Current Freebies

May 1, 2012

Currclick has a Writing Strategies book for teaching “the love of writing” to elementary age children.

Their facebook freebie is about cultures and customs.  Enter freebiemay at checkout.

PicMonkey currently has all of their features for free. If you have a child who likes to play with photo editing, now’s the time to play!

And if your kids are into such things: I’ve been looking into free graphic arts software to use for our school year and have come up with a few to try out: Inksacape, Gimp2, and Pencil. I will probably be using the first two in my seventh grade computer course. The last one is for 2D animation. Cool.

Ad Tip — Click on the ones you like! It seems Google controls most of the ads on the web. You can recognize a Google ad by the little triangle in the corner. They don’t give you an option of turning off certain types of ads. (They pretend they do, but they just turn them back on.) Their ads are based on your web activity and profile. It has always been our family policy to never click on any ad, ever. But I’ve learned that when I click on an ad, it must send out a red alert because I then see that ad a lot. We clicked on a “What’s in the Bible” ad. I told my kids and they clicked it a couple more times before I told them to stop because they probably pay per click. I’ve bought the whole series, so I don’t feel bad about our few clicks, but I still get their ads all the time. I tried it with one other ad. It was plain with just words advertising software. It started coming up repeatedly. If Google is sending you ads you don’t want your kids to see, you can reset your preferences (but they will change back on you depending on what webpages you click on). If you are getting ads that you like, you can click on them to see them again!


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