Current Freebies

October 25, 2011

Currclick is having another seek and find freebies event (there’s a sale too). Here are the locations of the freebies and what’s there so you can just go get what you want.

1. home page on the bottom, right-side  — large unit on the American Colonies by OHC

2. on the home page, on the left side under “follow your favorites” click on “notices“, down on the right — ebook on Martin Luther

3. ad for the sale page, bottom right  — Christmas stories with English lessons

4. contact us page (on the menu on the left on the home page) — United States Map Kit, teacher book bag

5. same menu on the home page, click on “about currclick“, bottom of page — budget meals

6 and 7. from the my account page, in the My Library section:

  • view my library — animals of Africa
  • view products awaiting my review — Halloween Fun

8. Free stuff page, bottom right — Lines of Time for The Spider and the Fly


The regular freebie this week is Creative Christmas Writing, by Connect the Thoughts, which, by the way, is a non-Christian publisher.

Fortunately for You has a Pockets of Time for the book The Field Guide.



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