Current Freebies

October 6, 2010

The big news here is that I have been finally able to afford a Kindle ($140). It holds 3,500 books. Not only will it help some in lessoning our HEAVY load of books we travel with, but now my kids can easily read all these great books I’ve been linking to. My daughter loves to read enough that she’ll sit at a computer to read online, but it still takes A LOT longer for her to read a book that way. If she can read on the couch and pick up the book whenever, it’ll be done in a day. I’ve already started putting on the Kindle all the free books linked on the Robinson page. It’s cheaper to buy a Kindle than it is to buy the Robinson curriculum and get those books on CD which you then have to print or read on the computer. It’s simple to download to the Kindle and all the links are ready for you!

Also, you can download PDF onto the Kindle so I have already downloaded onto our Kindle several things that weren’t available in the Kindle format. It’s definitely worth it for our family. Even if we didn’t live overseas without access to a library and didn’t have to travel with hundreds of pounds of books, I would still think it’s worth it to have constant access to all these great books.

I can say that not everything translates perfectly onto the Kindle. Somethings can come out looking wacky. Also, there is no color so your colorful pdfs come out black and white. But if you are making your curriculum on free books like from Robinson and Ambleside, this is really the way to go.

Alright, this week’s freebies:

Currclick:  Lief Ericson unit from simple schooling

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Monday: All the Year Round Nature Stories: Autumn, This is always available. You can read this online or download the pdf.

Tuesday: Tower of Hanoi puzzle (I’ll put this link under “Thinking” on the Extras page)

Wednesday: Why is the Declaration of Independence Important Today? This seems to cost $2.95 normally. Download it now if you want it.

Thursday: string designs, not for this site

Friday: mp3 about the The Voyage of Christopher Columbus, this is a rerun, it may be the mp3 about Columbus I already have listed on the American history page


2 Responses to “Current Freebies”

  1. freebies Says:

    I wished I could afford a kindle maybe for xmas I will get one.

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