Current Freebies

March 12, 2012

Code Year — Learn how to program websites and apps with javascript. That’s the programming language used to run all those games and things where it says java and has a cup of coffee while it’s loading. It will send you an email a week with a lesson. The whole course is available on their main website. I wrote them and asked if it would remain available after 2012. They said they didn’t know. My son and I are just going through the course and not waiting for the weekly email. This is a really fun way to learn, completely interactive. We had been using a boring textbook. This is much better.

Supercharged Science Teleclass — This class is about light waves and lasers.  Kids will learn about lasers and how to make rainbow shadows.  During the class, kids will build an actual working microscope. I haven’t signed up to see what materials are needed, but to make a microscope you will probably need two magnifying glass lens. To do this you have to sign up and get on her email list. She has some good stuff, but also has high sales pressure.

Currclick — Self-Examination — You rate yourself on 35 virtues. It includes questions and KJV verses.


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