Current Freebies

December 1, 2011

Currclick facebook freebie, coupon code mathgames, It’s math vocabulary cards.

12 Days of Freebies for Simple Schooling — you’ll have to go each day to get them all. Today is day 1.

Currclick’s weekly freebie, Is this a recipe book? It’s food for the holiday season.

Speaking of which, I just ordered from my very own cookbook. I didn’t put it up for sale I just put our recipes in a Word document, saved it as a pdf, and submitted it to’s create space program. I ordered a few “proofs”of my work for a few dollars each. I will have for Christmas bound cookbooks for myself and couple family members. Create Space is what I used when I published my novel, which by the way would make a great Christmas present ;)

We started our advent calendar today. My daughter made it from matchboxes. She made each one look like a present and numbered them. We hot glued them to a green poster board in a Christmas tree shape. In each box I wrote a Scripture reference and then put a little candy for each kid in each box. The candy keeps everyone nice and quiet while we read the verses. The kids love advent!



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