Current Freebies

May 17, 2011

Here are some more freebies from Super Charged Science. You have to sign up for her mailing list, but she regularly sends out freebies to advertise her curriculum. If you don’t want the advertising, don’t sign up.

Here is a free selection of activities and experiments from her summer e-Camp program.  These are actual sections of e-Camp, complete with all the explanations, step-by-step videos, and lots more.

Here is her latest “Science Activity Manual and Video Collection”

It’s a new product that will sell for $30. But right now, you can get it free.

My son loves her science stuff. It really did springboard his science experimenting. You do need to buy supplies though.

Currclick’s secret sale is still going on…

Currclick Big Sale  is going on for five more days  50% off and a PAGE of FREEBIES which isn’t mostly preschool stuff :)

Currclick’s regular freebie this week is a literature study of The Jungle Book –says ages 5-15


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