Currclick Scavenger Hunt Freebies

June 15, 2011

Currclick is having another scavenger hunt.  This lasts until the 30th but to spare you from searching for these yourself, I will post this now. I don’t know why people think these are fun. At least they always hide them in the same places. Here is the list of where you can find them and what is there. (There is a sale too, but I try and not look so I’m not tempted to buy.)

In the menu on the left-hand side:

About Currclick -Pack your English Summer (I don’t get these. They are flashcards with words like ball.)

FAQ – Nature study with Crab Moon (guess that’s a book)

Contact us – Beach Party Live  (Don’t know what this is. People are saying they can’t get it)

Reviews – Exploring the Ocean, something for preschool

On the top right:

My Wishlist – two spinner math games  (you can’t get this unless you put something in your wishlist)

Click on My Account now find on that page:

Previous Orders – click on Show all orders – fitness for homeschool workbook

My Account – click on View or Change My Account settings  –  summer notebooking pages

Email notifications – click on Follow your Favorites  –  Learning across the USA


2 Responses to “Currclick Scavenger Hunt Freebies”

  1. nicki Says:

    Thanks for posting this, you just saved me a ton of time :O)

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