February 27, 2012

Who’s doing American History? I wanted to tell you about something I just added to the page, two online games. They are from Mission US. You can play online or download if you have slower internet. They are super nice with graphics, audio, storyline choices. One is for the American Revolution. You have to accomplish tasks and make decisions while history unfolds. The other is about a runaway slave. You have to make choices as you make your way to Canada. The game is not the same every time. Random events occur along the way. It’s not easy to make it safely. The kids and I all gathered around and took turns playing until we finished.

Currclick’s freebie is French colors, numbers and polite phrases. It is to reinforce what they already know, so if you don’t already know how to pronounce these words, don’t try and pronounce it from just reading it in this freebie! Of course, there are lots of freebies online to learn these things. Then you can reinforce them :)  Here are some youtube videos: Numbers in French   Colors in French   Polite Phrases   And it’s not free, but my husband teaches French courses through Currclick.  He’s Mr. G!

Have a great week!


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