What’s New and Current Freebies

March 6, 2012

I wanted to tell you about two new sites added. I don’t tell you every new thing added, but these are bigger sites that can be used in more than place, so I don’t want you to miss them.

One is Math Apprentice. You choose a career and use math to do it. I think it’s cool. I have only played the bakery. You use graphs, addition, subtraction, multiplication, proportion, comparing prices and more.

Another is Seussville. I have not played all of the games on this yet, but I have been impressed with what I have found so far. Fox on Socks is for rhyme. Oh the Places You’ll Go is for US landmark geography; any age could play this one. Green Eggs and Ham is physics, machines, engineering-type game; my six year old played it, but it also has a hard version. I think I was mostly surprised it wasn’t just for little kids. Those are the ones I have played so far. I listed it under US geography so far.

Currclick’s Freebie is a book about confidence. This is not a Christian book. It says: The Catalyst of Confidence boldly advocates a system of developing genuine confidence through the intellectual and functional understanding of human potential. Or just teach your kids, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Have a great week.


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