Current Freebies

February 15, 2012

Hey all.

Here’s a cool new site for math pre-algebra and up. There are practice problems that adjust to whether or not you are getting them right. It is always free, so I will move this to the secondary math page.

Currclick has an elements webquest. Sounds nice, but it’s not much. It’s just rectangles that you can print out and label for each element. The “safe search” is just a link to a Kahn-Academy-like presentation of what is an atom and a link to a pdf of the periodic table that has info on it. That’s it. There is alternatively a page, with no graphics, to list facts about each element like who found it and when with one link to find the info. I wouldn’t make my kids do that for 36 elements!  They recommend gluing their blank rectangles onto index cards. Why not just use an index card? And you could also just use one of the elements lapbooks on the Chemistry page.

The best place to learn about these elements is Chem4kids. Want a video that’s more fun, for kids? Try this.


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