Current Freebies and some new things I found

August 9, 2011

Currclick’s Language and Culture Club is today (Tuesday) at 1 PM Central Time — 2 PM EST. Today’s language will be Turkish and there will be a young teen girl in the class to take your children’s questions.

Currclick — Crayons Magnetmat   learn your colors — you print it out and attach it to magnets

Simple Schooling — the sun  Last freebie for the summer from them  printables and online study


Master Math  — 6th to 8th grade math –if you’ve seen this on another freebie place, let me add some info. I wrote to the guy who made this. Right now there are no answers to the worksheets. He agreed there should be and said he would get them up in a month or so. So, yeah! Also, it doesn’t tell you if you got it right, just when you get it wrong. I recommended he change that and he said he plans to. So, promising? Here’s what he says…

Ultimately, there will be over 110 lessons. I now have the first quarter on-line and complete. I will have the last three quarters completed by October. Each includes:

1. a 10 – 15 minute video lesson teaching bench-marked concepts,

2. a printable worksheet testing comprehension of these concept,

3. a self-grading, on-line quiz which explains the steps required to solve any questions the student misses.

Each video lesson includes several “You Try It” sections. After I’ve shown the student how to do a problem, they are given a chance to “Pause” the video, try a similar problem, and then advance the video to see me solve the same problem.


Supercharged Science — this is to enroll in their program NOT FREE but you can try it out for just $1 for the first month. I’m the type that does things like that and cancels :)  But make sure your child knows it’s just for one month. This would be good for you if you have a child that loves science and experiments and you haven’t started school yet, you could just do these experiments every day. A warning…you’ll need supplies to do the experiments. They aren’t free. My son has used her science videos and experiments. He loves science. It was great exposing him to more science this way than what I had been giving him. We’re not subscribers, but my son has taken what he’s learned from it and continued making up things to try.


Always free, but new stuff I found…   make your own comic strip, get to pick your characters and their expressions   language arts activities for elementary school


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