Currclick’s Olympic Treasure Hunt

July 3, 2012

Here we go again. Another Currclick hunt. Here are the clues.

1) Reviews = Continents: Africa
2) Home Page = Continents: Asia
3) FAQ: Getting Started: How do I Begin: World Expedition Webquest Greece
4) About CurrClick: Let’s Folk Dance: Romania
5) Our Latest CurrClick Live Newsletter: New Zealand (torch on left)
6) Follow Your Favorites: Ancient Greece
7) My Library: CompleteLee Learning Country Report Starter
8) Search “london” – use lowercase “l” = Australia
9) Free Stuff pg 2 = United Kingdom
10) Home Page Click on the Countdown main banner = Star Spangled Banner Matching Cards
11) Top 100 Items = My Favorite Country Lapbook
12) Live Classes – Free Clubs = Canada Lapbook

Scroll down for the this week’s regular freebies.


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