Current Freebies

October 19, 2010

Late notice on this first one, sorry:
It’s fun, free, and will get your kids totally excited about science. We’re going to learn about chemistry and how to mix up glowing slime and other fun stuff for Halloween, including screaming balloons and bats that fly! (There’s a shopping list you can download from the website – just add these items to your next grocery store run and you’re good to go.) We’ll be viewing a video to help you do your experiments during the teleclass, which will be on the website.

Also, bonus experiments that have never been given away before!
Date & Time:
Tuesday, October 19 at 12pm Pacific Time
(Class starts at 11:00am in Alaska, 1pm Mountain Time, 2pm Central Time, 3pm Eastern)
Don’t miss this free science class!

SuperCharged Science Teleclass

If you miss the class, you can see the Halloween Science videos here.

Currclick:  Vocabulary games/activities surrounding Thanksgiving (I didn’t look carefully, but it looks like for little kids)

(My husband by the way has a free introduction to German class at Currclick right now. The classes after that will cost money though.)

Homeschool Freebie of the Week:  They are all reruns this week. Here are the  links that will stay on the site.

Monday:  Number stories of long ago (math page)

Thursday: Little Wanders (biology page–about seeds)


Have you taken part in Pizza Hut’s Book It program? I have posted this once before, but it looks like you can still sign up for it.



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