Free Book and Homeschool Materials

December 8, 2010

I hope you’ll allow me this one time to point you to my homeschool blog. I have written a novel, The King Will Make a Way, and it’s now available to purchase. However, I have made the pdf version of the book available to you for FREE. I also have homeschool materials to go along with the book. All free. This isn’t for your young children, but if you have tweens and up, this book will be a blessing to your homeschool. And if you only have younger children, read it for yourself. It’s a story to encourage and inspire you to walk by faith and not fear and to give yourself wholly to following “the King.”

If you are using the free Language Arts Curriculum from this blog, I have now posted the free Language Arts download to go with the book. You’ll find The King Will Make a Way language arts download at the very top of the English page.

Go to my homeschool blog and download the book.

(There’s also a way for you to earn money selling the book.)


2 Responses to “Free Book and Homeschool Materials”

  1. Carol B. Says:

    I’m going to purchase several books later today for friends for Christmas. When I tried to get into the language arts download, it didn’t work. Would you please check this for me? Thanks so much, and I can hardly wait to read The King Will Make A Way.

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