Current Freebies

April 4, 2011

On the math page under Money I added worksheets for different parts of the world — Canadian money, South African, etc. including the Euro. I’m working — slowly — on the Earth Science curriculum, we’re finishing up studying that now. Then I’ll work on Geography/Cultures curriculum which was our social studies topic this year. This coming year our family will be studying physics and chemistry and 20th century history. The baby by the way is now four months old. For those of you new to this list I have five children, oldest just turned 11, and we live in Asia.

Celebrate Urban Birds They will send you a poster, bird ID guide, and seeds to plant.

Free Beginners Sewing ebook

Free Admission to All National Parks

Currclick  — Country Study – Egypt Notebooking Pages

Homeschool Freebie of the Week — I found everything being offered this week and will save the links on this site in their appropriate places.

Economics Crash Course — videos, scroll down

How to Survive the Economic Meltdown pdf is in the to right corner  (They are saying this is a limited time offer, but I don’t see that anywhere on the website. This is a Christian book, but I don’t know what it says. How to survive the meltdown? Obedience to the Word of God, prayer — ask for what you need and have faith that our faithful, loving Father will provide it, give generously–especially to the poor. The main theme of the book I wrote is well, it’s title, “The King Will Make a Way,” that we can live by faith and don’t have to fear. In the book they face losing their businesses because they are Christians, but the King makes a way for them to survive and thrive. Here’s my book pdf again. The King Will Make a Way It’s available in paperback, but I figure you want it free :)  Remember there are homeschool materials to go with it available on my homeschool blog.)

Spell by Color 3rd grade spelling course

The First Book of Water

The First Book of Bees


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