16, 2012

I’m going to stop posting weekly freebies. I will continue adding links to the site and will edit it as I can.

You can find most of the freebies yourselves. They are mostly from Currclick.com, Fortunately for You, Simple Schooling and advertised by New Beginnings. I might still post Currclick’s Easter Egg hints, but I don’t need to tell you about most freebies you can know about all ready by yourselves. If I get an email from someone offering a special freebie, I’ll post it. I’ll still post occasionally,  but I don’t see a need for the weekly update. It’s not as popular anyway since Homeschool Freebie of the Day made me stop helping you get their freebies elsewhere.

I’m focusing my time daily on my curriculum. I’m still adding links to this site and editing it as I find problems. You can leave comments on the pages where you find a link not working any more. This is the site I go to first to find the links for my curriculum. This site was the beginning, but the curriculum is really what this site has developed into.


3 Responses to “A Change”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I am sorry to know that you won’t be posting these anymore. I AM glad that you are pursuing something that you are passionate about! :) Thank you for serving the homeschool community. It’s been a blessing to our family.

  2. I really don’t think the posts are that helpful. Most of what I post you can just go to Currclick, etc. to find. I will post if something new and great comes around. I’m not gone, but I’m not going to be posting weekly,

  3. ladysown Says:

    I’ve enjoyed coming here too, to get those reminders about the freebies in various places. I do hope you’ll continue to post the new stuff that you add. much is quite intriguing. :)

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