Writing Helper

February 1, 2012

I mentioned my parents came for a visit. Both of my parents are retired teachers. My mother has a master’s degree in English. She taught English in high school before having kids. While we were growing up, she graded papers for teachers at our local high school. Then she taught for ten years at an elementary school for kids who have trouble learning to read. She’s a reading specialist. She also is a freelance writer and has had articles published in our local paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Anyway, I mentioned to her that a little job she could take on is reading papers for homeschoolers, editing, making comments, grading, whatever was asked for. I think writing is one of those areas where a lot of people are unsure what’s good or not or are unclear of what’s proper or not.

She was interested in giving it a try. It is something that if it works out, she would charge for it, but she wanted me to offer it for free to you this month. I don’t know how many people will do it so… Please control yourselves and don’t spread this all over the internet. It’s just for you guys. Okay?

So, for the month of February, you can email papers to my mom, Mrs. Erickson, and let her know what you would like back from her, and we’ll see what happens. You can email her at ericksonsinchina@gmail.com.  They are no longer in China :)


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