Current Freebies

April 9, 2012

Hey All…

Did you know…Times Attack now has division, addition and subtraction? There is new scenery for the new additions. No pun intended.

Fortunately for You April freebie is Pockets of Time for Junie B Jones

TODAY! Currclick Easter Egg Hunt

I didn’t realize this was happening. Don’t know how I missed it, but it’s still going on today. Here are the links thanks to Kim Pham on Facebook.

1. Pesach Interactive Lap Folder by Naaseh Venilmad @
2. 2 friendly bunnies by Ingles 360 @
3. Springtime Fun by Sharon Crooks @
4. My Favorite Bug! A Preference Project™ by My Favorite Things @
5a. Water Cycle Lapbook by HOAC @
5b. Bonus Egg at My Account -> My Student Profiles -> Enter CurrClick Live also points to HOAC’s Water Cycle Lapbook
6. 730 Craft Recipes by St. Aiden’s Homeschool @ (click on Getting Started -> How do I begin? to reveal the egg)
7. OHC Farming by Oakes Homeschool Consulting @
8. The Attributes of God Nature Notebooking Pages: Spring by Sola Scriptura Studies @
9. Pockets of Spring (Copywork) by FFYB @
10. Butterfly & Letter B Lapbook by Knowledge Box Central @


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