Current Freebies

September 6, 2011

Free Museum Passes  – 2 passes for a museum near you to use on September 24th

JASON Live  — ask a scientist, next interview seems to be next Tuesday   I think you are able to submit questions ahead of time for these interviews with scientists, but you’d have to sign up (free) and get their e-newsletters. You can watch past interviews online if you have a young scientist in your family :)  JASON curriculum is a great science curriculum if you’ve never been to their site. My son loves playing with their virtual labs even though it’s for older students.

Graphing Calculator  — A downloadable graphing calculator for those of you heading towards trigonometry and calculus soon. Hopefully this will remain free or one like it.

I was excited to find these math textbooks for Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2. There are textbooks for the younger grades as well as science ones, but these have online questions to answer with immediate feedback which I thought was really cool. Also these are made for kids while a lot of the online textbooks for higher math are for college students.

I was going to have my daughter participate in Sketch Tuesday this week. You don’t have to sign up. Just read the assignment, sketch it, email it in, and it is included in a slide show of everyone’s work. It’s a simple way to keep them drawing (practicing) and what my daughter also really needs is practice meeting a deadline (although part of the problem is always wanting to start over because she doesn’t like something about the picture). I’m telling her it has to be done by the end of the day on Friday. Can she do it? We’ll see. I never got that birthday picture she was working on for me. Oh, I turned 35 since I last posted!

Anyone want free curriculum to be a test-run family?  Got this message… Hi, I just wanted to ask if you could help us. We own Foundations Press and write Bible-based homeschooling curriculum. We are currently writing new curriculum and are looking for some test families who would try out our curriculum this year for free, in exchange for giving us some feedback on what worked for them and what they wish would be improved. I specifically need test families for world history and grammar. More info is at


2 Responses to “Current Freebies”

  1. ladysown Says:

    thanks for the link to the math books online. much appreciated. :)

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