Current Freebies

July 19, 2011

Free Art lessons DVD  by a Christian art teacher who integrates Bible and art history into her lessons

Simple Schooling is for older students this week, grades 8 – 10, atomic theory, printable unit and online lesson

Currclick is the moveable alphabet. This is the alphabet in boxes. You print out and laminate and then cut out the boxes and you can spell with the letters. Definitely something you could make yourself, but it’s free this week.

I started looking into what else I can get through my library back in America as we’ve started using Mango through our library. I inquired about getting Kindle books. Turns out through you can borrow books for 2 weeks at a time. Not all books, but some. BUT, they say later this year you’ll be able to check out books through your local library. I’m hoping a lot more will be available then. I’m curious to see if I’ll be able to get some historical fiction for the kids through this. Here’s there facts page:

Kindle Lending Library

These are always available, but since I listed Liberty’s Kids, here are Revolution movies for your older children.

American Revolution Documentaries  If your kids are too old for the Liberty’s Kids movies, here are some for them. These are documentaries about different people and events of the Revolution. “Many of the images are primary source documents — engravings, woodcuts and drawings that date back to the early to mid-1800s.”

Now I have to go do what I’ve been putting off this morning…getting a pigeon out of our living room!


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