Current Freebies

October 9, 2011

Continents and Oceans Unit Study  October Freebie from Simple Schooling

Island of the Blue Dolphin Free Lapbook  from The Hands of a Child

Pumpkin Poke Addition 1-12

Young Writer’s Program  The month of November is novel-writing month. Use the free workbooks now to prepare if you want to participate. They have free novel kits for teachers and will help you publish novels completed by your child (for free). You can publish your novel for free at :)

Currclick hasn’t changed theirs yet, but their special secret sale ends after today (Sunday), so I thought I’d make sure you’d heard. I’ve been hearing about their “secret” sale in lots of places so hopefully you have to.  I didn’t buy anything :) but maybe you would like to. Notice the coupon code is appreciate!


Some new things I’ve found that should be always available:

Upper math games  Math Playground  from upper elementary through Algebra and looks like even a Trig game on there

This is super cool. Old newspapers–read them online! Not just tons of papers, but the page of papers with historical events on them. You can read an article written at the time of the Wright Brother’s famous flight! I wish they had more events, but since there are only specific events, it’s not overwhelming to look and see if something is there.

Math and Science videos from Scholastic

Forms for you from my friends at dynamic2moms


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