Current Freebies (some will be gone tomorrow!)

May 15, 2012

I cam across this trick for getting rid of what they call “intrusive ads.” It’s a plugin for firefox that gets rid of google ads. They say there mission is to get them to use less intrusive ads. I downloaded it because we started getting horoscope ads and there is no way to get rid of them. If they let us say, “no” to ads we didn’t like, I wouldn’t mind. It’s really frustrating to me that I can’t protect my family from the ads. But this works wonders. There are directions on the page, but… Download it. Copy the address you are supposed to type into the filter. Restart the browser. Click on filter preferences and custom filters. Paste in the address. Done.

Free Math Class TODAY 1pm EST  “Cool Number Patterns in Nature”  The freebie code is listed on the registration page.

Declaration of Independence Game  (and the Mother’s Day Freebies are still available, just for today) at Currclick

Scissor Practice at Currclick

I finally fixed up the graphic organizers section on the General Resources page. The ones I had used previously were no longer available. I didn’t list out all that is available. There are tons. But there are some there including some different options for Venn Diagrams and a couple of links for plenty more.

Have you seen the one-minute history videos at Have Fun with History? If you don’t know what the pictures are of, look in the bottom left of your screen to see the name in the address it goes to.


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