Current Freebies

March 1, 2011

Currclick: Introduction to Graphs is the weekly freebie. The Facebook freebie is a Civil War Timeline game. Add to cart and use the code marchfreebie at checkout.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

Monday — time management — I think you need to get this now if you are interested, though you can just google her blogging about the subject.

Tuesday — Spring Nature Study — This is something that should be always available, but they didn’t give me enough info to find the link yet.

Wednesday — Understanding the US Constitution — get it today

Thursday — Methods in Mind Training, Exercises in Mind Training


Over at my homeschool blog I’ve posted a giveaway of my novel if you are interested in entering.

Here are some math resources I’ve just discovered. This site has tons of interactives — not just math. I’ve only just begun trying to put specific links on the site. And I’ve started my kids out trying Khan Academy. An online math program that goes from addition to Calculus. It’s very plain and simple. It asks questions and you type the answer. There are videos that teach the material.


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