Current Freebies

February 3, 2011

Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

Monday was the Elson Readers Primer. Here’s the link to that. I can put this on the phonics page.

Tuesday is a paper folding book. I found this online, but didn’t save the link. It was way too complicated and I didn’t really see how it was supposed to be lessons. I passed. Get it now or google it if you want it.

Wednesday is just links you can use any time. Here’s the USDA link for coloring books.

Thursday is 2 mp3 of speeches by Frederick Douglass and Booker Washington. I didn’t find these when I searched so if you like listening to your history get these on Thursday.

Friday is Valentine’s crafts, not the kind of link I search out for this blog.


Currclick has an animal report form free this week.

Fortunately for You has a study on clouds.

I’m moving, again, fourth major move since May. This is a biggie. We’re headed to a new city in Asia. I’m flying alone next week with all five of my kids, including the 2 month old. My husband is already over there. All you praying women, pray over everything for this big trip and move. Check out Freebie of the Day and Currclick next week while I’m on the move. I’ll be back posting in a few weeks probably. Thanks everyone!


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