July 31, 2012

Here’s a new course on journalism for upper elementary students.  They are sending the course out one lesson a week. You can sign up to receive them at http://learnthenews.com/  Or, you’ll find them on the Writing page under Ideas. The topics are listed in alphabetical order and you’ll find it with the other things about writing a newspaper. The first lesson was interviewing.

Here’s a live webcam feed to a team of scientists exploring off the coast of Turkey. You are supposed to be able to ask questions. It’s continuing through September.

I just posted a bunch of new mad libs links under parts of speech on the grammar page: Mad Libs  it gives you the part of speech, you provide the words, then it will create a wacky story for you, tons of stories  More online Mad LibsMad Libs Junior  and here is a place for printable ones of varying levels

Currclick’s freebie is a geography and culture unit study guide for Oceania and the Poles. This is for elementary school kids. There’s not a lot to it. There are links and some ideas, but it has cute airline tickets to fill out for your “travels.”


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