August 23, 2011

Thank you to everyone who voted for my son’s science project. If you haven’t, would you please bless our family by stopping by and leaving a comment. A “good job” is all that is needed. If we get the most comments/votes, we’ll get curriculum and equipment for science experiments which is my son’s passion. Please help by leaving a comment.

Here are some new things that should be always available:

Vikings lapbook  from dynamic 2 moms

Grade 3 Practice Grammar Book 

New Art Activity — See Saws   This is the National Gallery of Art. This is a fun site. They added a new activity.


I have my son using Master Math. One thing that is a big plus over Kahn Academy is that it has lots of word problems. That’s a huge problem with Kahn Academy. It’s almost all just drill.


Below are some bits and pieces that I’ve been making for our school year. I don’t have these on the site yet, but now I have uploaded them and can put them where they belong. They are all part of the free online curriculum I’m developing for my family and yours. These are all one page downloads except for the Elements lapbook.

Acids and Bases  worksheet  Acids and Bases 2 same worksheet for older student  — goes with this video

acid test  for experiment adding different liquids to baking soda to see if they cause the same reaction as vinegar

PH test  for experiment adding red cabbage juice indicator to different things

Light reflection  draw on arrows to show how the light bounces off

Elements Lapbook

water cohesion notebooking page

Mass / Weight notebooking page

Edison Quote Notebooking Page

Suffrage notebooking page

Statue of Liberty quote

Bessie Coleman Notebooking Page

Charles Lindbergh Notebooking Page

Amelia Earhart Notebooking Page

Amelia Earhart younger

Gulliver’s Travels notebooking pages

Dialog lesson

Intro to Addition

Intro to tens and ones




2 Responses to “Freebies”

  1. Patti Says:

    If you like the grammar book link above, you can download grades 1 – 6 grammar, spelling and reading comprehension books from the following website:

    The RC books are mostly related to their particular reading books…but they also seem to have some more generic pages as well.

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