Rocket Launch and Currclick Freebies

February 16, 2011

Next Wed. (Feb 23), there’s going to be a rocket launch. You can take a free rocket science class, including experiment, and then watch the launch. Supercharged Science is doing a live video class online where Aurora will be teaching about rockets.  Your kids will learn how they’re built and how they fly. During the class she’ll even take them step-by-step through building their own slingshot rockets.

You can register for free by clicking here. You have to sign up and the class fills up quickly so do it now if you are interested.

At the end of the class, she’ll tell you how to access the live video feed for the launch of the rocket (It’s a Taurus XL rocket launched from Vandenberg, CA).

***Currclick is having a sale. I scrolled through the eleven pages and pulled out all the freebies for you (and me)!

Independence Day Skip Counting Cards

Presidents Day Holiday Helper

Patriotic Printing

USA Notebooking Pages

American Revolution Time Line Game

Declaration of Independence Copywork

History Scribe Bio Presidents


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