February 23, 2012

Ha! I just realized that it’s Thursday. Sorry for the late post this week!

Anyone studying geography and earth science?

Google Earth flight simulator  This is a cool tool/toy my son has been using. He loves Google Earth and has learned lots of geography from it. Now he’s flying around the world. Not only can you fly planes around the world with this simulator, but you can fly hot air balloons. This is cool. You can have it show you the wind gusts and you control the heat in your balloon (with the gas and air vent) to move up and down into the wind streams to move around. This is great for geography and weather. Hey, if you have questions about using it, email me through the about page and my son can answer you. He’s my little computer genius.

He’s also been using Google Sketch-up and 3D Rad to make video games. He’s been making YouTube tutorials for them if you have any budding programmers in your home who are interested. I monitor all the comments made on his videos, so they are safe for your kids.

BTW, I do know that he can’t register his own account until he is 13. The account he uses is not in his name. We allow him to use it and approve everything he does and read all of the comments on his videos before he is allowed to even look at them. Please assume the best of me :)

Currclick…presidential election lapbook


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  1. ladysown Says:

    Thanks…that flight simulator looks quite interesting. Thanks for the link! :)

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